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This is my first W&T fiction attempt, so please have mercy!

I'd like to thank my Beta for keeping bugging me to write this, so it's really her fault.

This story is basically a PG13

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Part 1

Looking out of the window of the plane, she had her gaze lost in space beyond the clouds. It's been five years since the day she took the same route but in the opposite direction. Five years ago Tara Maclay had left Sunnydale and vowed never to come back again.

"Are you ok?" a gentle voice broke her reverie.

"Yeah, just thinking!" answered Tara returning the soft squeeze in her hand.

At the Summers' residency, Buffy and Dawn were trying to calm a frantic redhead.

"Willow, would you please calm down! You're gonna have a heart attack!" exclaimed Buffy "and worse you're making me dizzy."

"How…how do you expect me to calm down Buffy? Five years, it's been five years since I last saw her, or even heard from her not even a 'hello' a 'hi, I'm alive but don't bother calling 'cause I'm not gonna answer it' it's like she just vanished, she crossed me out of her world, I mean nothing to her anymore an… an…and now you just come and drop a bomb like that at me and just expect me to be fine with that…I…I think I'm gonna pass out" she concluded her babbling dropping at a couch nearby.

"It's probably lack of oxygen…breath Will; people need air" joked Dawn "besides you're overreacting. You knew pretty well that Tara was living in England with Giles since she left Sunnydale after you guys broke up. It's nothing like she hadn't sent a word during this time, she emails us" that earned her a piercing glare from the witch "okay, me, she emails me almost every week…"still under Willow's stare, Dawn got uncomfortable "an…an…and Buffy too, she…she talks to Buffy too"

"HEY…thanks a lot!" Buffy threw a cushion at her sister for putting her on the spotlight.

"okay Will, the fact is that Tara IS coming back to Sunnydale, only for two weeks, but still." observed the slayer " the question is: How are you gonna handle that? I mean, what if she had moved on? Big deal, it's not as if you have locked yourself to world either; what about Kennedy? Do you forget you have a girlfriend?"

"No…" sighed Willow "but I never let go of Tara…" she whispered "what if she has someone else? I don't think I can handle that." She ducked her head covering her eyes with both hands and missing the concerned look exchanged by the sisters.