Ok this takes place in the year between The Named and The Dark…enjoy! Arkarian

I'm lying awake in my room right now. I've never felt so confined before in my life. Right now I feel like running around in circles and dancing the night away.

But I have to ask myself why.

I have never felt this way before. I have never felt so…happy. The last time I was happy was, well, never.

I sit in the same position for a few minutes before it comes to me as to why it is that I'm so happy.


Just the thought of her makes my heart fly. And that moment earlier, just before we jumped into what could've possibly been her brother's doom. Just staring in her eyes.

And what I had said to her before. That I would die for her. And I would. Oh, yes I would. I would do anything just to see if I could get her approval. If I could show her how much it is that I truly do love her.


Such a fickle thing love is. I've been alive for over six centuries, and I have never once been in love until now. I mean, yes I've been infatuated with some of the women that I have met over the years, but never in love.

A small chuckle escapes my lips as I sit here and think of Isabel. I even remember the day we first met. Her reaction to the sight of my blue hair was just hilarious. But I didn't focus on that. All I saw was the most beautiful creature in the world to me. And I must say, that girl sure does have some dirty thoughts. Man, what she was thinking of what she wanted to do to me. Wow. I can honestly say though, I wanted the same thing too. I wanted to tear her clothes off and make hot and passionate love to her. I still want to.

With these thoughts in my head, I fall into a deep sleep, and Isabel's face swims before mine…

"Arkarian!" Isabel yells. She's got a smile on her face and I just can't help but grin.

"Yes, my love?" I say, as I go up to her and pull her close.

"Make love to me," she whispers against my chest.

I look down at her. She is so beautiful. I guide her over to the bedroom in my chambers that I have incase of emergencies, and I place her on the bed.

I slowly bend down and kiss her. Her lips are so soft and sweet tasting.

My hand slides up under her shirt. She moans slightly beneath me.

I deepen the kiss that I'm sharing with her. Oh, this feels so good. And it's getting better. Just as we are about to delve further into what would've been an awesome bit of sex, I hear someone yell.


Oh crap. I am so gonna kill whoever is out there!