Here's chapter four! I won't post again though until some more people read my other story!


I get to my house to see my brother, Matt, sitting right next to the door. I really don't need this right now because I have to get to my room. I have to get ready for tonight's mission, even though it isn't going to be for a long while. Oh well. I need something to do.

"Isabel!" Matt says as soon as he sees me. "What took you so long? Having a nice make-out session with Ethan, are we?" he asks with a smirk.

"No!" I tell him with a punch on the arm. "How many times do I have to tell you that I don't like him like that anymore? Do you not listen when I tell you that I like somebody else?" I ask with a sigh. I'm starting to get a headache from all of this bickering with him. He will never learn.

I stomp up to my room, knowing full well that Matt will probably try to follow me. So, I lock my door. Ha! What do ya think of that, big brother?

I go over to my desk to try and concentrate on something. I just can't seem to focus though. A certain someone keeps on intruding into my brain, and he won't stop coming in. It's not all that bad though, having Arkarian on my mind. It's actually kind of, relaxing. I find it soothing knowing that I will be seeing him later on tonight.

Wow, I sound like a girly girl. I think that I'm gonna go on a hike now.


It is now nighttime.

I am now in my bed, trying to fall asleep. It's really hard though.

I get up and I change into a t-shirt and shorts. These flannel pajamas are just way too hot. I wonder why the heat in this house is turned up so high!

I eventually fall asleep and I feel myself fall into a room of the Citadel. It's massive. All along the walls of this room are decorations from the tales of King Arthur. In the middle of the room is a table that looks exactly like the knight's table as well. Ethan is sitting there, looking up at the ceiling.

"Hey," I say with a grin. "This room is flippin' wicked! I like it."

And I really do. The King Arthur stories are the only 'fairy tales' that I would read as a little girl, because they were about courage and strength and justice. And I know that those are the things that would make Dad proud of me.

OK. I need to breathe now. I need to stop thinking of him. It's all I've been doing since the mission to save Matt from the past.

As I go to sit down, Arkarian suddenly materializes into the room. "Ready?" he asks me and Ethan.

We all step out of the room to go down to the changing room. In there, there are dresses from the 1800s covering the walls. I can't help but gasp.

It's quite obvious that I am to go first, so I walk around the room. I end up dressed in a dark blue dress, with white flower patterns on it. The dress is a full-sleeved dress, but my neckline shows, and I am able to breathe due to the lack of a corset. Thank God. I walk over to the mirror to see that I still have blonde hair, but my face is more heart-shaped. My hair is in an up-do, with little ringlets surrounding my face.

I turn around, and I see that Arkarian is staring at me.

He pulls himself together, and him and Ethan go through their turns. They both end up in pinstriped pants, sleek black shoes, black over-jackets, and a white shirt underneath. They also both have a bowl shaped hat. They walk over to the mirror, and they both laugh. They look identical, except for the eyes. My assumption is, is that they will be twins.


We all walk over to the next room, and get covered in the identity dust.

I am so going to kill Arkarian.