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Sam knocked on the door to the room Vala was staying in. "Com in," she heard a muffled voice say from inside. Sam opened the door to find Vala sitting on her bed with tears running down her face.

"What do you want, Colonel Carter?" Vala sniffled, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

Sam walked over and sat down on the bed next to her, "I wanted to see if you were all right, Vala. I haven't really made an effort to get to know you since I've been back…and I thought it would be nice."

Vala laughed harshly, "I highly doubt that, Colonel. Why are you really here?"

Sam looked at Vala with a mix of emotions on her face, "First of all, Vala, my name is Sam. Second, you remind me of someone. That's why I'm here."

"Who?" Vala was curious enough about Sam's words to pose the question.

"My husband."

"You're married? Wow, why doesn't anyone talk about it?" Vala was now very curious about what Sam was saying – and why she was there.

"Only five people at the SGC know…well, six now."

"Who'd you marry?"

"Jack O'Neill."

Vala furrowed her brow; Daniel had spoken about him…she thought they'd met in Washington, but she couldn't really remember. "I sense a story here," she finally said.

Sam grinned bashfully, "Yeah, Jack was my CO for eight years before we finally were in a position where we could get married."

Tears came unbidden to Vala's eyes. She had no clue why she wanted to cry after Sam's statement, but she did. Sam gathered her up into her arms and Vala just let the tears flow. It felt nice for the space pirate to have someone (albeit female) hold her as she wept.

"He doesn't like me," she finally said.

Without asking, Sam knew who she was talking about. She pulled her closer and stroked her hair, "Yes he does, Vala."

"No, he doesn't. He hates me and think I'm too overbearing and mean and rude…"

"Vala, do you want to experience more of Earth culture?" Sam asked, seemingly out of the blue.

"Why, yes, of course," she said, momentarily forgetting her tears.

"Come on," Sam led her out of the room and to General Landry's office to obtain permission for her to go off base. Landry looked at Sam like she was crazy.

"You're responsible for everything she does, Major," the general told her in no uncertain terms. "If she breaks something it's on your tab."

"Yes, sir, I understand," Sam said, knowing that the only problem with her plan was keeping Vala in line on the way.

"Very well, permission granted." Landry thought that his top scientist was certifiably insane after her latest request…but she didn't request much, so what could he do?

"Okay, do you want cookie dough or Rocky Road ice cream?" Sam said as she led Vala down the isles at the grocery store. She didn't have the necessary foods for a girls' night in, but a 24-hour mini-mart was rather close to her house (proved very useful on many late night occasions with Jack).

Vala looked at her oddly, "What?"

Sam realized her mistake, "Right, wrong person to ask. We'll get both. Ooohh, chocolate. You do know about chocolate, right?" Vala nodded affirmative: she knew about chocolate all right.

"Red or white wine? Hmm…I think these bottles will do fine," Sam chose a selection of five to suit their needs. If they didn't drink it that night, Jack could always use it in a sauce or something the next time he cooked dinner.

A short five minutes later Sam and Vala were back in Sam's car and on their way to Sam's house for what exactly, Vala wasn't sure.

Back at Sam's house, she immediately got to work on helping Vala learn the art of venting and men bashing. Well…Vala really didn't need a whole bunch of help on the latter, but it was nice to learn the Tauri way of performing the art.

"First, before we do anything else," Sam said, with a glass of White Zinfandel in her hand, "You have to listen to this song. Daniel heard it this morning and he was nearly in tears thinking of you."

Vala turned wide eyes to Sam, "I highly doubt that. He wasn't exactly thrilled to see me."

"He hugged you."

"And then he demanded to know if I came to lead you on anymore wild goose chases!"

"Just listen to the song!" Sam pressed play on her CD player and She's Always a Woman filled the room. There was a mix of Sam's favorite songs in the stereo, so she just sat down and let Vala get the feel of the music.

As the song played tears came to Vala's eyes again: Daniel was reminded of her when he heard this? It was so…sad that he thought all of those words connected with her, but it was sweet in its own way. 'She's always a woman to me…' That's what the song had said. Vala only hoped it was true.

As the song ended she suddenly noticed that she had a whole half-gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in front of her just waiting to be consumed. Vala set right on that, listening to the next song that came on.

We are young, heartache to heartache we stand
No promises, no demands
Love is a battlefield
We are strong, no one can tell us were wrong
Searchin our hearts for so long, both of us knowing
Love is a battlefield

You're beggin' me to go, you're makin' me stay
Why do you hurt me so bad?
It would help me to know
Do I stand in your way, or am I the best thing you've had?
Believe me, believe me, I cant tell you why
But I'm trapped by your love, and I'm chained to your side

That sounded interesting. To Vala it was the truest song she'd heard in ages.

You're beggin' me to go, you're makin' me stay
Why do you hurt me so bad?

Sam and Vala's eyes connected when those two lines played. Both of them thought back to the recent bracelet incident and then to how fickle Daniel had been since. Vala really liked this song.

The two listened intently to the rest of the song as Vala delved deeper and deeper into the ice cream container, and Sam deeper and deeper into the wine bottle.

We are strong, no one can tell us were wrong
Searchin our hearts for so long, both of us knowing
Love is a battlefield

Those three lines became their manta as the night continued and Vala started complaining about everything that was wrong with Daniel, but commenting on everything she loved about him, too.

Finally, when Sam had switched from the wine to the Rocky Road and chocolate bars, and Vala was on full blown chocolate and Chardonnay, Jack came home with a rather distraught looking archeologist.

Sam squealed when she saw her husband and jumped into his arms, "Jack! I've missed you so much!"

Jack hugged Sam back, looking at the living room oddly, "Have you been drinking tonight, Sam?"

Sam giggled, "Maybe a little," she said, letting go and pulling him into the living room. It was only in the doorway to the living room that Sam noticed Daniel. She scowled at him and said, "You're mean."

Jack turned to Daniel, "Danny, what did you do to my wife?"

Daniel looked at Sam a little frightened for his own safety, "Nothing that I know of, Jack."

"What'd he do?" Jack asked Sam.

"Nothing to me, but he's doing everything to Vala!"

"What's Vala got to do with this?" Daniel asked.

Sam turned up her nose at Daniel as if to say "If you don't know, then I'm not telling you" and walked into the living room to go sit by the woman in question on the couch and eat chocolate.

"Hey! That was mine!" Vala wined when Sam took one of the chocolate bars that was in her 'stack'.

"I bought them!" Sam argued back in the manner that was common for drunk women.

Jack and Daniel watched them bicker from the doorway, both men terrified to step inside the room. It looked scary.

Vala noticed Daniel standing in the doorway and pointed at him angrily, "You're mean!"

"What did I do?" Daniel asked.

Sam and Vala shot up their noses and turned away from him, "You're mean," as if that explained everything. Which, of course, to the two women saying it…it did.

Vala whispered something to Sam and she turned on the stereo, letting Love is a Battlefield fill the air again. This time, however, Vala and Sam were singing along in perfect harmony (and perfectly off-key).

We are strong, no one can tell us were wrong
Searchin our hearts for so long, both of us knowing
Love is a battlefield

They sang the last chords of the song, and suddenly it all became clear to a still rather distraught Daniel. Jack was just focusing on one thing: his wife was so serious and angry right then it was humorous…and she looked kinda cute.

"Vala?" Daniel asked tentatively when the song ended and Sam turned off the CD. "Can we talk, please?"

"I don't want to talk to you," a rather drunk Vala said with unshed tears in her eyes, "You're mean."

Sam nudged her, "Just talk to him, Vala. Jack and I will be in the back in case you need us. Just yell."

Vala nodded, "Okay, Sam."

After Sam and Jack had left and Daniel heard the door close, he sat down with a sigh. "I'm sorry if I hurt you."

Vala sniffled at his words, "Do you mean that, Daniel?"

"I'm sorry you think I'm mean. And I'm sorry I did something to make you think I'm mean," Daniel said, scooting closer to her.

"It's okay, Daniel. I can be mean sometimes, too."

The resulting kiss put both their minds at ease of all wrongdoing. No matter what had happened, no matter how hard things got…they'd make it. Love is a battlefield, and Daniel and Vala were determined to be its best warriors. Fighting together.


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