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OK, peeps, I'm new at this. I only saw Advent Children a few days ago, so this is my first fic in this genre. So any advice you guys have, it's welcome. But please don't flame me! Please?

Explosion. Fire, noise. Flames licking the soft hair flowing into his face. Yazoo's hair. His brother's hair. His little brother. The bike lurched forward, throwing them both off it. And he took advantage of it. Wrapping his stronger arms around the sender shoulders and pulling his brother's smaller frame against his.

Long hair - far too long - tangled around his face, destroying his vision. He couldn't see, couldn't swing to cusion his brother. If Yazoo struck the ground... the frail body would shatter. It was too fragile for such a strong impact. The muscle bulk he'd built up would absorb the impact... if he couldn just see the way they would land.

Yazoo tensed in his arms, throwing a quick glance over his shoulder. Hair left his face, the ground was dangerously close. His legs struck first, and he used the momentum to bring himself around. His ankle snapped in the process, but he didn't care. Yazoo bounced off his chest, and rolled off him. Silver strands sprawled on his chest, he could only guess his brother had landed face down.

Flames licked the leather he wore, charing it. Destroying it. But it stopped the fire from reaching his skin. His brother would hopefully fare the same, as long as his hair didn't catch fire.

And then, as soon as it had come, the explosion stopped. He lay where he was for several minutes, stunned. And then rolled over to look at his brother. Yazoo had lifted his head off the ground, a curtin of silver concealing his face.

"Kadaj, we lost him. And...we lost mother too. Cloud... he took mother from us..."

He sat up and pulled his brother up as well. Yazoo looked close to tears. He smiled and pushed his brother's long hair back.

"Don't cry, Yazoo." The younger boy stared at him. And whipped his head back.

"I don't cry. You're the one that should stop crying."

He started and reached up to brush his face. He was surprised to find his palm coming away wet. He shrugged and struggled to stand, pulling his brother up as well. Yazoo came up easily, his long hair looking as if it'd been electrified.

"Cloud has not won yet. Let us go and play one last game. As brothers, we go down together. Those two meanies haven't killed us. And... I'm not crying!"

Yazoo managed a small smile, and staggered after him. The lithe frame had taken some severe damage, dispite everything. But at least his brother was walking. At least they could survive long enough to... to... well... to die properly. And to maybe take out their big meanie of an older brother. Maybe to show him what being brothers really meant. What mother really meant.

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