No Other Road, No Other Way

Author's Note: Hello all. I'm back and so is the RENT gang of ten years in the future. This is the sequel to my story No Day but Yesterday. If you haven't read that one yet, go read it. Every thing that happens in this story is a direct result of that one. Anyway, I don't own RENT or any of the characters as always. And I'd like to give a special thanks to Hayden Bryson who helped with the writing of this story.

Chapter 1

"Get up Roger. It's like almost noon. We're gonna be late if we don't leave soon." A skinny blond man with glasses was shaking a larger blond man as he laid in bed snoring. "Come on Roger!"

Roger rolled over and opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the pale and anxious face of his lover Mark. "What time is it?" he asked groggily.

"It's a quarter to twelve and our meeting's at one." Mark responded.

"Crap!" Roger shouted, bolting from the bed. This wasn't what he had wanted to say, but he was making an effort to watch his language in light of the situation. Mark and Roger were on the verge of getting a child. Today was the last meeting before the adoption was final. They had been legally committed for a year and they had decided it was time. Last night the lovers had been "celebrating" the upcoming adoption. It was because of this that Roger was, well, indecent when he went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Luckily for him, the kitchen was inhabited by a lesbian couple who were used to Roger being indecent in the morning.

"Jesus, Maureen, Joanne!" Roger exclaimed when he walked into the kitchen. He ran back into the bedroom where Mark was doubled over in laughter. "You could have warned me you know." he said scowling as he got dressed hurriedly.

"Yeah, but then I wouldn't have gotten such a great laugh." Mark replied.

"If I didn't love you." Roger threatened under his breath.

"But you do." Mark said going over to the musician. "And I love you. I think we proved that last night."

Roger couldn't stay mad at Mark. He loved him too much for that. He raised an eyebrow. "Want to prove it again?" he asked.

Mark playfully slapped Roger on the arm. "You know I'd love to. But we don't have time and we've got company. You know how we tend to get- er, carried away."

And Roger was forced to agree. So instead the two went back into the kitchen to talk to the girls. They looked up and smiled as the boys entered.

"Where's Jaylah?" Roger asked.

"She's staying with Collins today while we help you two." Maureen responded.

"And why exactly are you here?" Roger wanted to know. "I mean Joanne is our lawyer, but do we really need a receptionist?"

"Ha ha." Maureen said back. "For your information I have expertise in the field of adoption, seeing as I did play apart in Jaylah's four years ago, Mr. Ex- Rockstar."

"Oh that's right." Roger agreed. "It's good to have you coming with us Maureen. You never know when a diva will come in handy." Every one knew that with Maureen it was better to just let her win. It saved a lot of time.

"Oh Roger, Mark." Joanne said. "Mimi called while you two were in there doing heaven knows what. She said good luck today and that she'll see you all on Saturday." Now that the friends all lived in different places, they tried t make an effort to keep in touch by meeting at the Life Café every second Saturday.

"Okay that's good. Just let me hit the shower and then I'll be ready to go." Roger said. While he was in the shower the phone rang. Mark decided to let the machine pick it up.

"Speeeeeeeaaaaaak!" went the machine. Joanne looked at Mark.

"You couldn't have changed that could you? It's so annoying." she said.

Mark grinned and listened to who was speaking on the machine.

"Hey Davis. This is Lanna. I just wanted to offer you congratulations on getting committed to Mark and good luck with the adoption. I know I'm a little, well a lot late. But I've been overseas. So keep in touch okay? I know we didn't exactly part well, but I've always liked you and I'd like it if we could be friends. Anyway call me when you get news about the kid. Bye."

"Isn't that cute, now she wants to be friends." Mark said sarcastically. "After practically disowning Roger because he was gay and he turned down that Europe deal, she wants to be friends."

"Mark this is Roger's business. If he wants to be friends with her, you shouldn't try to stop him. It's his call." Maureen said wisely.

"What's whose call?" Roger asked as he reentered the room. He had changed into a nice navy blue suit with a lighter blue tie. "To match my love's eyes." he said. Mark likewise had on a black suit with a green tie, to match Roger's eyes.

"Never mind." Mark said in response to Roger's question. "Let's just go before we're late." The four of them proceeded out to Joanne and Maureen's car to go into the city and meet with the adoption people.