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The Doctor of the Opera!

Summary: The Doctor and Rose land the TARDIS in France, 1870, the same year as the rumoured Opera Ghost of the Paris Opera House. But when the Doctor and Rose come face to face with the man himself, can they stop the murder and obsession and help him find love. Along the way, will the Doctor and Rose find their feelings for each other? Ten/Rose, Erik/Christine, No Flames, R&R please!

Arrival in Paris

The Doctor, the tenth one to be exact, was sitting at the control panel of the TARDIS reading. He looked around. There he saw Rose, asleep in her chair. He smiled and put down his book. He walked over to Rose and lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He lay her down and took off her jacket. He smiled as he saw a soft smile play on her delicate features. Oh how he longed to be the one to make her smile the way she did. Mind you, half the time he was. He always made her laugh. With his crude jokes and wicked sense of humour, it would always put a grin on her face. He smiled and pulled the sheet up over her.

"Goodnight Rose, my dear friend," he whispered and kissed her lightly on the cheek. He went over to his own bed and kicked off his shoes. He undid his coat and tie and lay down. With one more look at Rose, he smiled again and closed his eyes, not knowing why he was going to sleep, he didn't need much. As soon as he was asleep, Rose opened her eyes, smiled and whispered "Goodnight Doctor."


Rose awoke early next morning to see the Doctor already gone. She got up and walked through to the control room. The Doctor was looming over the controls looking at the screen. He turned to Rose and he gave her that huge grin he always gave. She couldn't help but smile. He held his hand out to her. She took it and joined him at the control station.

"So where are we going?" she asked. He just grinned.

"We're going … to the Opera," he said. "We are going to investigate the rumoured haunted Opera Populaire of Paris. Rumoured sightings of an obsessed Opera Ghost were there. He called himself "The Phantom of the Opera".

"Wait a minute Doctor. Back on Earth, that's a musical. I have seen it three times with my mum," she said. The Doctor gave that toothy grin again.

"Well then, let's go," he said. She grinned back. She grabbed the railing of the TARDIS as the Doctor flicked the switches and the TARDIS lurched as it began to move. The Doctor gave out a triumphant laugh they took off to the year 1870.

As the TARDIS landed, Rose fell forward, flat on her face.

"Doctor, can't you learn how to drive this thing without making me fall all the time. It hurts you know," she complained.

"That will clear your sinuses Rose. Never fear, the Doctor is here," he said, grinning and winking. She rolled her eyes and picked herself up from the floor.

"Are we there?" she asked. The Doctor was pulling on his brown overcoat. He shrugged and opened the doors to the TARDIS. He looked out of the door and smiled.

"Here we are. L'Opera Populaire. Oh, we might have to go back into the TARDIS and change into something a little more sophisticated as we … will be going to the Opera," he said. They went back into the TARDIS.


Soon enough the Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS donning full evening dress, suitable for the year they were in. He was dressed in a crisp white shirt, along with a waistcoat, cravat, gloves and Opera glasses.

"Doctor, I look ridiculous!" Rose called from inside the TARDIS. The Doctor rolled his eyes.

"Now come on Rose, you look …" he said before he trailed off. Rose walked out of the TARDIS in a golden coloured gown. It was obvious she was wearing a corset which gave her a great figure. Her hair had been pinned up on top of her head and some bits were hanging down in ringlets. She had a fan in one hand, the colour of her gown and the gown had a small train behind it. He smiled at her.

"Rose Tyler, you look beautiful!" he said, holding out his arm to her. "Come on, I got the tickets while you were inside. We are in Box 5, the box no one uses because it's meant to be the Phantom's." She took his arm and they walked to the queue of people who were waiting to get inside the Opera.


The Doctor watched the stage closely, as if expecting someone to jump out and cause uproar. Suddenly Rose spoke:

"That's Christine Daae. I remember from the stage show. But that's really her," she said. The Doctor kept his eye on Christine. He suddenly felt gazes upon him. He looked over at the manager's box. Two elderly gentlemen and a young man sat there, watching the triumph of the young woman on stage. She couldn't have been any older than Rose. Suddenly he felt Rose grope around for his hand. He took her hand and smiled at her.

"Why are they looking at us?" Rose asked nodding over towards the managers.

"Probably because we are sitting in the Opera Ghost's box," he said. "They probably think we're mad. After the Opera, we are going to have a word with them." Rose nodded. She lay her head against the Doctor's shoulder as they watched the Opera. He grinned slightly and he continued to watch the rest of the show.


The Doctor stood with Rose's hand in his own, at the bottom of the grand staircase in the Foyer. The manager's came downstairs.

"Excuse me messieurs," the Doctor said. "Can I have a word with you both?" The managers came over to him and led them to their office. They sat down.

"How can we help you monsieur?" the taller of the two managers asked. "First of all, I am Monsieur Firmin and this is my business partner, Monsieur Andre."

"Nice to meet you both. I'm the Doctor and this is my mistress, Rose Tyler," he said. Rose's heart fluttered when he said "mistress" but she knew it was only a make up title for just now.

"Now I would like to ask you some questions about the Opera Ghost. We have heard rumours as we are new in town and we wanted to know," the Doctor said.

"All we know monsieur, is that he is a shadow that lurks. He sends threatening notes about paying him twenty-thousand francs a month. He also tries to make us give all the main leads to Mademoiselle Daae, the one you saw onstage tonight," Monsieur Andre explained. Then Monsieur Firmin took over.

"They say he wears a mask that covers only half of his face. He is meant to live in the catacombs of the Opera, on the edge of a lake. He calls himself "The Phantom of the Opera". The Doctor and Rose were listening intently.

"Well thanks for all your help just now, we may be back to speak to you tomorrow," the Doctor said. Suddenly Firmin stood up.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. Doctor who?" he asked. The Doctor grinned that grin again.

"Precisely," he said. Firmin looked confused but accepted.

"And Mademoiselle Tyler, you look radiant," Firmin said, bowing to her and kissing her hand. Then Andre did the same.

"Thank you," she said and they both left the office.

"Now we have something to go on Rose," the Doctor said. "Come on, back to the TARDIS!"

This is my first Doctor Who fiction and I thought I would make it a crossover between my two obsessions, Doctor Who and The Phantom of the Opera. I do hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoy writing it. Please R&R, please! xxxx