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Epilogue: Always And Forever

Two years had passed but it hadn't felt like it for the Doctor and Rose. They hadn't aged a single day. They had spent a lot of time at the Powell Estate recently with Jackie … and their new baby.

The Doctor was lying on the couch in the living room, snoring, with their one year old daughter Emeline lying in a Moses basket next to him. He had her bottle in his hand and her dummy in his mouth as he had been trying to get her to sleep. Rose came into the living room with Jackie. She smiled at her husband.

"Look … how cute is that?" she asked.

"What's he doing up so early?" Jackie asked, tying her robe that she had just put on.

"I was up all night with her so he got up this time," Rose replied. Jackie grinned.

"I'll be right back," she said disappearing. She returned with a camera. She took a picture of her sleeping son-in-law with his daughter's bottle and dummy.

"There's one to stick in the TARDIS," Jackie said. Rose laughed.

"I'm going for a shower," Rose said, leaving the room. Jackie went to put the kettle on, then she came into the living room, turned on the TV and moved the Doctor's feet so she could sit down. She put his feet across her lap. Suddenly the Doctor let out a snore before he opened his eyes.

"Oh 'ere 'e is … Sleeping Beauty," Jackie said. The Doctor gave her a sarcastic sort of look before realising he had his daughter's dummy in his mouth. He went red in the face. He then looked into the Moses basket. He smiled when he saw his daughter fast asleep. Jackie studied him for a minute. His hair was standing up in all directions. He was beginning to grow a little stubble and he looked like he hadn't slept in days.

"You should go for a shower … I'll watch Emmy," Jackie said. The Doctor nodded and kissed his mother-in-laws cheek gratefully. The Jackie remembered.

"Oh wait … Rose is in there," she said. The Doctor grinned.

"All the more reason for me to go for a shower," he said and winked, leaving the room.


Paris, 1874. Erik and Christine were living as happy a life as could be in the lair underneath the Opera House. They now had a baby boy in the family, named Christophe and another baby on the way. Erik was sitting playing his organ when suddenly he heard a familiar noise from over all the loud notes he was playing.

"The TARDIS …" he said to himself. He got up and looked around. Suddenly the TARDIS materialised in front of him, just at the edge of the lake. The door opened and voices came.

"Rose, Emmy touched the buttons … we could have landed anywhere," he said. Then the Doctor turned around.

"Erik?" the Doctor said, surprised. "Of all the places Emmy brought us here." He smiled at his friend and they greeted each other.

"I'll go get Christine and Christophe," Erik said. The Doctor was confused.

"Christophe?" he asked. Erik nodded and went into the spare bedroom and brought out a bundle of blankets. Nestled inside the blanket was a beautiful baby boy. He handed him to the Doctor.

"Now, I'll go and get Christine," he said.

"Darlin' … where did we land?" Rose asked coming out of the TARDIS. Then her jaw dropped. Then she saw the Doctor.

"What have you got?" Rose asked, holding Emmy. She looked over the Doctor's shoulder and saw he was holding a little baby boy.

"Oh my … he's beautiful," she said. Suddenly Rose turned and saw Christine.

"Rose … I've missed you," she said. Rose noticed her stomach seemed to have a bump.

"Are you …?" Rose asked, pointing to her stomach. Christine nodded.

"Again," she said, smiling. "Is this your little one?" She indicated to Emmy. Rose nodded to her.

"This is Emeline. The Doctor comes up with the names but I thought it was a lovely name," Rose admitted. Christine smiled. The Doctor turned round and kissed Christine's cheek. He handed her Christophe back.

"He's beautiful Christine," Rose said. Christine smiled and took him back to bed. The four friends then sat and talked about what had happened in the past two years.


The Doctor and Rose were now back in the TARDIS, floating in the middle of the time vortex. The Doctor was putting Emmy down for a nap while Rose was at the control panel. She took the picture she had taken of him earlier and stuck it to the middle of the TARDIS, where he was bound to see it when he was fiddling with the controls. She sat down and picked up a book and pretended to be reading. The Doctor came back, whistling "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick" by Ian Dury and The Blockheads. He went over to the controls and started to play about with them. Rose peered over the top of her book. She noticed that he suddenly stopped whistling and he was very still.

"Rose?" he said. Rose was trying her hardest not to laugh.

"Mm hm?" she asked. The Doctor was still looking away from her.

"I'm gonna get you," he said. Suddenly he attacked her on the couch. She screamed playfully as he held her down with his knees.

"Not funny," he said, showing her the picture of him with the dummy in his mouth, looking like a little child.

"It was mum … I swear," she said. He threw the picture down and kissed her passionately.

"I love you … my Time Lady," he told her. She smiled and stroked his hair away from his face. Her hands went to his cheeks and she cupped them with her palms.

"And I love you too my Time Lord," she said back before he succumbed to her romantic kiss that she was now giving him.

"Rose … tell me we will always be together forever … no matter what," he said, taking her fingertips and kissing them one by one.

"Yes Doctor … we will be together," she said. "Always and forever."


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