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Chapter 1

In this world, there are times when people are afriad to go outside. That they are afraid of the world around them. Afraid to wake up to reality. Afraidof moving on to the future. Afraid of change...

When I was born I was named prince of a race feared by man but admired by all. My race is a race that lives in only one place. We are a race that none shall ever get to know…

My name is Naruto, prince of the Animal Gods… I am a Kyuubi…

Even though I am young, almost 16 I still wonder what life would be like in the world of man. In a world that was full of others that had their own free will. A world where people never had to worry about the world. A world where you didn't need to go into heat…

The world of man would be much better suited for me. But alas I am an animal, born of the King of them all. Kyuubi-sama, the demon fox. My father is the reason we go to war the whole reason for pain and misery... At least in my life anyways

When men think about my race, they only think us tobe evil blood sucking demons.But really the men don't know anything about us…Just like we know nothing about them.It has been that way for thousands of years. It'sbecause we live in Two very differentworlds…

Two worlds…

(Normal POV)

Naruto looked at the beautiful sky; it had been a clear day that day so he went out to play in the trees he knew that Kiba and his brother Akamaru were trying to look after him as well as that old wolf Kakashi. Naruto knew his father was over protective of him but this was too much… Good thing that Hyuuga wasn't looking after him. He'd never be able to escape the bird's eyes…

"Prince Naruto please don't wander too far!" Yelled Kakashi. "Oi, Kakashi if I want some privacy give me some damnit!" Naruto screamed back and disappeared from all three of the tracker dogs.


"Finally some privacy." Said Naruto as he slid onto the tree branch near the main road. He loved sitting here because then he could see all the travelers that went by. Sometimes he'd look at the lake that was just across the road. So peaceful.

"Prince Naruto?" Someone asked from above him. Naruto knew who it was from their voice. Damn! Hyuuga found me…

"What are you doing here your Majesty?" Asked Hyuuga Neji who was perched on the tree branch just above him. "You know your father will be furious…" Naruto stared at the blank white gaze of the bird. Naruto always hated them; they made him shudder as they showed no emotion. Why couldn't he be like his cousin Hinata? She always talked with Naruto as a friend and laughed. Or his other cousin Deidara. He and Dei got in trouble so much that Sasori always was chastising them for no reason. That snake known as Sasori was always a pain in the ass to Naruto. But to Deidara he was a sex god. Why Dei thought that Naruto would never know…

"What does it matter to you Hyuuga?" Naruto said.

"Because your Majesty," came a voice from below he knew to well, seeing Sasori himself, "Your father wants to speak with you." Naruto's eyes widened. What does he want! I didn't do anything!

"I refuse to go! Tell him that!" Naruto yelled at the cobra.

"I'm sorry Naruto," came Deidara's voice, "But he said no excuses…"

"Dei…" Naruto said.

"Besides your Majesty," Said Kakashi, "We don't want you hurt again... It's best you go now and not suffer the consequences." Seeing all the worry in their eyes ( I know it sounds weird for Sasoriand Deito show emotion… Bear with me they're way OC/) Naruto stood up and was carried away back to the castle to face whatever punishment was sent out for him…


"So where does he want me to meet him?" Kakashi stared at the floor.

"His chambers…" Naruto's mind went out of control. Not again! Naruto stared at the door for a bit then knocked slowly. Hearing a rumbling voice calling out to him, "Who is it?"

"N-Naruto…" He stuttered. Hearing his father laugh a bit. It was a dark horrible laugh.

"Proceed…" Naruto looked back at all of his friends and companions and slowly opened the door. And shut it with one final pleading look.

"What are you all doing outside of Kyuubi-sama's chambers?" Said a snake man known as Orochimaru.

"Naruto-kun is in there. We wanted to make sure he would be okay." Dei said in soft sad voice.

Hearing a scream from inside the room they all looked at the door. "Father please stop it!" They all looked worriedly at the door, knowing they could do nothing to stop the crime that was being committed. "Isn't there anyone that can save or help Naruto-kun?" Asked Deidara.

"No one can help him so long as his father holds to him…" Said Sasori and they all departed.


Naruto fell to the ground again after the next hit to the face. "Please Father, I didn't mean to upset you." Naruto stared at his fathers crimson eyes as they glared at him.

"Shut up you filthy whore! I told you not to go out today when you know full better you could go into heat any moment now!" Yelled his father all nine of his tails fluffing up.

"What happened to you father! Why do you hate me! Is it because of my miscarrages? That wasn't my fault!" The Kyuubi looked at his son and glared even more kicking him this time and holding him against the wall. "I'm the one asking questions you bitch! You know full well that your childrens deaths were your fault!"That's it! Naruto did the unthinkable, he kicked his father in the gut and made a run for it. Running outside the castle, running away, running anywhere but home…



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