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Naruto's thoughts

Sasuke's thoughts

Chapter 19

Two Worlds

The night was young that December night, the moon shining brightly in beautiful streams of milky white that landed on his tan complexion. To any other person Naruto would look like any other who was standing outside that night, the warm air scattering his blond locks to and fro as lily and various other plants shifted by giving him that motherly and mysterious glow. But to Sasuke he looked like at beauty of the night, a fire, no a sun that could never be put out. The moonlight beams striking his skin at such an angle that his skin look white slowly fading to a dark gray and eyes as dark as midnight. Beautiful hair scattered by the wind and he thought no one could compare to the beauty of the fox.

His eyes caught Sasuke's own. Smiling above his mouth, that smiled was his to keep, "Are you going come join me or what teme?" Naruto asked him, eyes never stopping their gaze. Sasuke's body moved towards his lovers before he could even think. The lake Naruto was overlooking was beautiful. It was an oasis out in the desert sand that was also looking over the dark and beautiful city of Suna. Naruto was just staring at it his eyes full of want.

"You know," Naruto said to him the first words in minutes. "When I was younger I would come up here all the time while Gaara would travel out to Suna. I was so envious and I wanted to be out there to see the humans. I wanted to know more about them and be them. So when I met you I knew that everything would be different from then on." Looking at Sasuke he smiled patting his stomach, "I promise that no matter what I won't let Orochimaru near your child and he won't have him at all. He's mine and yours and Orochimaru won't ever have him."

Sasuke kissed Naruto and looked at him touching his stomach, "What are you going to name him? Since we already are naming the firstborn Haruhi, what are you going to name the second?"

Naruto patted his stomach again and looked east where snow was settling in the distance. Then looking west where it was warm. "Haruhi is the fire, so the second shall be Aisu, ice." Sasuke smiled, "Beautiful..."

That night was December 24… and that was when it happened; Naruto's stomach cramped in pain that brought him down to the ground, screaming in pain. "Sasuke… Please. Take me to the nest." Sasuke nodded and picked him up taking him down to the city. Rushing into the castle he was met by Kyuubi who stared at Naruto. "Kyuubi sama it's time." Naruto was screaming in pain and was handed over to the medical personnel. Leaving Sasuke's sight he looked at Sasuke. "Don't worry Sasuke, he'll be fine."

"Will he? He's never had a real birth session at all." Sasuke said to him. Kyuubi nodded but quickly responded, "But he's strong, he'll be fine. Now let's go…"

In the ceremony room that was crowded with people Naruto was in the middle with Sasuke holding onto his hand. Neji testing him, "I don't understand what has gone wrong? The only thing that could possibly do this is…" Looking at Kyuubi who was helping calm Naruto down because of the restraints on his hands. "Kyuubi sama… please tell me you didn't give him that herb."

Kyuubi looked towards his son who was in so much pain. "I know what I have done. I just forgot the side effect."

Sasuke had to ask, "What's the side effect?"

"Naruto can't revert into his fox form to give birth because all his chakra lines are all shut down to help keep his body healed." Sasuke's eyes were wide. "What does that mean?!"

"It means that it will kill Naruto if he doesn't even change into that form. He needs to change into that form to give birth. And since Naruto is deathly afraid of himself being cut open…" Sasuke looked at his love that was writhing on the bed in pain while everyone in the kingdom watched their prince suffer. "Neji, is there any way that I could give Naruto my chakra to help him transform?"

"There is actually but you'll need to give up about 50 of it to him and the rest will go for when the child is actually born, on conditions that you go back to Konoha tonight." Sasuke nodded touching Naruto's forehead. "That was the deal… after the children were born then I would leave with one of them." Itachi looked at his little brother sadly and then towards Kyuubi who was looking at Naruto.

Kyuubi looked at Sasuke after he was finished placing Naruto's hands in the right symbol. "Alright what you'll want to do is place your hands on top of Naruto's and transfer your chakra over to him." Sasuke did and he could see his chakra moving over to Naruto. After a minute or so Naruto changed into his fox form. A tiny little fox with a round tummy lying on the bed, Sasuke watched as Naruto would try his hardest to give birth but it wasn't of any use. He was in complete and utter pain. Sasuke scratched behind his ears and Naruto moved into the touch licking Sasuke's fingers. And the pain seemed to be rushing away as Sasuke moved his other hand to Naruto's belly petting it in downward strokes whispering to himself. "Come on baby… Daddy wants to play with you." Naruto would push and breath as Sasuke kept his mind off the pain. After an hour there was still no luck and Naruto was getting very tired. The baby was almost there and Naruto refused to push anymore. "Come on Naruto just one more push and the first one will be out." Naruto shook his head, a thought raced into Sasuke's mind, I don't want you to leave, not yet. I don't want the baby born just yet… just a little longer.

Sasuke petted the long fur coat and whispered, "Naruto the other baby is still in there and needs to be taken out. Just a little bit more…please I promise I'll stay until the second is born and you revert back." Naruto nodded and pushed once more and with that last push the first was out. A tiny little fox that was all wet and his eyes closed shut tried moving but couldn't walk at all. Naruto stood up and walked over towards the kit changing his position and began licking the other as the second was slowly making it's way to life. Naruto would lick at the little fuzz ball and soon enough he was dry and looking for his mothers milk. Sasuke and Naruto both knew that if the kit were to taste from Naruto then he would never willingly leave his side. Naruto nudged him away completely aware that the kit would remember this for the rest of his lives. And again Sasuke heard Naruto's voice in his head, You have to keep him away from me even though he'll probably remember this for his whole life he must not come near me. Take him Sasuke… my father has the right things needed that are already prepared for you and Haruhi…

Sasuke took the little kit off from the bed and placed him in the palm of his hand. The little kit slowly began to open it's eyes seeing Sasuke first. The three men, Itachi, Sasuke, and Kyuubi gasped in surprise as the little kit opened it's eyes earlier then any others have. They were blood red Sharingan with one little prong. Then they slowly faded a black. Itachi then said, "Well that's not fair… It took me 8 years to activate my Sharingan, 8 years for you to activate your Sharingan and it takes him 2 minutes…" Laughing a bit Sasuke took the bottle from Kyuubi and placed it near the little kits mouth. The kits natural instincts kicked in and began to suckle on the bottle seeking for more milk. Sasuke pet the kits fur that was jet black like his hair but had one little white spot on the top of his head... According to Animal gods the fur of the kit will be the hair color of them as well. That was true because Naruto in his fox form had blond fur and blue eyes and they could all see that he was so close to giving birth to the second born. "Come on Naruto you can do it…" Naruto kept pushing finding it easier to get the second out then the first. And soon enough the second was out and Naruto reverted back to his human like form panting from being worn out. Naruto looked at Sasuke who was holding the first born Haruhi and staring at him. Naruto picked up the second and began licking him dry like he did the first. Aisu was soon then dried and Naruto took off his shirt revealing his swollen chest. Placing the child there he felt Aisu bite on and start searching for milk like his brother did with the bottle. It was officially 12:05 midnight when the second was born and the first was born at 12:01 on December 25. Christmas…

Sasuke held Haru close to him as the little child was still seeking the warm milk in the bottle. Naruto held Aisu close to him and then remembered something. "Sasuke?"

"Yes Naruto?" Naruto smiled at him, "Will you give me one last kiss before you go?" Sasuke swooped down making sure not to drop Haru and kissed Naruto. "I love you Naruto… And I'll never forget you."

"I'll never forget you Sasuke… And merry Christmas." A stinging feeling was on Sasuke's neck on the left side. Naruto smiled as he saw Sasuke's neck glow leaving a mark on it, his families symbol on it before it completely disappeared. Naruto's left side was hidden so Sasuke never saw the glow not knowing of what Naruto had done. Kyuubi knew…

Sasuke placed Haru in Itachi's arms as he got ready for his journey back to the fire city of Konoha. He looked at Naruto who was sleeping soundly. Sighing at the beautiful figure he quickly packed all of his things. Kyuubi came in and held out a fur coat to Sasuke. "This is to bundle Haru in to keep the cold winter winds out, its Naruto's fur and he asked me to give some to Haruhi… I shall escort you to the gate entrance." Sasuke thanked him and placed on his coat. Taking Haru from Itachi he headed out the door leaving Naruto alone again.

Naruto began crying as Sasuke didn't come over and say goodbye to him quietly moving so that he wouldn't wake Aisu he went towards the window where he had a view of the gate. There he saw Sasuke with a bundle of fur in his arms and bidding goodbye to Kyuubi. He handed something to his father and Kyuubi bowed to him. Sasuke left… Left him again… But this time he wouldn't come back.

Hearing his father come in he still looked out the window, "Seems your son didn't want him to leave either." Naruto turned to see Aisu's white fur in Kyuubi's hands. "He was in the fur that you gave to Sasuke. Sasuke noticed just before he left and gave him back to me to give back to you."

Naruto took his son and went back over towards the window with tears still in his eyes. "I love him father… I love him so much. I want to go with him but I can't…" Looking at his father he kissed his son. "My place and Aisu's place is here taking care of our people." Kyuubi smiled, his son had finally grown up. Naruto smiled again and Kyuubi sat on his bed. "Naruto why did you place an eternal mating mark on Sasuke?"

Naruto grinned, "Because I remembered that if I were to give birth to someone's kids before my mating ceremony then I could eternally mate with them but giving them a kiss after all the children are born. That way I could only give birth to his children… This way I won't have to give birth to Orochimaru's children." Kyuubi grinned at his son and placed him close to him. "That's my boy, all grown up but still a child on the inside." Naruto smiled… "Thank you father…"

"For what Kit?" Naruto looked at him, "For letting me see their world…"

--Sasuke's long journey

Holding the child close to him as the cold beat against his skin Sasuke kept running. If he ran all day then he would be able to make it to the nearest town by noon. Then he could stop and feed Haru then continue to run all the way to Konoha. "I Have to get you there before you run out of food. He ran and ran seeing only trees as he made his way to the town up ahead. It was earlier than predicted. The woman poured him tea and gave him his order of food and Sasuke began feeding Haru. The woman came back and said, "That's an awfully cute fox you have there." Sasuke thanked her not mentioning that Haru was his son.

After he paid and Haru was well fed and sleeping he continued to run. He could feel chakra's around him and he wasn't afraid. They were probably poachers who saw Haru in the last town back and wanted the kit for themselves. Sasuke reached into his pocket and threw shuriken at them. They came flying back and Sasuke dodged them but Haru went flying out of his hands, "Haruhi!" He screamed and began running towards the bundle of fur but who ever it was got to it first. Lifting the fur into the air Haru came tumbling out of it and began mewling in high tones. The men laughed at the noise and two came and stepped on Sasuke's hands. Looking at htem they were sound ninjas. "Won't Orochimaru be happy to know that the Yang child is dead. And the father is as well." He knew that voice… The voice of the man who was talking with Orochimaru on their way to Konoha. "Kabuto…" He sneered.

"How nice of you to acknowledge me, but Orochimaru wanted you dead so that is what I will have done to you." He came closer and picked up Haru by the scruff of his neck. Bringing a Kunai to Haru he was about to cut his neck.

A kunai came from the air killing the man who was standing on his hands and ropes came from all around, tying themselves around the others. They weren't ropes though… they were vines. A puppet came and began to attack the men that were trying to get free from their restraints.

Men were screaming as they fell to the ground dead from the pains that weren't even afflicted on them.

Sasuke got up and kicked Kabuto getting Haru back. He turned around to see Akatsuki behind him. After they were all killed besides Kabuto who had run away long before, Sasuke asked them, "What are you all doing here?"

"Kyuubi-sama asked us to make sure you got home safely. He knew something like that would happen." Deidara said to him.

Itachi said back, "We've been fallowing you around making sure you and Haruhi weren't in any danger." Sasuke looked at the bundle that was shivering in his arms, his eyes were wide as the breathing of the young kit was getting thinner and thinner. "Itachi is there any way I could get to Konoha faster? Haru is hardly even breathing." Itachi nodded, "Deidara…"

"Hai!" Deidara took out some clay and quickly molded a large bird. "This should get you to Konoha in about ten minutes."

"In the mean time try keeping Haru warm." Sasuke nodded and did a few hand signs then a burst of heat went around Haru. It was a practical use of the Katon jutsu but it was enough to keep the little boy warm.

Once they were at the gates of Konoha Sasuke thanked them all and went running in the doors. The guards were fallowing after him and he went to the Hokage tower. "Tsunade-sama!" He said holding the bundle close to him. Tsunade looked at him as she was about to go into her office. "Uchiha? What are you doing back so soon?" Sasuke opened the bundle and she saw the little kit that was moving around inside. "This is mine and Naruto's son… He's been exposed to the winter air for too long and I'm worried."

"How long ago was he born?"

"A little over a day…" She was shocked at something so small that had his eyes open just in little over a day.

"Alright Uchiha… Let's see what we can do…" Sakura was already in the lab when she saw Sasuke come in with a tiny fox. "Ah! Sasuke-kun he's adorable where'd you get him?"

"Naruto's belly…" Sakura was happy as he saw the little kit look at her. "What's his name?"

"Haruhi…" He said placing the kit on the table. For Tsunade to look at… "Where is Naruto anyways?"

"Back at the mountain… He had his duties as the king… And I have mine as the Rokudaime." Sakura nodded and looked at the little boy. Uchiha Haruhi… The heir to the Uchiha clan.


Even though Sasuke and I are separated…

I still can't help but smile.

We went through so much together.

I love him-

But I now know it could never have been…

We both have things that would keep us apart from eachother.

And things that would always end up interfering with us.

But thanks to him-

I have the most beautiful child in the world.

Haruhi, the fire that burns in spring…

Aisu, the ice of winter.

They're both so different yet almost exactly the same.

They both have their strong points and their weaknesses.

But I guess that's what makes them fun to figure out.

And I guess it's just like our worlds… The worlds of the gods-

And the worlds of the humans… But even if they don't look like they go together-

They still do… Without them, I wouldn't have met Sasuke.

I love him but us both

Still live in

Two worlds… Two totally different worlds…


There you have it… the story "Two worlds" Is finally complete! I shall have the sequel up in a jiffy! I hope you all liked it. The ending wasn't to my liking but it still had to be done. The sequel is better!! That I promise you!