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CHAPTER X Tragedy and Relief in the

Early Morning

The Next Morning at the Jule Mansion, 5:30...

Ezaria woke up early that morning. If you could call it waking up. She'd only gotten one hour of sleep.

As she walked toward the stairs (to go down) she stopped by Yzak's room. The sight of him just laying there motionless broke her heart.

She walked into the room sadly to say one last goodbye.It just wasn't fair... As tears began to form in her eyes, she was shocked to hear Yzak sigh softly then turn his head towards her. His eyes remained closed. He wasn't dead, he was sleeping. She quickly felt his forehead to find he didn't have much of a fever left at all.

"Oh, Yzak!" She cried dropping to her knees at his bedside, pulling him close and beginning to cry with relief. His eyes opened halfway.

"What's the matter Mother?" He asked quietly. "Nothing's the matter! I'm crying because I'm happy you're okay!" was her overjoyed reply. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked suddenly. "Tell you what, dear?" She questioned. "That I was going to die..." His voice was barely above a whisper. "I would never tell you that... I just didn't want to upset you..." Ezaria told him, continuing to hold him in a warm embrace. He sighed and she hugged him closer- if that was even possible...

6:00a.m., at the Hahnenfuss Residence...

The new Hahnenfuss residence, that is. Just moved into three days ago. As I'm sure you know, moving is a lot of work and not to mention tiring. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hahnenfuss just wanted to rest, but not Shiho... She'd instead been up all night mourning Yzak's 'death' with countless tears. So her tired mother was stuck staying up all night as well trying to comfort her. It, of course, didn't work. Nothing seemed to calm Shiho down at all.

"Shiho, please... there'll be other boys..." her mother told her tiredly. "No! No one will ever replace Yzak!" She wailed. Her mother stood up. "Shiho. Stop this foolishness right now. It was just a crush. You have no reason to be crying all night. Now I want you to stop your crying and get some sleep." With that said, she was gone.

(Warning- here comes the psycho Shiho part...)

Shiho did stop her crying for a moment. "I can't go on without my Yzak... I just can't... if it's going to be this way, then I'll have to join him... in death..." (Okay, feel free to laugh.)

She stood up from her spot on the floor of her room and walked over to the door. She quietly and slowly opened it, then listened. The only noise she could hear was the deep breathing from the room down the hall. Good, they were both sleeping... silently, she stalked to the kitchen.

There was no doubt about it; she was extremely devoted to Yzak... in an obviously unhealthy way... She was going to find the biggest, sharpest knife in the drawers, and put it through her chest. I told you she was crazy...

After searching four drawers, she found the perfect one. Taking a deep breath, she positioned it pointing to her chest.


Apparently her parents weren't as asleep as she thought they were...

Her mother had heard her rummaging through the doors and came out to investigate, only to find this. "Shiho... now, hold on..."

"I can't hold on!" She shouted. (By Myself by Linkin Park... Awesome...). Knowing that her words weren't working, her determined mother lunged for her... there was blood...

At the Jule Mansion, 6:30a.m. ...

A scream echoed through the dusk of the early morning, just a block away. Yzak's eyes snapped open. Screams were commonly heard in the subdivision, (how sad is that?) but this one was bothering him... He sat up, this time with little effort. "Why do I feel like something really bad is about to happen-?" He asked himself quietly.

"It's HER," A little voice in his head told him. "Who the hell is HER?" He thought. "Shiho, idiot!" It answered. His eyes widened"SHIHO!" He shouted suddenly, jumping up, running down the stairs and out the door.

At the Hahnenfuss residence...

Shiho stood there, staring at what she'd done to her mother. Unintentionally, she'd cut her arm badly enough to have it bleeding severely. The amount of blood was sickening.

"Mother... I'm so sorry... but I can't go on without him..." Shiho whispered.

Her mother looked at her weakly. There was nothing there in her daughter's eyes... she just looked completely possessed.

"Shiho... don't..."

Without another word, she took the already bloodied knife back to her chest.

The door suddenly flew open and the next thing Shiho knew, the wind was knocked out of her, and the knife flew from her hands, landing on the floor across the kitchen. Even though all the shock, she quick to realize she was laying on the floor- the person who she'd been tackled by on top of her, breathing hard.

It was all too much to take in, but when it finally did sink in, she found the person lying on top of her to be Yzak.

"I'm still here..." he whispered, unable to find the strength to get back up again.

Shiho just laid there, her eyes wide open. "Oh my God... what have I done?"

At the Elsman Residence, 7:00a.m. ...

Dearka groaned as he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. His fever was high; high enough to make any Natural drop dead. He'd been awake all night, panting and completely drenched in sweat. He could almost swear the room was engulfed in flames.

"It's so... hot... I can't take it... anymore..." Dearka breathed as his worried mother entered the room. She'd tried to get a shot against the virus for herself once Dearka had fallen ill, but they were all gone. So while she was caring for her possibly dying son, she'd probably end up catching the virus as well.

"It's okay, Dearka we're going to get through this, all right?" She said quietly, putting a thermometer in his mouth. He closed his eyes and tried to cope with the intense heat. "I called the Hahnenfuss doctor, but he said he had take some people to the hospital... I guess the fever medication will just have to wait," She sighed, removing the thermometer from his mouth. She stared in horror. "Oh my God..."

He couldn't find the strength to ask how high it was so she just told him. "Your fever's 106..."

"Really? Could've sworn it'd be higher than that..." he said weakly, managing a smile. Still no fever could stop him from making a joke. She sighed again. "You try to get some rest... I have to do some house work, call me if you need me."

His eyes remained closed but he nodded. With that, she left the room.

After half an hour of trying to get some sleep, he suddenly felt the room get colder. Oh, it was nice... with the fever and all... 10 more minutes passed and just when he was starting to fall asleep, the lights flickered once, twice, again, again and again... That was familiar... just like yesterday, before he'd passed out... he remembered- that person standing at the bottom of the staircase, just glaring at him... As if on cue, that same person appeared at the doorway.

With a glare, the person walked closer. Dearka stared in horror. It was Miriallia's dead boyfriend, Tolle.

"Tolle..." Dearka muttered in disbelief. "Dearka..." Tolle said irritably, glaring even more. "Stay away from Miriallia... I swear, if you go near her again, I'll kill you. Got that?"

Before he could even open his mouth to reply, he lost consciousness. "I'll take that as a possible maybe," Tolle said before disappearing just as easily as he'd appeared.

At the Hospital, 8:00a.m. ...

"Well, my wife needs thirty stitches in her left arm, Shiho needs five stitches in her left arm and some calming down and Yzak needs four stitches in his right arm," Doctor Hahnenfuss told an angry Ezaria as she sat in the waiting room. She glared at him. "Your daughter's a psycho..."

He sighed. "I know..."

"How did Yzak know she was going to kill herself?" Ezaria asked, more to herself than to him. "Well... I really don't know... perhaps it was just intuition..." he suggested.

When Yzak had tackled Shiho, the knife had given them both gashes in their arms as it flew out of her hands.

Shiho was still in shock and probably still would be for a while. Yzak was tired and Mrs. Hahnenfuss was still upset.

"Listen, I think it'd probably be best if Shiho stayed away from Yzak. I'm suggesting... a restraining order," Ezaria said. Doctor Hahnenfuss looked at her. "That's a good idea."

At Kira and Cagalli's... uh... 'PLACE', 9:00...

"MOM! MOM! CAGALLI HAS THE FLU!" Kira screamed when he heard Cagalli in the bathroom puking her guts out. "Shut up YOU LOSER!" She screamed from the bathroom. "MOM! CAGALLI HAS THE FLU AND SHE CALLED ME A LOSER!" Kira shouted. "Kira... when I stop puking... I'M GONNA TAKE YOU DOWN MAN!" She screamed. "MOM! CAGALLI HAS THE FLU, SHE CALLED ME A LOSER AND NOW SHE'S THREATENING ME!" Kira screamed at the top of his lungs.

Their mother (yes, she's actually still alive...) came marching up the stairs. "Cagalli! Stop threatening your brother AND calling him a loser! Then when you're FINISHED in there, GO TO BED!" She then turned to Kira. "And Kira, for the love of God, SHUT UP!" She marched back down the stairs and Kira stared after her in disbelief.

There was silence.

"Loser..." Cagalli said quietly from the bathroom. "MOM!" Kira cried.

"KIRA!" Their frustrated mother screamed. "CAGALLI!" Cagalli added in just for the heck of it.

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