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You can tell who is speaking by the bold lettering at the begining of each section. POV Point of View

Chapter 1: A Bit of History

Yumi's POV

Sometimes, I look back at this whole incident, and I just want to laugh.

Sometimes, though, I look back and I want to just smack myself for being so stupid. After it happened, I looked through a lot of history books, looking to see if anything similar had happened anywhere else. And, believe it or not, I found... nothing!

Oh well. I may not have been looking hard enough. One thing I learned, though, from history as well as this incident, is that sometimes people forget that their enemies are people also. They may want to inflict bodily harm on you, they may not believe the same things as you, they may not look like you, but they're still people. When armies went to war, men who might have been able to be friends stabbed at each other just because the other one was stabbing back. Just because countries hate each other doesn't mean its individuals have to.

Don't believe me? Maybe I'd better tell you the story of this incident, then. It isn't really all about me, but I'm in it, and my friends were in it. I'll pass the story on to them later.

It all started about a month after Xana escaped from Lyoko. I was heading for Jeremie's room, and I was seriously nervous about having to bring him the news.

You see, Xana hadn't attacked. We had no idea where he was, and what he was plotting, or how long it would take for him to stop plotting and go forward with his plans. Needless to say, we were a bit paranoid. Aelita was one of the most paranoid of all. She worked feverishly at the supercalculator at every chance she got, trying to find Xana with the computer, even when Jeremie told her that it would never work.

She did find something else, though. There was a time when Jeremie got possessed by Xana, just after we found Franz Hopper's diary, and we decided that Jeremie would need a training session on Lyoko to make him immune to possession. It seemed to work, seeing as Xana never attempted it again. But what Aelita found suggested that, in fact, the immunity eventually wore off if the person didn't go to Lyoko fairly often.

And so, all of us met up, without Jeremie, and agreed that he needed another training session on Lyoko. We drew straws to see who was the unlucky soul who had to tell him. Me? I got the short straw. Go figure.

And so, now, I was looking up at his blue, dorm-room door, getting ready for a tentative knock. Jeremie had sworn that he would never go to Lyoko again after that one training session. He was not going to be a happy camper when I told him.

I raised my fist to knock, and that was when Jeremie opened the door, right into my face. I recall stumbling backward, rubbing my nose.

"Ow! Jeremie, that hurt!" I exclaimed.
"Oops." Jeremie said. I supposed I couldn't blame him; after all, he didn't know I was in front of the door. "You okay, Yumi?" He continued.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I said. I took a deep breath, deciding to get it over with as soon as possible. "Jeremie, listen. Aelita's been doing some research,"
"Yes?" Jeremie was smiling at me in the way good friends will smile at one another in each other's company.
"And she thinks that you need to go to Lyoko again."

Jeremie's smile fell off his face as though it was a faulty Mr. Potato Head part.
"WHAT!" He shouted, causing me to cringe. "WHY!"

I told him why.

"Well, you can forget it! I told you I'm never going back there!" He said angrily.
"C'mon, Jeremie!" I pleaded. "We don't even know if Xana needs to activate towers anymore to possess people! What if it will be a permenent possession?"
Jeremie groaned. "I'll... think about it, okay?"

Translation: I will not think about it. My mind's already made up.

Jeremie walked off down the hallway. He was probably trying to make it look like he wanted to go get some lunch, or something, but I knew he just wanted to get away from me.

I said the magic words. No, not "please" and "thank you". These ones.

"Aelita's worried about you, Jeremie." I said.
He froze. slowly, he turned around.
"Huh?" He said.

It was fairly obvious to everyone that Jeremie had a huge crush on Aelita, and vice versa. After all, she had kissed him right in the schoolyard just after that incident with the "romantic" polymorphic clone. That had quickly dispelled rumors that Jeremie liked Heidi Klinger and Aelita liked Nicolas Poliakoff.

"She's worried about you, Jeremie! Think about what this must be like for her! Xana's whereabouts are unknown, he could strike at any time, and his target could be you!"
I walked right up to him and bent down, putting my face just a few inches from his. "Xana will make you hurt her. She will see only hate in those eyes of yours."

Jeremie gulped. But I knew I had struck home. He would never do anything to hurt his princess.
"Alright then." He said reluctantly. "For tomorrow, then."