A Tangled Web
One Man and his Lover(s)
By Starrysapphire, Taito Empress

Disclaimer - I don't own Digimon. If I did, this would hardly be on fanfic.net now would it? I also filched some of the children's names from A Girl Named Goo - thanks!
Warning - this is TAITO meaning Tai + Matt meaning YAOI. Okay? It's also SORATO and TAIORA (whatever about the pairing, isn't Taiora a cool word?) So you've been warned about all couplings.
Screw whatever jobs episode 50 says they're doing, I've made up my own (Ambassador to the Digital World? Um WHAT? And Matt being an astronaut is just silly.) So in this fic, Tai works for a sex-phone line, Matt just works in some dumb office and Sora gets to be in fashion like she originally is.
Oh and Kari's married to Davis. He gets to be in charge of a noodle cart, he can marry Kari. But they've only got one kid because I don't think they've had time to have another one yet.

Tai was woken up by the phone ringing. He glared at it before answering it.
"Hey Tai."
Tai grinned.
"Hi Matt. How are things?"
"Don't ask. Can I come over tonight? Sora's driving me crazy and I need a break."
Tai swallowed feeling a wave of apprehension.
"Sure you can Matt," he said "Sento's out at a friends so we'll have the place to ourselves."
"Great. Thanks."
"See you."
Tai put the phone down and leaned back on his bed. Just as he was dozing off again, the phone rang again. He growled before picking it up.
"Hi Tai."
Tai's stomach crunched up unpleasantly.
"Hey Sora," he said softly "How're things?"
"Not so good. Things are pretty bad over here. Can I come over tonight?"
"Sorry Sora. No can do," Tai said "Things are going on tonight."
"Oh," Sora said sounding disappointed.
"How about tomorrow?" Tai suggested "I'm free."
"Sure!" Sora said "I'll see you then!"
Tai rang off and lay back again, all his sleepiness gone. How had he gotten himself into this mess?
Tai had known that he was different from everyone else from a quite young age. When all the other boys in his class had just been having crushes on girls, he'd been having crushes on guys too. This would have upset most people immensely but Tai had simply accepted it and kept his crushes on boys a secret. It had been difficult - Tai's hormones were like his hair had been; completely wild and he got crushes on practically everything which moved. With the exception of his sister, Tai had had a crush on every single member of the Digidestined at one time or another. Not that Tai would ever admit this in court. The fact that he'd had crushes on Joe and Davis was nothing to be proud of. And he'd been pretty good at hiding them from everyone anyway. The only ones he'd ever acted on were Sora and Matt.
He and Sora had started dating after they'd first come back from the Digiworld. They'd dated for quite a while before they broke it off, deciding that it wasn't really going anywhere. They were quite content to remain friends. Their relationship had never really gone further than that anyway, barring the odd kiss and cuddle.
With Matt on the other hand....
Tai found himself smiling slightly at the memory. Matt had been at his place and they'd been listening to music. Tai had had his eyes closed, half dozing, when suddenly Matt was holding his face and his lips had been pressed against Tai's own. Opening his eyes, he'd stared at Matt who was looking slightly shocked and blushing.
"Sorry," he mumbled "I've just...."
Then Tai found himself kissing Matt back hungrily. It was like being possessed by something, something that just wanted to rip all of Matt's clothes off and have him right then and there. Matt seemed to have the same urge as he was tugging at Tai's top, his hands moving over Tai's chest and arms. If it hadn't been for Kari arriving home at right that moment, who knew what would have happened. He'd been slightly shocked by the intensity of his lust for Matt and he had to admit that it scared him a little. Okay, he'd been used to fantasising about doing something like that to everyone that moved but actually doing it? That was a different kettle of fish. Never-the-less, his fears hadn't kept him away from Matt and although they'd never gone beyond kissing and groping, it had been a pretty passionate relationship.
But then they'd broken up. Matt wanted more than just a lust and groping. He'd wanted commitment, something that Tai had been unwilling to give. So they'd broken up. Tai had drifted for a while (still lusting after everything that moved). By that time, he'd started to notice Sora again and wanted to restart his relationship with her.
Only it had been too late.
To his shock he'd realised that Sora liked Matt. He'd been even more surprised when Matt had started dating her. Matt had told him that he was gay, not bi and that he didn't like any girls that way. Tai had his own suspicions about why Matt was dating Sora but he kept them to himself. When they'd married straight out of school, Tai had watched silently. He'd been happy for them but he couldn't help feeling....
He'd got married himself but it hadn't lasted. Most teenagers lost their crazy hormones. Tai's never seemed to have settled. His wife had objected to him eyeing up everyone in sight. She'd also objected to his job. Tai couldn't settle for a normal job and had eventually got one working for a sex-phone line (a job that meant he could work off lots of his excess tension), talking to both women and men. His wife hadn't appreciated it. At all. She'd eventually left him for another guy. Tai hadn't really cared. The only thing he had cared about was losing his son, Sento. Tai had battled with her for custody of Sento and had won. He had a string of flighty affairs (with both men and women) but he still didn't want to settle down with any of them. It was just a way of satisfying his hormones. His job also helped with this and he got quite a lot of money for his work too. He was careful to make sure that Sento never saw any of this, often sending him over to play with Matt and Sora's sons, Tanoshii and Shinji.
Until he'd discovered about Matt and Sora's problems. That was when all of his problems had really begun.
Sora had been the one who'd told him. She'd come over for coffee and poured it all out, how Matt didn't seem happy, how they practically never slept together anymore, how they barely even talked. She was scared that he was having an affair. Tai had tried to comfort and soothe her, making excuses for Matt, saying that he was probably having a hard time at work and how Matt would never do that to her. But he'd felt a sinking feeling. He felt that Matt would do that to Sora, all too easily. He personally felt that Matt had only married Sora to prove to himself that he wasn't gay and that he was probably having an affair with another man.
But that still wasn't really an excuse for what he did next.
He still wasn't quite sure how it had happened but one minute, they'd been talking, the next they'd been kissing. It had been ages (well, by his standards) since Tai had slept with anyone and Sora was still very pretty and very eager...
Afterwards he'd felt very guilty. He wasn't sure if Sora was feeling guilty or not. But she left him her private mobile number. And Tai knew that he'd be calling it. He'd never really got over Sora and he still really liked her. And she had proved very satisfying...
Then some days later, Matt had come over. Tai hadn't been expecting him and knew that that had to mean that he was the only person Matt could talk to about this. Matt had been very quiet and unresponsive at first but Tai had continued probing and eventually Matt had admitted that he didn't think he loved Sora anymore. He wanted to stay with her because of the boys but he wasn't sure how much more he could take. Sora just wasn't what he wanted. He was gay, he couldn't deny it anymore. Only he didn't want to put Tanoshii and Shinji what he'd been though as a kid. He just didn't know what to do.
Tai had felt ripped apart listening to this. He could see how upset Matt was about it, how worried. Uncertainly, he'd wrapped his arms round Matt and held him as he cried. As he'd sat there, gently stroking his friend's hair, the teenage-hormones suddenly sprang up again. He'd forgotten how nice it felt to hold Matt in his arms, how beautiful Matt was...
He hadn't realised that he'd unconsciously drawn Matt closer or that his grip had adjusted so that he was holding Matt in less of a comforting way and more of a I-want-you way. Matt had looked up at him, confused. Then Tai had found himself kissing Matt gently. As soon as his lips touched Matt's, Matt had wrapped his arms round him kissing him back eagerly. The one little voice of sanity that sometimes lurked in Tai's brain had told him that this wasn't only stupid, it was completely crazy. But Tai had ignored it, intent on being with Matt.
Tai groaned. Now he really wished he'd listened to the little voice. He knew that his best friend was cheating on his wife who also happened to be his other best friend and he was cheating his best friend with his wife but he was also cheating on her with his best friend....
Tai gave another hollow groan. His head was spinning. He pressed his face into the pillows.
"I am just such a baka," he mumbled.
But baka or not, he still hadn't managed to give either of them up. And so far they'd all managed to keep various loved ones from finding out about the bizarre love triangle thing.
"Maybe we should go on Jerry Springer," Tai reflected out loud.
He could just imagine the caption now. Something like 'Bizarre Love-Triangles'. Now that would really be embarrassing.
Tai decided that it might be a good idea to avoid the Jerry Springer show.
Scrambling out of bed he began to prepare for work, still wondering how on Earth he could untangle the mess he was in.
* * * *
Matt sat frowning to himself. He was in a mess.
Blinking, Matt glanced down at Tanoshii, his seven year old son. Tanoshii peered back up at him with eyes as blue as Matt's own.
"What's up?"
"Nothing," Matt told him "I was just thinking."
"We could hear the wheel squeaking!" five year old Shinji called from where he was sitting.
Matt snorted.
"Uncle Tai taught you that one didn't he?" he said.
Shinji blinked innocently at his father. The more innocent Shinji looked, the more likely that you were right about what you'd guessed.
"I knew it," Matt said "I'll get him later."
He felt himself blush slightly as he thought about what he'd just said. He really would 'get' Tai later.
Matt sighed. The more he thought about it, the more his life was a mess. When he'd been younger, he'd accepted that he was gay, that he was in love with Tai. He and Tai had dated (sort of) for a short amount of time until Matt had wanted more commitment than Tai and they'd broken up. Matt buried all his feelings for Tai deep in a little box and pretended that he didn't feel anything for Tai except friendship. Then he'd got scared. He wasn't even sure why but he'd been desperate to be normal. So he'd denied being gay and started dating Sora. He'd married her straight out of school to prove to himself that he was normal and he wasn't gay. Things had been okay at first. They'd had Tanoshii and then Shinji. It hadn't always been the best but it had by no means been the worst of marriages.
But Matt grew more and more discontented. He knew that he was gay, that he didn't really love Sora. He didn't want her anymore either, made excuses not to sleep with her. He found it more and more difficult to spend time with her, party because of guilt. He knew that he'd been wrong to marry Sora, that he'd never really loved her in the way she wanted him to. If it wasn't for the boys, he'd have left Sora a long time ago. But he knew what it was like to have parents split up. And he didn't want to make his sons unhappy. So he'd stuck with it. He'd turned to Tai instead, poured out all his problems to his best friend.
Then Tai had kissed him. Matt hadn't intended for it to happen, hadn't meant to start cheating on Sora, but once Tai had kissed him, all of Matt's feelings had over-flowed out of the box and proved impossible to hide. He'd needed Tai, needed him more than anything. As far as he knew, Sora didn't suspect anything. She seemed happy enough, oblivious to any problems. They'd even started sleeping together again. Sparingly, but they were. It looked a happy enough marriage.
Only Matt was in love with Tai. And he didn't know what to do about it. He wasn't even sure if Tai loved him back. But he wanted to find out.
Then he could decide where to go next.
* * * *
"I don't want to go," Sento announced sulkily "I want to stay home."
"You normally like going over to Akemi's," Tai said, smothering irritation "I thought you'd like to go."
"You just don't want me here," Sento said.
"That's not true," Tai said.
"Then why am I always being sent out?" Sento asked.
Tai paused.
"It's because you've got a girlfriend or boyfriend coming over isn't it?" Sento said.
Tai sighed. Not for the first time, he wondered why his son had to be quite so intelligent. Obviously Sento had seen more of his boyfriends and girlfriends than Tai had realised. He was positive that when he'd been seven, he hadn't noticed stuff like this.
On the other hand, when he'd been seven, he'd had more hair than brain.
"Look Sento," he said "Would you like me to see if you can go to Auntie Kari's instead of over to a friends? You can play with Shinseru."
Shinseru was Kari's son. Sento paused, frowning. He liked Auntie Kari and he quite liked Shinseru.
"Okay," he said at last.
Tai dialled Kari's number.
"Hey Kari," he said "Listen, can you have Sento over at yours tonight? He won't go to any of his friends and I need him out."
"Tai," Kari said sounding irritated "Has it occurred to you that I might have plans?"
"Yes," Tai said "That's why I'm asking. Oh please, oh please, oh please?"
"But Davis and I were going to go out," Kari said crossly.
Kari paused. Tai heard her saying something muffledly to Davis. Then she uncovered the handpiece.
"On one condition."
"What?" Tai asked.
"That you and I have some serious words next weekend," Kari said "You hear me? You come over and you and I are going to talk."
Tai winced. That didn't sound promising. On the other hand, if he wanted any time with Matt, he'd have to agree.
"Sure. Okay. Kari you are a lifesaver!" he said.
"I know," Kari said "Tell Sento that I'll make fudge with him if he wants."
Tai agreed and told him. Sento leapt around cheering which meant he was pleased. Tai relaxed. Things would be okay now. He could always count on Kari when he was desperate. On the other hand, she wanted a talk. That was always slightly worrying. Kari was his younger sister but she often gave him the impression of being a lot older than him. She was happily settled and Tai was still drifting. Still...
It would be worth it.
* * * *
When Matt arrived, Tai had only just got back from delivering Sento to Kari. He let Matt in and closed the door before kissing his boyfriend. Matt kissed him back eagerly, wrapping his arms round Tai.
"Hey Matt," Tai said, breaking it off and grinning at him.
"Hi," Matt said looking slightly breathless "Nice to see you."
"Isn't it always?" Tai teased him. He pulled Matt into the bedroom and they lay down on the bed together. Tai cuddled Matt close as he normally did.
"So what's the problem back home?" he asked.
"Sora's going into one of her 'I don't feel we're connected anymore' phases," Matt said "Soon it'll be followed by 'I think that we need marriage guidance' or something. And she's nagging me again."
Tai sighed. He hugged Matt closer and kissed the top of his head.
"Never mind," he said comfortingly "It could be worse."
"How?" Matt asked "I'm stuck in an unhappy marriage. How can it be worse?"
"You might not have me around!" Tai said.
Matt gave him a playful shove.
"Your ego's getting too big again," he said with a laugh. Then his smile faded and he looked thoughtful.
"What?" Tai asked.
Matt swallowed.
"Tai," he said "I think.....I know....there's something I need to tell you."
"Spit it out," Tai said.
Matt swallowed
"I love you," he blurted.
Tai stared at him 'Oh sh....'
"You love me?" he repeated.
Matt nodded.
"Yes," he said quietly "I've loved you for years but I....and now...."
He was beginning to look distressed.
"Do you....?"
Tai was saved from answering when his phone rang. He reached over and picked it up.
"Yagami residence."
"Hi Tai."
Tai nearly fell off the bed. It was Sora.
"Hi!" he said, trying to force his voice to sound natural and pressing the phone to his ear so that Matt couldn't hear her voice "What's up?"
"I'm just lonely," Sora said "Matt's out - again - and Tanoshii and Shinji are just quietly playing and they don't want me. I just want to talk to you."
"Now isn't really a good time," Tai said.
It really wasn't. Matt had snuggled up and was kissing Tai's neck playfully, running his hands up and down Tai's body. Tai fought the urge to squeak.
"But Tai...." Sora said. She sounded pouty. Tai always liked it when she pouted.
"I'm sorry," he said, making his voice sound neutral "Now just really isn't a good time."
"Okay. We're still on for tomorrow though?"
"You bet," Tai said. He swallowed hard as Matt worked at removing all of his clothes.
"Okay. See you then."
"Bye!" Tai said. He hung up in record time then leaned down to kiss Matt hard, wriggled out of the rest of his clothes. Matt he noticed appreciatively, had already removed the cumbersome items of clothing that got in the way of Tai touching his lovely pale skin....
* * * *
Kari looked at Sento and Shinseru. Shinseru was having a great time with the fudge but Sento was looking morose. He was letting Shinseru do most of it. Kari looked at Davis.
"Davis?" she murmured "When they're done with the fudge, can you take Shin off for a few minutes. Go down to buy a takeaway or something. I'd like a work with Sento."
Davis nodded. As soon as the fudge was in the oven, he grabbed Shinseru and they went out. Kari sat Sento down on the sofa.
"What's up?" she asked.
Sento paused.
"I don't think Daddy loves me," he mumbled eventually.
"Why?" Kari asked gently.
"He's always trying to get rid of me," Sento said "He loves his girlfriends and boyfriends more than me."
"That's not true," Kari said "Your Daddy loves you more than anything. It's just...."
She paused. Boyfriends? Did Sento actually mean....
"He does," Sento said stubbornly "He'd rather have all of them than me."
Kari shook off her thought.
"No Sento," she said "That's not it at all. Your Daddy just likes people that's all. I'm know that he loves you."
"Then why does he keep getting rid of me?" Sento asked "He likes spending time with Mr Ishida more than me." "Matt's his friend," Kari said.
"Matt's his boyfriend," Sento said.
Kari blinked.
"No silly," she said "Matt's married to Sora, remember? He's not your father's boyfriend."
"He is," Sento said obstinately "He and Daddy are nearly always together. And they kiss."
Kari blinked at him. Sento continued.
"Daddy doesn't know that I know that they do," he said "But they do it all the time. I've seen them."
"We're back!" Davis carolled cheerfully "Fish and chips all round!"
Sento's face brightened a bit and he sprang up to greet them. Kari sat still, blinking.
"Huh," she said.
* * * *
When Tai went to pick up Sento, he was puzzled by the look Kari gave him. It was a pretty unfriendly one.
"I'll see you on Saturday," she said "Davis is going to take the boys shopping."
"Uncle Davis says that we'll buy this new computer game and play it!" Sento said happily "I bet I beat Shinseru hollow!"
"Shinseru is younger than you," Tai said "Okay, Kari. See you then."
He drove a happy Sento back and tucked him into bed. Then he went to his own room and lay on the bed (with nice clean sheets).
This was getting out of hand. Sora had phoned him. If either of them had heard the other's voice.....
Tai groaned. He had to give one of them up. But which one? And how?
* * * *
The week passed pretty quickly. Tai had Sora over twice for 'therapy' as he put it. She went away much happier. Matt phoned but didn't come over. He thanked Tai quietly for a great night and Tai invited him over for the next Monday. Then it was Saturday.
Tai had decided. He was going to ask Kari for help. She wouldn't tell Sora or Matt and he really needed some help with this situation. Davis, Shinseru and Sento left and he sat on the sofa.
"Kari," he said "There's something I need to tell you."
"Oh really?"
He looked at her. She was standing up, tapping one foot.
"Yes," Tai said nervously "Well, there's a few things. I'm....I'm bisexual."
"Bisexual?" Kari said.
Tai nodded.
"Uh huh. I always have been. I've just never told anybody about the guys," he said "On the phone line, I talk to women and men."
"Right," Kari said "So you've been having lots of sex with both parties."
"Well yes," Tai said.
"I see."
"And then there's....well, I've got this problem," Tai said "See, a while ago, Sora came over."
"Uh huh. And she was really upset 'cause she and Matt weren't getting along so good..."
"So well."
"It's not getting along so good, it's getting along so well," Kari said.
"Geez, stop acting teacher. It's Saturday!" Tai said.
"Go on," Kari said, not smiling.
"Well, I was trying to comfort her and we sort of ended up....well, screwing," Tai said.
Kari nodded. Her face was expressionless.
"And then...well a few days later, Matt came over," Tai said, swallowing miserably "And I'm not quite sure how I did it but somehow I ended up kissing him and we ended up screwing. And then I've kinda carried on screwing them both and so that's it."
"So you're sleeping with Sora," Kari said.
"And you're sleeping with Matt?"
Kari started yelling. Tai shrank down and tried to hide behind the sofa cushions as she screamed at him. He suddenly could really see the 'teacher Kari' and he didn't want her to ever be his teacher again. Kari's yells finally died down and she relaxed. She looked down at Tai coldly, then sat down on a chair. Tai gulped.
"Can I talk now?"
"No!" Kari snapped "Tai, you have to break up with them!"
"No! No buts! You have to! At least break up with them until you know which one you want! If you carry on this way, you'll lose both of them!"
"But I can't!" Tai said "I can't break up with them!"
"Why not? And 'because they are good in bed' is NOT a valid reason," Kari said.
"Because...because....well, I don't know," Tai said "But I can't! I mean, Sora really likes me and Matt loves me..."
"Matt loves you?"
"Uh huh. He told me. He said."
Kari groaned.
"Taichi Yagami," she said "Have I ever told you that I could seriously STRANGLE you?"
"No," Tai said.
Kari hissed between her teeth.
"Tai," she said "They will find out."
"I know," Tai said "Sora phoned the other night when I was in bed with Matt. I nearly had a heart attack."
Kari sighed.
"You know that they will both kill you," she said.
Tai nodded miserably.
"But I don't know which one I want!" he said "I mean, they are both just...."
Kari held up her hand.
"Details. Spare me," she said "Do you love either of them?"
"I don't know," Tai said "I mean...."
"What do you feel when you are with them?" Kari asked.
"Well with Sora, it's nice," Tai said "She likes me and she's pretty and she's soft and she likes to make me happy and I like to make her happy too...."
"Okay," Kari said.
"And Matt...." Tai paused, trying to describe it "It's....he.....Well, he needs me."
"Needs you?" Kari asked. She was beginning to feel very much out of her depth.
"I can't explain it better," Tai said "But he's there, it's like all the lights just dim and we're the only people in the whole world and he needs me more than anything."
Kari sighed.
"Tai, this has to stop! Don't you get it? Sento knows Tai!"
"What?" Tai gasped.
"Sento thinks you don't love him because you keep sending him out for whatever sordid affairs you've been having!" Kari said angrily "He's seen you and Matt kissing Tai! God knows whatever else he's seen! For God's sake, grow up!"
What Tai would have said next was unknown because Davis opened the door cheerfully pushing the two boys.
"Hey everybody!" he yelled.
"I won! I won!" Sento was shouting "I'm the champion! I'm the leader! I rule!"
Tai laughed.
"Congratulations kid!" he said "Now, hop off and grab your stuff and we'll go."
The two boys dived into Shinseru's room. Davis looked questioningly at Kari and Tai.
"Tai's been sleeping with both Sora and Matt," Kari said, her voice still shaky with anger "And he doesn't know how to break up with."
Davis seemed to take this in his stride.
"Then there's only one thing for it," he said.
"What?" Tai asked.
"Threesome," Davis said.
Tai looked confused. Then a dreamy expression slid across his face as he pictured the scene of him, Matt and Sora. Kari began turning a slightly strange purple colour.
"Taichi Yagami!"
Tai blinked at her. Then he shook his head.
"Sorry. I'm back," he said.
"Thank you," Kari said "Remember what I said. Break up with both of them."
Sento skipped out of the room.
"Okay Daddy!" he said.
Tai picked him up.
"Come on honey," he said "You wanna come shopping? We can buy lots of junk food...."
Sento cheered. Tai waved to Kari and Davis and they went out. Kari turned and decked Davis over the head.
"OW! What was that for?"
"Threesome? That's your best advice? Threesome?"
"Well it's what I'd do if it was....OW!"
Shinseru giggled as he watched his mother whacking his father round the head. It was always funny when they did that.
* * * *
Tai looked at the phone.
It was two weeks since he'd talked to Kari. Since then, he'd been trying to get up the courage to dump Sora and Matt. He'd also been making an effort to spend more time with Sento. That was the easy part. But breaking up with either Matt or Sora....well, that wasn't easy. Matt loved him. He'd actually said that he loved Tai. He'd said it again but Tai had managed to avoid answering it. He couldn't say it, not while he was sleeping with Sora as well as Matt.
Sora.....Well, Tai thought she loved him. It was the impression he got. And he didn't know what to do.
The phone rang as he stared at it. Tai jumped. Then he answered, mentally swearing that if it was his boss asking him to do another shift he was going to do something drastic.
It wasn't.
"Hey Tai."
It was Sora.
"Oh hi Sora," Tai said cheerfully "What up?"
"A lot," Sora said. She sounded shaky, like she'd been crying "Tai, we have a problem."
"A problem?" Tai repeated slowly "What? Has someone found out?"
"No," Sora said "But Tai....I'm pregnant."
Tai said nothing. He sat, staring at the wall, his mouth partly open in absolute shock
"Huh," he said.

End of Part 1