Monkey Moon

Chapter Eleven

Vegeta sniffed. "Your scent grows. That isn't the only reason you want him back."

"I don't want to talk anymore about Turles!"

The ouji kissed a broad chest. "Hn, the ultimate turn on...he really would be quite an asset, Kakarot."

"Why are you telling me this?" Goku closed eyes in bliss as hot lips lifted his nipples.

/Because it is possible, and I desire it./

/But why?/

Vegeta lifted his head from kissing. "There is no need for pretense between us. Royalty is ever generous. I can grant you Turles to do with as you wish."

Goku's eyes held a wicked gleam. "Speak on, my prince."

"His power can't touch yours now, despite his gambit with the Tree of Might. Had he not eaten the fruit he never would have defeated you anyway."

"I know. Strange that a saiyan would use artificial means to boost his power."

"He thought to conquer, which is acceptable to me. And perhaps I want him as well."

"I don't like that."

"We are saiyans, and anything is possible. In ancient times many different bonds were formed."

Goku purred now. "I'm getting excited, Vegeta..."

"I am in love with you, Kakarot. Know that now and forevermore."

"What about Turles?"

"I have affection for the renegade, I admit. But you are my chosen one. Always."

Goku grabbed his fragrant prince in a bear hug. "Prove it."

Sharp teeth dragged along the corded throat. "So be it." he plunged into red sweetness. Goku cried out, pleasure and pain hazing his eyesight.


Vegeta drank deeply, leaving him lightheaded and dizzy. Goku moaned, arching in divine delight.

/my prince.../

Vegeta pulled off, his lips a bloody smear. "The claim is made." He tilted his head aside, presenting his own throat.

Goku took the hint immediately, clamping down on spicy flesh. Vegeta mewed and collapsed as he sipped, sampling the red richness of his ouji. They clutched each other helplessly, quivering as rippling sensation stole conscious thought.

Purrs and soft nips were exchanged in blissful affection.

"Imagine, saiyans being gentle!" Goku laughed.

"Saiyans are passionate, Kakarot. Passions lend themselves to extremes in behavior."

"These last few days have taught me that."

"Hai. We'll need to discuss Turles with the others, but I don't doubt that they will accept him in the pack."

"How well do Nappa and Raditz know him?"

"Not much at all, although Nappa knew his parents from past purges."

"Vegeta, how are all these bonds going to work? This seems like a recipe for disaster or at least confusion."

The prince pulled his mate to a sitting position and explained. "No it won't be. Packs always have a pecking order where the strongest dominate."

"Jungle code is universal."

"Hai. Strength is determined by aura as well as ki level. One often doesn't match the other."

Goku was fascinated now. "Oh?"

"Have you ever noticed how sometimes the most aggressive beings are the least powerful?"

"True, Vegeta! I used to think of such enemies as barking dogs, all noise and little else."

"Potency of aura is different than ki. There are three types of aura for saiyans: alta, bena, and gonn. Altas have the most dominant and dynamic wills. They rule and control. Benas are structured, fierce, and intolerant. Gonns are fearless and active. They have the greatest capacity to change and adapt."

"Humans have that concept as well, Master Roshi told me about it. Their version is alpha, beta, and gamma."

"Indeed? Perhaps there are more similarites in existence than we know."

"I told you that for years, but you never believed me."

"I pretended not to hear. But there are significant differences, Kakarot. Humans have neutral souls. Nameks have bright souls. Saiyans have dark souls."

"We still make choices."

"True, but what I mean is this: humans have a general capacity for most anything, good or evil. Nameks have a greater capacity for good, and we for evil."

"Let's not forget culture, Vegeta. Saiyans have a warrior existence-"

"Yes, but did you ever wonder why? Why are nameks basically pacifists, and saiyans so aggressive? Why are humans so variable?"

Goku gasped at the implication. Vegeta drove his point home.

"No amount of culture or training can make a being go against his nature. If you hadn't hit your head as a child, what do you suppose you would be doing right now?"

Goku gritted his teeth. "Killing and destroying."

"Now a namek would never do that by nature. They have warriors, true, but all cultures have 'enforcers' out of necessity. A namek would rather talk than fight."

"I've noticed."

"Conversely, a saiyan would rather fight than talk. Humans will respond over a broad range, for they are less predictable."

Goku thought furiously. "I always suspected what you're telling me, but I didn't want to believe it."

"The earth raised saiyan could never see this."

"I'm far more than 'Goku' now."

"And so your perspective is changed, expanded. We will roam the universe for adventure and excitement, as blood demands."

Goku stroked the ouji's fat tail. "I would hear more about these auras."

"Oh, that. As you may already suspect, altas are usually rulers. Benas make excellent commanders and generals, while Gonns make the best soldiers."

"How do auras work in multiple bonds?"

"In our society all bonds share dominance and subjugation. The altas command and control structure. Benas give stability and strength to the bond. Gonns give versatility and energy."

"Ah, like a completed puzzle."


Goku grinned wickedly. "Which am I, Vegeta?"

The ouji frowned at him. "Don't you know?"

"Probably. I just want to see if you agree."

Vegeta cuffed his mate in the head playfully. "Fool..."

Goku gave his prince a sticky kiss. "Answer the question."

"You're alta, Kakarot, and you know it."

A snicker. "I just wanted to hear you say it."

"Hai. Raditz is bena, and Nappa is also alta."

"I know you are, but what about Turles?"

"He is gonn."


"Now do you see? Turles could never dominate you without gaining extra power. At equal ki, you would control."

"Ai, it becomes clear now!"

"It's also the root of our problems in the past. Despite your buffoonish posturing, I knew you were alta. It was one of the reasons I criticized you so harshly."

"You said I was meant for more..."

"It was true then, and even more so now. Turles would make an excellent addition to the pack."

Goku purred, considering. "I would taste his skin, force his mind. The idea appeals to me greatly, Vegeta."

"A sweet revenge, also."

" have dragonballs?"

"Some. Three remain missing from the group we've obtained. The darkstar balls were discarded, having bad side effects."

"You can't combine the gold and black balls, Vegeta. The polarity of their energy is different, and-"

The ouji covered his mouth with a hand. "Silence, Kakarot. We discovered that the hard way when two of the balls exploded."

/Oh. By the way, I'm hungry./

"Hn, so am I. Let's gather the others and hunt. Discussions for the

future require a full belly."

Goku pulled the hand away. "There's something I want to do first."

Vegeta lifted his tail. "Why are you looking at me like that-"

A pointed tongue licked the wound on his throat. "You're pretty enough to eat."

Vegeta shivered at the sweet touch as strong hands squeezed his ass. "Kakarot!"

"Quiet. You're mine."


Some time later two glistening saiyans embraced in their love nest of vines. Tails wrapped around possessively.

Vegeta blinked stupidly, his heart fluttering. "'re something else."

Goku kissed velvet lashes fanning over blushed cheeks. "Love my prince!"

The ouji rumbled in content, eyes sleepy. "I'm so happy, Kakarot. My soul has longed for this day."

"You're amazing, Vegeta. I feel so whole, so complete. You spoke the truth, everything else was a sham." Goku nuzzled, inhaling spicy hair. "Now how is it you're in my arms again?"

A warm hand stroked Goku's cock playfully. "For one thing, you keep grabbing me. I don't hear you complaining."

Dark eyes batted silken lashes. "I could just lie here forever. You feel so good."

The ouji molded against his mate, eyes shut in bliss. "Hn, I will sing!"

Goku kissed the smooth throat. "I'd like to hear that."

Vegeta purred loudly, squashed against his lover. "Beautiful and fine, a soul sublime! Luscious heat with skin so sweet-" his voice lilted in a singsong.

Goku blinked in stunned surprise. "Vegeta!"

The ouji wasn't listening. He promptly burst into melody, his baritone voice streaming perfect saiyan. Goku blushed at the nonstop compliments. It was a tune of appreciation. He tried silencing the ouji with a kiss. /For Kami's sake, have you gone crazy?/

Vegeta nipped his ear, growling softly. "Ai, crazy for my Kakarot!" a silken cheek rubbed in affection. "So long have I waited and lusted...watched and wanted. No more!"

Goku held his prince tightly. "I always thought you were lovely, regal. Now I can say it. You looked so hot in that outfit the other day."

"A prince of saiyans, lovely?" Vegeta teased, grinning like a fool.

Goku sucked his lips. /Yeah...and power mad...and crazy.../

The ouji pulled loose. "Are you making fun of me?"

Goku kissed him again. "Never. I want to hold and pamper you always!"

Vegeta laughed, giddy. "We sound like saps."

"I don't care." Goku sat up abruptly, lifting Vegeta's legs. "You're sexy as hell, you know that?"

Vegeta blushed. "Ah, well..."

"Sshh. This is all mine now." the dark saiyan massaged well muscled thighs. Vegeta closed his eyes once more and lay limp as expert hands squeezed and rolled his cock before rubbing his toes and feet.

The prince purred quietly at the sensual touch, ticklish sensation making him hard as Goku licked his toes erotically. The bronzed body twitched, flexing in excitement.

"K-kaka-rot..." the deep voice moaned as a wet mouth worked his lower legs and ankles.

"You have the prettiest feet." Goku murmured, slurping away as he watched his prince.

Vegeta sweated, grinning as his tail lashed. " perverted mate has a foot fetish."

"Are you two finished?" a familiar voice sounded. Goku spun, annoyed at the interruption.

"Can't you find something to do for another hour!"

Raditz and Nappa smirked from ear to ear as they approached. Goku casually noticed the love bites on their throats.

"I see you've made it official, too."

Raditz winked at his brother. "Hai, I decided to take the lug. He'll do, in a pinch."

Vegeta sat up slowly, glaring at them both. "I was enjoying a wonderful massage before you loud idiots disturbed us."

"Our apologies for stopping your party, ouji." Nappa inclined his head, a silly smile on his face.

"Stop grinning, fool. We'll be searching for game-"

"Uneccessary, prince. Raditz and I have hunted already. There's wild antelope in the cove, with fruit and nuts."

Goku thumped his tail. "Good, I'm starved."

There was a pause as the warriors all stared like lovesick puppies. Vegeta shook himself out of the stupor.

"Bah! Too much honeymoon makes warriors silly. We eat now!"

Goku took his hand. "The honeymoon is just beginning."


They didn't bother to cook their meal this time. Sharp nails tore away hair and skin as the saiyans wolfed down the antelope raw. Fangs cracked coconuts open easily, as thirsty throats gulped milk. Finally the fruit was finished for dessert.

Vegeta licked his lips clear. "Now that we've feasted, I have a proposal. Kakarot and I have discussed the possibility of reviving Turles. Opinions?"

Nappa and Raditz stared in surprise.

"Is such a thing possible?" Raditz wondered.

"Hai, he died within the year."

Nappa protested. "But Vegeta, we don't have the other three dragonballs. How do you plan to restore him?"

Goku lifted a hand. "Hold on...Bulma has a dragonball radar that's attuned to their wavelengths. I get the radar from her, and we get the dragonballs."

"Oh? Well that's different, then."

"Nappa what do you know about Turles?"

The bald general cracked a coconut over his head, breaking it open. "His parents were excellent warriors. I knew his mother on Oderon during a purge. Turles got separated from them as a teen during the chaos of takeover."

"Vegeta mentioned he was a renegade."

"Only once he returned to saiya. No one knew what happened to him during his space travels, but rumor had it he met up with Frieza."

Raditz pulled his chin in thought. "Hn, are you suggesting he was a house boy?"

Nappa slurped at his coconut shell."Probably. He was quite touchy on the topic of what happened and where he'd been."

Goku turned to his brother. "Did you ever meet him?"

"No. What does he look like?"

"Me, more or less."

Raditz blinked. "You're joking, right?"

"Well, we aren't identical, but the resemblance is strong."

"I'll have to see that myself."

"He has a nice voice, though."

"Kakarot." Vegeta sniffed indignantly. "Are you trying to make me jealous?"

Goku winked at his mate. "Didn't you ask me that awhile ago?"

A thick tail slapped his face. "Baka."

"So he thought to gain power through the Tree of Might?" Nappa was surprised. "Interesting. That's something I would never have considered."

"The bottom line is, he tried to hurt Gohan." Goku growled. "I may forgive him now, but I won't forget."

"Don't hold it against him too long, Kakarot" Raditz chewed a bloody bone. "Our people have a saying: 'fight a saiyan, love him best.'"

Goku blinked. "That makes no sense."

The older saiyan smiled. "It does. You'll see."

"Ai, well enough" Nappa added. "Passion rages when blood burns. Enemies forgot are mates made."

"I'll not hear this again."

"Enough, Kakarot. You are still young. Turles will join the pack and be a welcome addition."

"Agreed" Raditz stated. "Any who resemble my Kakarot are favored."

"That's idiotic!" Goku yelled, tail puffed. "He isn't me. What do his looks have to do with anything!"

"He is well made, Kakrarot" Vegeta told him. "And available. Thus, he is most desirable."

Goku snorted. "Any one else you want to bring back?"

"That isn't possible. You protest too much."

Raditz eyed Goku closely. "Your scent grows strong, brother. Methinks that unfinished buisness with Turles may have an interesting conclusion, eh?"

Goku folded his arms stubbornly. "He'll pay."

Raditz ruffled his hair. "Hn, alta males are so stubborn. Hurt him some, but melt him more."

Goku growled, eyes flashing.

"Back to the matter at hand" Vegeta interrupted. "Can you get the radar, Kakarot?"

"That shouldn't be a problem. Bulma and I always got along well."

"Hai, but the woman might question, especially with your nosy friends in the mix."

A pause. "I'll come up with a good story."

The saiyans murmured in agreement. Vegeta glanced up at the bright afternoon sky.

"The sooner you get the radar, the better."


They lay along the riverbanks, snoozing in direct sun. Birds and various wildlife sang, roared, and chirped all around. Goku was in heaven, once again holding his hot and spicy prince. Black hair glistened, bronzed skin rippled like polished velvet. Four forms of muscled perfection stretched in a cozy pile, wrapped around their significant others. Goku blearily glanced at his mate.

/Vegeta, tell me more about this plan./

Black eyes opened slowly. "Don't kill the mood."

Soft smile. "Sorry. You had a wish?"

Vegeta reverted to mind speech. /Hai. Immortality./


/Ai, you heard me. It's the other reason we returned to earth. The plan was to bring you into the fold, and obtain the dragonballs for immortality./

/I see, but why immortality?/

Sharp teeth nipped his ear suddenly. /The best way to combat the decimation of our race is longevity. Our glory must never fade, Kakarot./

/You would fight forever./

A wolfish smile. /Think. It will be glorious! A universe to roam, full of adventure and chaos. Love and lust, running in the pack!/

Goku clutched Vegeta tightly. "You smell delicious. Good and stinky."

"Baka. Is that all you can say!"

Goku snuffed. "I want to taste your feet again."

Vegeta cuffed his head. "I can see your mind isn't on the future."

"Only if I get to taste your feet."

"Freak. Get some sleep now."

Strong hands ran along velvet skin. "Good idea." he glanced at Nappa and Raditz, who were sound asleep nearby.

"I feel potent, alive like never before."

Vegeta yawned sleepily. "All our dreams...will come true now."

Goku nuzzled the high cheekbones. "'re my personal dream, Vegeta."

One eye opened a little. "More than that ningen?"

Hard kiss. /There's no comparison./

Vegeta sighed wistfully. "The prize was worth waiting for."

"You think I'm a prize?"

"I would raze this planet to obtain my goal. You'll never be rid of me now, Kakarot."

Goku smiled at his ouji. "So be it, my prince."

Dark eyes sparkled. "Now be quiet. The sun is warm and wonderful this day, and we should enjoy it."

Goku gathered him in. "Love you!"

"Quiet, already!"

Goku rooted against his ouji. "You smell even better than Chi Chi. More stinky!"

Vegeta laughed blearily. "Hn, your own odor practically walks. Now shut up!"

Thick tails wrapped as the mates drifted off, their dreams destined to become reality.