Amethyst and Moonbeams

Author Notes: I own nothing. This is my first AU fic.

Universe: AU (Alternate Universe.). Yes, the curse exists. The school they go to has no dress code. There are four years of highschool at their school.

Parings: Yuki x Hatsuharu, very slight: Akito (male) x Kureno(AN: Akito will be male in all my stories if he's in them.)., Momiji x Kyo.

Characters who will remain single: Kisa, Tohru, Shigure.

Charcter Deaths: None.

OC's: Haru's parents.

OC Deaths: Haru's parents.

Summary: AU, Hatsuharu is a troubled boy. But when he accidently kills his own parents while trying to commit suicide, he realizes just how fragile life can be. His best friend Tohru and her father Shigure help find him a place to live with some distant relatives. Yuki x Hatsuharu.

Rating: R, M, MA, X, NC-17

Status of all characters:

Hatsuharu- A troubled 16 year old boy who tried to burn the house down while he was inside and ended up killing his parents after they threw him out a window to save his life but ended up dying in the process. (He looks different the Haru we all know. He's got all black clothes on, both eyebrows pierced, tongue pierced, both ears pierced five times, lip pierced three times, nose pierced bull style excuse the pun, both nipples pierced, both testicles pierced, and his nine inch penis pierced five times. He also has his snake tattoo, a black rose on fire tattoo on his back shoulder, and black flames on his wrists and ankles.). And yes he has split personalities.(He's a junior in highschool.).He dresses in goth.

Tohru- Haru's best friend and only friend. She's 16 years old, and her father is Shigure. Yuki's, Kyo's, Momiji's, Kisa's step cousin. Akito and Kureno's niece. Will not be going to the same school as Haru anymore. Dresses in preppy clothes. She's a junior in highschool.

Shigure- Tohru's father, Haru began living with them after the parents deaths happened, but the police were going to throw Haru in jail because he was found guilty of Murder, so Shigure went and dropped him off with his brother Akito. He's 36 years old. A novelist. He dresses in loose clothing.

Akito- Shigure's Brother, Kureno's husband, Tohru's uncle, Yuki's adopted Father, Kisa's adopted father, Kyo's adopted father, Momiji's adopted father. He adopted Yuki, Kyo, Momiji, and Kisa when they were still babies, and lives in the middle of the woods with his husband Kureno. He gladly takes Haru in with his other step children and enrolls him in Yuki, Kyo, and Momiji's school. He begins to treat Haru as one of his own kids. He's 38 years old. He's rich and a retired salesman. He and Kureno have been married for 20 years. Dresses in a lot of red and black tight fitting clothes.

Kureno- Shigure's brother in-law, Akito's husband, Tohru's uncle in-law, Yuki's adopted father, Kyo's adopted father, Kisa's adopted father, Momiji's adopted father. He adopted Yuki, Kyo, Momiji, and Kisa when they were still babies. He gladly takes Haru in and begins to treat Haru as another one of his kids. He's 37 years old. Akito and him have been married for 20 years. Dresses in suits. He's a retired butler and is now rich.

Yuki- Shigure's step nephew, Akito's and Kureno's step son, Tohru's step cousin, Kyo's brother, Momiji's step brother, and Kisa's step brother. He's 16, a perfect student in highschool, he gets straight A's, and is president of the student council. He's a junior in highschool. Dresses in Chinese style clothes.

Kyo- Shigure's step nephew, Akito's and Kureno's step son, Tohru's step cousin, Yuki's brother, Momiji's step brother and boyfriend(semi-incest), and Kisa's step brother. He's 18, involved in sports such as: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and Football. He has a scholarship and is trying to become a professional football player ain the N.F.L., he's going to go to a college in the U.S., he's taking Momiji with him after he finishes highschool. He gets straight C's in school. He's a senior in highschool. He is Yuki's brother who was adopted because his parents couldn't afford him, then they foolishly had Yuki and Yuki was adopted. (The "true" form doesn't exist in this.). Dresses in punk style clothing.

Momiji- Shigure's step nephew, Akito's and Kureno's step son, Tohru's step cousin, Yuki's step brother, Kyo's step brother and boyfriend (semi-incest), and Kisa's step brother. He's 15, a cross-dresser who loves photography and is leader of the photography club, and in the photography class. He gets straight B's in school, except in Photography, He gets an A in that class. He's a freshmen in highschool.

Kisa- Shigure's step niece, Akito's and Kureno's step daughter, Tohru's step cousin, Yuki's step sister, Kyo's step sister, and Momiji's step sister. She's 6, a first grader and uber-cute, she's always gotten straight A's in school and dresses in cute dresses every day. She loves to go out shopping, and she collects gemstones.

Chapter one: Garnet

Haru had just reached his new home. It was in the middle of a forest and made of paper. Haru slowly got out of Shigure's car. He took his motorcycle off the roof, and his suit cases out of the trunk. Shigure had gone up to his brother and was now talking with him. Akito and Kureno had both been informed about Haru's predicament but had told their step kids that Haru was just in a tough situation and would be moving in with them. Haru looked around. Shigure was talking with a pale skinny man, there was another man with dark red hair behind him and holding his waist, a young looking boy with blonde hair was playing tag with a young looking sandy blonde haired girl, a bright red haired older looking boy was punching a tree for practice, and an amethyst eyed boy was standing near Tohru and talking politely with her. Shigure and the other two men came over to Haru.

"Hatsuharu, meet Akito and Kureno, they are husbands and own this house, both are retired. They will be your guardians from now on."said Shigure.

"Hey."said Haru.

"Those kids you see are our step children. The Red haired boy is the oldest and is the purple eyed boy's brother, he's dating the blonde haired boy, he's 18, he's a senior in highschool, and his name is Kyo. The Ametyst eyed boy's name is Yuki, he's 16, the same age as you, and he's single. The blonde haired boy is Momiji, he's 15, and he's Kyo' boyfriend, he's a freshmen in highschool. The last one is Kisa, she's 6, a first grader, and she's very shy around new people."said Akito.

"Do they all live here?"asked Haru.

"Yes, We have a very large house. Your room will be next to Yuki's room upstairs. It is near the bathroom since Shigure said you were directionally challenged. Kyo and Momiji share a room downstairs next to that bathroom, and Akito and I have the master bedroom downstairs."said Kureno.

"Thanks."said Haru.

"No problem. We promise to give you a home no matter what. We really don't care what you do in your spare time, just no drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol."said Akito.

"I've never done that stuff and don't plan to. I've seen how fragile life is. And I'm glad I've gotten a second chance."said Haru.

Akito and Kureno smiled warmly at him. They waved goodbye to Tohru and Shigure as they left. Haru turned and went into his new home. Haru moved in and then came downstairs. He saw Yuki standing there. Haru went downstairs to talk with him.

"Yuki...right?"asked Haru.

"That's my name, you're Haru right. I've heard great things about you from my step-cousin Tohru. It's a pleasure to meet the real thing."said Yuki.

They shook hands. Suddenly Momiji bounced in.

"Hi! You're Haru right!"exclaimed Momiji.

"Yes, that's me."said Haru.

"I'm Momiji!"exclaimed Momiji.

Momiji glomped him.

"Hey! What're you doin' with my boyfriend!"exclaimed Kyo who came in.

"Kyo! Don't be so rude! I was just greeting Haru!"exclaimed Momiji.

"Alright, alright. Name's Kyo."said Kyo.

"Hi Kyo."said Haru who was prying Momiji off of himself.

Kisa came up to Haru shyly, she was sucking her thumb.

"Hi, I'm Kisa."she said shyly.

Haru picked her up and kissed her cheek.

"Hi, I'm Hatsuharu, but you can call me Haru."said Haru.

"Hawu?"asked Kisa.

"Yep, Hawu."said Haru.

"Hawu is nice man, not meanie!"exclaimed Kisa.

"I'm glad you think so."said Haru.

Kisa giggled a bit. Haru put her down.

"Will Hawu come play bawwy with me and 'Miji."asked Kisa.

"Of course."said Haru.

Haru had a feeling that living here would be fun. As he played "Bawwy" and looked up at the peaceful afternoon sunset that shown of garnet red.


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