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Chapter Thirteen: Moonbeams shining on Amethyst

-The next day.-

Yuki and Haru were on the beach. Both had on their swim trunks, and they were either making-out, playing out on the waves, surfing, or throwing a frisbee back and forth. They had never felt better about the future, and were enjoying themselves immensely. That night on the beach. They were cuddling under the stars, moonbeams shining down on the ocean making it glitter. Haru looked up at the stars and saw a shooting star.

'I wish for Yuki and I to remain this happy forever.'thought Haru.

He looked at Yuki and sighed as he saw Yuki's Amethyst eyes sparkle from the moonlight.

"I love you."said Haru.

"I love you too."said Yuki.

They fell asleep, dreaming of their bright future. As well as hopes for the rest of their family.

-Meanwhile with Kyo and Momiji.-

"I hope their honeymoon is going ok."said Momiji.

"Me too."said Kyo.

Suddenly Kyo pulled out a small black box, got down on one knee and proposed. Momiji cried and said yes as Kyo put the gold band with a ruby on it on Momiji's left ring finger.

-Meanwhile with Akito and Kureno.-

"How many more of our sons will we have to give away."asked Akito sadly.

"Eventually all of them. But we'll have Kisa for a while. And eventually she'll leave too. But we'll always be together."said Kureno.

Akito smiled and they fell asleep.

-Meanwhile with Tohru and Kisa.-

"Kisa, why don't we have a slumber party?"asked Tohru.

"Ok!"exclaimed Kisa.

They began to bond with sisterly love.

-Meanwhile with Ayame and Shigure.-

"I do love a happy ending. And I'm so happy for those two."said Ayame.

"As am I darling."said Shigure.

"I'm also sorry about your former wife. Tohru is a lovely girl might I say."said Ayame.

"Yes. And Kyoko was a lovely woman. But I believe that it is you I love now."said Shigure.

They cuddled and fell asleep.


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