Author's Notes: I haven't written a fanfiction in almost six months, but I had a sudden inspiration for this over the weekend when I was very tired and in a strange mood. Anyways, this is my first CardCaptor Sakura fanfiction, even though I have attempted to write about... three or four. (They didn't get very far). And don't worry, I haven't given up on Returning Nightmare, I just need to re-inspire myself this summer. It will be written, eventually, hopefully, soon. And I apologize in advance if anything in the following story offends anyone. Fair warning, it's ment to, for now. Well, enough of my blabber, please enjoy the prologue to Captive Butterfly. Constructive Criticism is always welcomed.

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Prologue: The Beginning

Men. What stupid foolish creatures. They wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for us. They only serve one purpose, and that is to help reproduce. Women are the strong ones. We can survive just fine on our own. We used to do most of the work anyway, from what I've been told. So it really was a simple thing to do. Form the Matriarchy, that is.

Now all the women are in charge. Of everything. All males are kept in cells to be used at our disposal.

Most of the women here pray to have a daughter when they become pregnant. However, if a male is born, they are raised by their mother in seclusion until the babyis weaned. From that time forth they are put "in there" with the rest of the men.

Having a son is considered bad luck to most of the clan, but we have to be able to keep our clan alive somehow. And don't worry, the births are kept very accurate so that no in-breeding ever occurs. It is very fortunate for all of us when a male stranger stumbles upon our village, whereupon he is immediately seized and kept with the rest of them.

There is no such thing as love between a man and woman here anymore. There is no point. Plus, we do not want the men getting any ideas into their heads. Not that they would. I've been told they were never good for anything else, but what they're used for now anyways. And nothing has ever changed.

This may all sound crazy to you, but this is what I have been taught and have believed in my entire life. I have never known, nor have I ever had a wish to know anything different.

There has just been a few things worrying me lately. One is that whenever I talk like this around my mother, Nadeshiko, her eyes seem to sadden for a moment even as she smiles and tells me that I am correct in my beliefs. The other things, well, I can put them to the back of my mind for now. I'll worry about them when the time comes.

My name is Sakura. Sakura Amamiya.

I live with my mother, Nadeshiko. Her cousin, Sonomi, lives next door with her daughter and my best friend, Tomoyo. In fact, I have quite a few friends here such as Rika, Chiharu, Naoko, and Meiling. All of us have been friends practically since birth. We live in a village, a matriarchy.

We're all happy and enjoy our lives. Nothing has changed for generations and we never want it to. We are satisfied with how things are.

Simple. The End.

Or, that's how I used to think. Back theneverything was so clear cut and simple.

But a lot has changed. So much so that I am not even sure where to begin.

Well, as a wise person once said, "It's best to begin at the beginning." And it all began the year I turned six...