Uh… yeah….hi….Um… its me continuing my bad habit of starting things and not finishing other stuff, anyways, here's a little explanation before I begin…I just got my braces tightened like a lot…so I'm on a lot of aspirin and so this is what came out instead of an update on my other story…hehe

Disclaimer: I don't own it any of it…so don't sue me for anything

Summary: I'm on aspirin…this is a know your stars hehe

Disembodied vice

current Character

other character

Ok let's start with Tifa k…..

Know your stars...know your stars...know your stars

Tifa Lockhart...thinks you're a jerk…

What? No I don't…I don't even know who your talking about

Tifa Lockhart got arrested for egging a house

hey I was young we all make mistakes…..cloud was there too!

Tifa Lockhart speaks fluent klingon

uh not really well I do speak klingon but not fluent …. Oh but cloud does!

Tifa Lockhart wasn't cool enough for a weapon

No that's not true, its not that I'm not worthy I just don't like using weapons

Mmmhmmm…just Admit it... you're not cool enough...square...

Did you just call me a square?

Tifa Lockhart has an imaginary friend named benji

No I don't! Wait why benji?

Tifa Lockhart...used to be a guy...

that's not true either….how could you say something like that?

Oh come on nothing that good looking could be real

Well it is!


Tifa Lockhart doesn't know I have incriminating photos of her on a website

you do? No you don't! I don't do that!

You used to wear a skirt and tank top right?

uh…yeah so

That's you washing that car isn't it?

ahhhhh! Where did you find that?

Wouldn't you like to know?


Tifa Lockhart…is for sale on eBay

What? When did that happen?

Starting bids 5.00$

Wait….that's all? Is that all I'm worth to you people……

(Laughing) going once…


Going twice

Don't I get a say?

Sold! To a fan boy in Colorado in the inuyasha T-shirt for 7.50$

(Gaping in disbelief)

(sing song) Ah ha you got sold on eBay

(Still shocked)

Never mind…the blond guy just took it off take a breath

Huh……took off….

Tifa Lockhart…currently works at Hooters

What the? How do you know that? Who told you that!

Cloud did...


Cloud's disembodied voice: (laughing)



I told you not to tell anyone!

oh please like it's a secrete your like employee of the month

but still...wait…... Are you the guy who sold me on eBay?

(giggles) maybe……

Wanna know something else?

do I have a choice?


Fine tell me

Cloud gave me the pictures

(stops laughing)


I can explain

I knew someone was watching me! (Really mad) I'm gonna kill you……..where the hell are you?

come and find me

you can't hide from me

the hell I can't

(Looks around) don't make me look for you! (Gets up and starts looking) because when I find you I'm going to take your sword and sh……

Now you know tifa Lockhart

no they don't! Hey came back……I want those pictures back… Who are you? I'll find you both!

Don't you have to go to work?

….no…. (Sigh) yes…..

Next is cloud

Ok was that alright? Oh well I had fun writing so read and review was the dialogue confusing?