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Fuji, with his famous smile on his face, walked down the neighborhood, content with his life. His blue eyes, hidden behind closed eyelids, shone brightly, although no one would have been able to see it. His hair and clothes waved almost lazily as a soft breeze gently passed him. He had no clue of what would happen to his calm and peaceful life.


Yuuta, Fuji's younger brother, sat at the kitchen table silently drumming his fingers. His older sister, Yumiko, sat across from him, looking over papers, a cup of coffee in her free hand. He sighed loudly.

"Nee-san, where's aniki? He said he'd come home to greet me, but it's already hours since I came home and he's not even here," he said, glancing at the clock.

"Hn…he's probably playing tennis somewhere," she replied, not looking up.

Yuuta folded his arms. "I wanted to play tennis with him."

"Then why don't you go look for him?"



Fuji quickened his pace. His brother was coming home for the weekend today, and he wanted to play a match before the sun went down. Too bad, by the time he reached five blocks away from his home, the sky had darkened.

He sighed mentally. Yuuta would be upset at his late greeting. Well, they still had tomorrow. He stopped suddenly. There was movement behind him, he could definitely sense it. Years of tennis practice honed his skills. Fuji looked behind him through a mirror placed on the corner of the block. A dark figure stood next to a car, but Fuji couldn't see clearly who it was. He started walking again, taking a few steps forward, and carefully watched the figure through the mirror. The figure also moved forward. Fuji kept himself from taking a sharp gasp.

He was being followed.

He turned the corner and quickened his pace even more so then before. He clutched the strap of his tennis bag that hung over one shoulder. Only a few more blocks to a safe place; two minutes, maybe three. He could surely make it. He heard footsteps running behind him and he got ready to run.

After maybe five steps, a hand roughly pulled him back. The hand covered his mouth and the other was shoved in the man's pocket behind his back, also at the same time pinning Fuji's arms behind his back. Something hard pressed against his back through the pocket. A gun. Fuji opened his eyes; the blue orbs definitely show surprise and, worst of all, fear.

The man, he was sure it was a man now, whispered hoarsely, "I've had my eye on you for some time now. Come with me silently or else I will shoot you and hunt down the rest of your family…including your brother."

Fuji's eyes flashed furiously. Hurt his brother? Like he was going to let him! He struggled wildly, but the man was too strong. When he realized that fact, he only thrashed around more until he felt the sound of the gun.

"I'm serious. Come with me or I'll shoot you."

Fuji stood still in the man's arms. He was tired, after the excessive tennis training, skipping lunch because of more training, and fighting against someone who was obviously far more stronger then he was. If only he could reach his racket, he would have been able to use it to protect himself. He was good with a racket. But unfortunately the man thought so too because he undid the straps to the tennis bag, let it drop to the floor, and kicked it away, out of grabbing distance.

The man started dragging Fuji down an alley. Fuji closed his eyes. What was the man? What did he want with him? Is he a murderer? No, he couldn't be, is he? If he was planning to kill him, he could've killed him before instead of just threatening him. Was he a rapist? Fuji prayed silently in his mind that the man had come to kill him. He prayed that it wasn't for rape. He begged it wasn't rape. Anything but rape. Torture, death, whatever, just not rape.

His prayers were pointless when he realized that the man was tying his hands together and undoing his pants zipper. Fuji clenched his eyes shut and screamed in his mind, DON'T LET HIM TOUCH ME!

The hand was removed from his mouth, but before he was able to scream or shout out, a rough alcoholic smelling mouth replaced it. Fuji gasped in shock and a tongue entered, freezing Fuji from all bodily movements.

Fuji brought his teeth down, in order to bite the invading unwelcomed thing that came from the man's mouth, but the man pulled back and bit Fuji's lower lip, hard.

The man smiled and took out several handkerchiefs. He gagged Fuji with them and started sucking on his throat. Fuji tried to pull, but bound like he was, he wouldn't have been able to do anything. He closed his eyes and fought back tears that were threatening to fall. He screamed out in frustration, fear, and hatred, among other things, but the words and screams were gone unheard because of his gag.

The man's sickening fun was only beginning and Fuji cried out when he realized that.


"Aniki, where are you?" Yuuta said to no one in particular. He had walked over to the park three times already and now was heading to where the street tennis courts were, where his aniki and his team members along with other teams went to play.

Playing by the light of the surrounding street lights, Ryoma and Momoshiro were having a rally. The sound of racket hitting ball was welcoming to Yuuta's ears and the sight of the two Seigaku regulars was a welcoming sight to his eyes.

After Ryoma managed to win 6-2, Yuuta stepped up and said hello.

"Fuji-senpai's ototo, right?" Momoshiro said, "Want to play a match?"

Yuuta scratched his hair. "I'd like to, but I'm looking for aniki. Have you guys seen him?"

"Fuji-senpai? I heard someone played a long match with him here, but I haven't seen him since practice. Why, is something wrong?" Momoshiro wiped his faced on his towel and looked at Yuuta, concern in his eyes.

"Not really, it's just that aniki promised he's play a match with me when I got home, but he hasn't returned yet. I'm worried since he's not someone who'd break a promise like that."

"Maybe he already got home and now you're wasting your time looking for someone who's safely waiting at your house," Echizen said indifferently.

"Echizen!" Momoshiro scolded.

"What? I might be right," Echizen replied.

"Eh, maybe," Momoshiro said, "Why don't you try calling home?"

"Ah, I'll do that." Yuuta took out his cell and dialed home. Yumiko answered.

"Moshi, moshi? This is the Fuji residence, Fuji Yumiko speaking."

"Nee-san? Has aniki returned yet?"

"Yuuta? No, Syusuke hasn't returned yet. Kaa-san returned after you left and she's really worried about you two. I told her you're out looking for Syusuke, but she's still worried. Hurry and find him and come home."

"Okay. Call if he comes home or calls."

"Ah. Ja ne."


"He's not home?" Momoshiro asked.

Yuuta hung up. "No."

"We'll help you look for him."

"Eh? Really?"

"Sure, the more people, the more ground you cover. Right, Echizen?"



It'll be over soon. Just relax and let him do what he wants so he doesn't hurt Yuuta. Fuji repeated this over and over again, believing in it that he didn't realized half an hour already passed.

The man lay panting next to Fuji. He stayed there for some minutes before picking himself up. He dressed, and pulled up Fuji's pants; the shirt was ripped opened during his previous actions. He kept the hands tied, but undid the gag in Fuji's mouth. Fuji was exhausted and didn't even whimper. The man grinned and forced his tongue down Fuji's throat once again. He was pleased and a bit disappointed to find no resistance.

He licked Fuji's lips hungrily then stood up to go. "I'll be back, for sure. You're too fun to play with."

Fuji half glared at him through half closed eyes. The man chuckled and ran a finger down Fuji's bruised chest, making him shiver. "Don't forget me," he whispered, making Fuji shiver more, "I'll make sure you'll never forget me. I'm leaving my mark." The man pulled out a pocket knife and pressed its cool blade on Fuji's feverish body. Slowly, he carved his mark, kissing Fuji furiously to keep him from screaming. Fuji's muffled yells and thrashes was not enough to attract attention, unfortunately.

After the man finished his 'art', adding colors and sorts, he got up and left, leaving Fuji half naked, bruised, bleeding, and laying in a dark alley in the middle of a cool night.

Before Fuji passed out, he moved his tied hands and knocked over a tin garbage can a couple of inches away from his head. The load clang echoed throughout the quiet neighborhood. He cried out as loudly as he could, which was not very load since his throat was dry and voice hoarse from the unheard shouting.

Hopefully, he thought, hopefully someone heard. Yuuta…Stay away from Yuuta… Fuji's vision blurred and a tear fell down his cheek as he fell into a blissful peace.



Nee-san: Older sister

Aniki: Older brother

Senpai: Upper Student, Older Student, Elder, More Experienced (Involving Work)

Ototo: Younger brother

Moshi, Moshi: Hello

Kaa-san: Mother/Mom

Ja ne: See you later

A/N: I got these translations, spellings, and everything else by watching fan subbed anime and an Online English to Japanese Dictionary site.

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Lazy-Hime: Because if you don't let me do my way with you… (grins evilly) I won't allow you to play tennis…

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