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A Bond of Honor
Chapter 28 – Cracks in the Soul
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

Gazing up at the clear blue sky, which had a few puffy clouds rolling by, the owner of emerald eyes grinned in contentment at the tranquility of the moment. The sight of the green rolling hills and the smell of fresh air was welcoming to the redhead world heroine as she strolled along in a simple white summer dress with a round, wide-brimmed straw hat. She maybe was a freak fighter and an honor-roll student from a highly intelligent family, but Kim Possible knew she was human like everyone else and it was good to escape once in awhile from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

As the young woman walked along over the soft green grass, she came across a large oak tree, the branches and leaves providing a cozy haven in its shade. Yet after scanning the vicinity, her eyes noticed a familiar blond standing with his back against the trunk, and upon seeing him, a smile spread across Kim's face. The girl couldn't help but think Ron looked quite dashing with a loose fitting white shirt over black slacks that ended over his typical white sneakers. The soft breeze blew through his corn-colored hair as those chocolate eyes gazed out into the distance.

Wanting to be beside her best friend, Kim's legs began moving her forward, and it was not long before her mouth churned out a warm greeting. "Hi, Ron," she said as she approached, seeing his right side.

Turning his head, Ron grinned upon becoming aware of his friend. "Hey there, KP! Bon diggity day to be outside, right?"

"That it is," Kim agreed as she stopped next to him, taking in his friendly facial features. She always found that she could be herself whenever she was around her long-time friend regardless that he was a boy. Oh, she knew she was not shy around other guys, unless she was crushing on them harder than a metal compacter, but when it came to being around Ron, she felt at ease and could be totally herself.

It was then Kim was aware of the short-haired brunette on her best friend's other side, the girl's right arm hooked into Ron's left. Green eyes narrowed in annoyance and some heat into the almond eyes of the other woman. "What are you doing here, Yori?" she nearly snarled as she took in the Japanese's sleeveless halter-strap white sundress and matching slipper shoes.

"What do you mean, Possible-san?" Yori slyly asked with a smirk before snuggling her right cheek onto Ron's left shoulder, her eyes not leaving those of Kim. "Surely you have not forgotten that Ron-kun and I are together?"

Kim didn't reply, but one had to be a fool not to see her left eye twitching as she held on to her anger. She very much wanted to just pound that shrewd ninja into the ground and yell to the world that she was still the best.

Just then the trio heard familiar ring tones coming from Ron's pants pocket. Beep-beep-be-beep.

Pulling out a black Kimmunicator, Ron activated it to allow the image of Wade to appear on the small screen. "Ron, Yori, major sitch with Drakken and Shego," announced the preteen tech wizard. "The usual taking over the world thing."

"Great," Kim grinned, knowing she could vent out her frustrations on the villains. "Time to bust the bad guys."

As one, Ron and Yori raised their right eyebrows, causing Kim to pause. A tiny, amused smirk came to the Yamanouchi kunoichi's face. "Surely you are joking, Possible-san. Team Stoppable does not need your help."

"What?!" the redhead cried out incredulously, not believing what she was hearing. "What did you mean 'Team Stoppable'?!"

"It's just that, Possible-san," Yori replied, her expression turning more devious. "Ever since Ron-kun completed his ninja training, he and I can do missions alone without your help."

"That's right," Ron chipped in just before snuggling his loving face into the top of Yori's hair, prompting the oriental girl to giggle. The blond lifted his face just enough so his mouth was clear to continue talking. "My Yori and I can handle it. She's strong and smart, thus why she can kick bad guy butt and become the top honor-roll student of our class in Middleton High."

Kim's eyes went wide for a moment before narrowing again. "What do you mean?! I'm the top honor-roll student of our class in Middleton High!"

Yori smirked as she felt her boyfriend kiss the top of her head. "Not anymore." Kim sneered, thinking of the many ways she could bring the other girl pain.

After turning her head to gaze lovingly into her suitor's eyes, the Japanese girl maintained her conversation with the redhead. "Now excuse us, Possible-san. My fiancé and I have to stop the bad people before they do harm to the world."

Hearing those words, all the anger left Kim in an instant. "Say what?" she nearly whispered, flabbergasted. Did she really hear what she thought she heard from Yori? That she and Ron were…

"That's right," Yori answered, figuring what Kim was asking as her lips came up closer to Ron's as he bent down a bit toward hers. Just as their lips were close, the lithe oriental girl raised her left hand to palm her love's right cheek, displaying a sparkling diamond ring on her left ring finger. "Ron-kun and I are going to get married." With that said, the couple kissed enthusiastically with ardor.

That last sentence was the bursting point for the redhead. Kim titled her head up toward the sky, shouting out her disbelief. "NOOOOOOOO!"


"OOOOOOOO!" At the end, Kim opened her eyes and instantly remembered where she really was – in the flower garden of the Mochizuki Estate. Sitting in her white gi in the lotus position, the redhead turned her head to the left to see a blinking Yori looking at her worriedly, while across from them, Master Mochizuki simply raised an eyebrow, his features also showing his concern.

"Are you all right, Possible-san?" asked the Yamanouchi student, feeling a bit alarmed by the outburst from Team Possible's leader.

Sensing her cheeks were heating up, Kim nervously chuckled and gave a slightly dismissive wave of one hand. "Oh, it was just a daymare. No big." Seeing both Japanese were even more baffled, she turned her head away from them, her blush turning redder from the humiliation, especially knowing what she really was supposed to be doing.

After Ron had attended Saturday morning Sabbath, he and Kim had come over to the Mochizuki Estate for his ninja training lessons. Decked out in their ninja student uniforms, the three members of Team Possible had gone through some rigorous hand-to-hand combat exercises from Master Mochizuki, especially Ron, since he was the weakest of the three in martial art skills. After several hours, the shinobi master had them follow him to another section of the vast garden, where they sat lotus-style to the side of a small fishpond with a fountain – the three teens and one naked mole rat sat side-by-side across from their teacher. They were instructed to do a simple meditation exercise to clear the mind and soul, for Master Mochizuki had said that one just had to imagine being in a tranquil place and let their feelings go.

"Yeah, let your feelings go all right," Kim mentally berated herself, still feeling the eyes of Yori and Master Mochizuki on her. "You'd allowed your imagination to really go wild there, Possible. How embarrassing."

Master Mochizuki mentally frowned after he realized what truly was the problem plaguing young Kim Possible's mind. He had seen the subtle signs in the last few weeks as well as just moments ago when he had watched the redheaded warrior meditate and saw facial expressions of anger before the outburst occurred. Unless he was mistaken, it would be only a matter of time before the small cracks in Possible-san's mental armor became a large ravine.

Letting out a sigh, Kim turned her head to face the others and gave a small timid grin. "I guess I'm not cut out for all this meditating stuff. I'm not saying that I'm reckless all the time, just I'm more a person who'd rather face problems head-on than lay back to think on them."

Yori nodded. "That maybe true, given your nature, Possible-san." A small proud grin formed on the oriental girl's face. "However, Ron-kun and Rufus-san seemed, for the time being, displaying the total opposite of you," she said before rotating her head to gaze at her left, and when Kim looked where Yori was gazing, her green eyes blinked once before an eyebrow rose upward.

Sitting on Yori's left; Ron appeared to be in deep meditation with Rufus doing the same on his owner's left side. The pair didn't seem to be fazed at all.

"They have not been affected at all from my outburst?" Kim asked in amazement, her eyes studying her best friend's calm form.

"It appears so," Yori responded with affection and pride for her boyfriend. Across from her, her guardian and current sensei gave a small grin in agreement.

It was just then that something amazing happened. Rufus began levitating up into the air, until he was hovering higher than Ron's head. From all outward signs, the little guy seemed to not truly know he was doing it. Kim was gaping like a fish at the sight, while Yori was momentarily surprised. Master Mochizuki too was startled at first but soon nodded in understanding, having a good idea why Rufus was capable of doing such a feat.

"He can levitate?" Kim rhetorically asked with an astonished voice, not taking her eyes off the floating naked mole rat. She had seen Sensei levitate weeks ago during the Gorilla Fist mission, but she had chalked up to simply that Sensei was an ultimate shinobi master who had years of experience. Rufus on the other hand, as far as she knew, was nowhere near Sensei's level. It left a question that could be summed up in one word. "How?"

It came to no surprise to Kim and Yori when Master Mochizuki answered, drawing their attention. After all, if anyone would know the answers, it would be him. "Rufus-san, from what I was told by Sensei and reports from Yamanouchi, is a special case. He is a naked mole rat, but he has the ability to understand and speak the human language as well as interact with the human world. Also, his brain, small as it may be, is quite developed, almost surpassing that of humans, making him somewhat more intelligent than humans. That ability has been given to him by accident through a brain-enhancing machine." His eyes locked onto the green ones of Kim's. "You had happened to be there, Possible-san."

"Oh, yeah," Kim acknowledged with a frown at the memories. "I'd thought it was Ron who was the one who had his brain enhanced, given his sudden rise in academic greatness. It turned out he was cheating using Rufus to get by." Both girls sent a brief disapproving glare at the boy, who was unaware of his ladies' ire.

The young women's mild fury at their male companion brought a tiny grin to Master Mochizuki's face, for he was inwardly amused at the sight. How many boys at Stoppable-san's age could gain the interest of more than one girl like he currently has with Yori and Kim?

Clearing his throat to regain his female students' attention, the ninja master carried on. "Rufus-san, as you are both aware, has the Mystical Monkey Power within him. The powers have a somewhat spiritual connection to the natural world. It is also presumed that he, being a naked mole rat despite his human traits, still has a personal link to the natural world compared to humans, who has mostly lost our link to nature over many hundreds of years of forming a technological civilization."

Master Mochizuki gestured with his right hand to Rufus whom Kim and Yori eyed once more. "It is the combination of all these traits that Sensei presumed gives Rufus-san his ability to master levitation just as easily as Sensei can himself."

"Wow," Kim said after realizing Master Mochizuki has finished explaining before lowering his hand. Yet a moment later, her face scrunched up in confusion as she faced the wise martial arts teacher. "Wait a minute. From your words, Sensei has seen Rufus levitate before, so this is not the first time he done this."

It was Yori who responded this time around. "No, it is not," she replied before training her sight onto the redhead, who in turn done so toward her. "I've seen Rufus-san do this at the time he and Ron-kun attended Yamanouchi during the student exchange. It is the reason why I was not surprised moments ago to see him able to do it."

Kim nodded in understanding, even though she mentally slapped herself for not recalling that Ron and Rufus did spend one week at Yamanouchi. It made perfect sense on how Sensei knew of Rufus's levitation ability.

Upon gazing at her long time best friend, the MHS cheer squad captain couldn't help but to grin with some humor. He looked so peaceful, much like he would be if he were asleep. "Least Ron can take these meditation sessions better than I can," she mentioned, prompting the raven-haired girl to grin warmly as she focused on her boyfriend.

Suddenly, much to the girls' and Master Mochizuki's surprise, the blond boy collapsed sideways onto the ground and not a moment later, emanated brief snoring sound. One didn't need a super genius to figure out what has happened.

"He fell asleep," mumbled Kim as she slapped her forehead in annoying disbelief before sliding it down her face.

Unable to help herself, Yori placed a hand over her mouth as she gave in to a giggling fit. "I've also seen Ron-kun do this at Yamanouchi," she momentarily explained before giggling again.

Rolling her eyes, Kim's lips revolved into a knowing grin as she shook her head. "That's Ron for you. Marinating like there's no tomorrow."

"Marinating?" Yori blinked in confusion at the auburn girl, and even Master Mochizuki raised an eyebrow in curiosity to the meaning of the word.

Kim smirked as her mind backtracked to last summer when she first heard her partner coined the word. "It's Ron-slang for 'relaxation for the professionals.' It suits him to the T at times."

"Indeed," Master Mochizuki softly chuckled in agreement. "Stoppable-san has great potential within him for achieving good for the sake of others, as his missions with you, Possible-san, surely testifies as proof." Kim smiled at that, before the ninja master raised a single finger, a knowing grin on his face. "Yet he would not be himself, if he was too serious with the comings and goings of the world. His occasionally laidback ways are part of him and makes up part of who he is as a person."

"Agreed," Yori nodded with a fond grin before lovingly eying the sleeping young man besides her. She was proud that Ron-kun has stepped up to improve himself in his school work and his ninjutsu training, but the Japanese girl also knew he wouldn't be the young man she cared for deeply without his sense of humor and laidback attitude. It was a balance that made him the person known as Ron Stoppable.

Lifting himself to a standing position, Master Mochizuki addressed Kim while gesturing toward the rest of the botanical garden of the estate. "Come, Possible-san. I wish to converse with you in private, while Yori-chan, Stoppable-san, and Rufus-san continue their meditation."

Blinking in confusion and curiosity as to why the Yamanouchi American branch's leader would want to speak with her, Kim gazed briefly to Yori, hoping she would able to answer the question. After seeing the same confusion on the other girl's expression as she shrugged, the redhead returned her attention to the elder Japanese and nodded her consent to the request, figuring it was best to follow and find out eventually. After rising off the ground, Team Possible's leader trailed just behind Yori's guardian as the pair strolled out of fishpond area and out of sight.

Left alone with her two remaining companions, Yamanouchi's best kunoichi of her class once more eyed her suitor with a fond expression. She had thought of teasingly awaking him to make him do the meditation exercise correctly, but on the other hand, she also thought he deserved some rest after his hard workout today. So in the end, the young woman decided to let her Ron-kun sleep, knowing he would awake sooner or later.

From her napping beau, Yori fixed her eyes on the floating pink-skinned mammal. Even after all this time, it still amazed her that Rufus-san was capable of acting and thinking like a human. Despite his size, the little guy was just as important a team member as Possible-san, Ron-kun, or even Wade-san. She knew of his capabilities during the time Monkey Fist had stolen the Lotus Blade, and in the end, the Japanese girl was very glad and grateful her boyfriend had long ago bought Rufus-san for a pet.

After amusingly watching the meditating naked mole rat tumble and fly around end over end, Yori contently sighed, placed her hands in a relaxed position on her thighs, closed her eyes, and resumed her meditation stance. Her last thought, before resuming her meditation, was that Rufus-san was perhaps thinking of peaceful images of nature that seemed fitting given he still had a spiritual link with the natural world.

Yet as the little guy flew over her head, a happy grin on his face, he streamed out one word that broke Yori's concentration. "Cheeeeeeeeeese!" he said blissfully.

Opening her right eye and raising her right eyebrow at the same time, Yori titled her head a bit upward so she can roll the eyeball to look at the levitating animal. It seemed she was in error regarding what Rufus-san considered peaceful images, however, she was not shocked much. After all, she was familiar how much the intelligent naked mole rat had in common with his blond owner when it came to particular cheesy man-made food.


Strolling along beside the ninja master, Kim took the opportunity to observe the gardens. They were starting to shape up quite nicely. Flowers were beginning to bloom, and the bushes and hedges were trimmed nicely. The whole place radiated peace and tranquility of nature under the clear blue sky, where a few puffy clouds were moving along with the western wind. For the teenager, she once more had to hand it to the American government for giving this land to the Yamanouchi organization, for it really was one of the most wonderful places in the whole Tri-City area.

Knowing they were far enough away to talk in private, Master Mochizuki rotated his head to eye Kim while maintaining their stroll. "Possible-san," he began in order to catch the redhead's attention. "Yori-chan has told me of last night's incident regarding the jewelry thieves. It was quite remarkable that you were all there at the right place and time to halt their greedy ambitions."

Kim gave a small proud smile at the compliment. She was confused to why the ninja master wanted to discuss last night's adventure, but she was not going to let such praise slip by from one as wise and smart as Master Mochizuki. "As you said, we all happened to be there at the right place and time. No big."

The 50-something Japanese's lips curled upward a bit in mild amusement. "Yori-chan had provided me with what had transpired with her and Stoppable-san, yet I have not heard what happened with you, given you were many blocks away from Middleton Park."

Emerald eyes blinked in bewilderment. "Have you heard everything on the news or the papers this morning? They were broadcasting the whole sitch on the late night news and this morning."

"That I did," Master Mochizuki confirmed before a small knowing smirk appeared on his face. "Yet the best information is always from the source itself. Do you agree?"

A chuckle escaped Kim's lips, for she couldn't argue with that. It was always better to get first-hand information from the source than second-hand data that were at times not reliable.

So for several minutes, Team Possible's leader told her side of the story regarding busting the jewelry robbers, including everything up to finding out from Wade that it had been Yori and Ron who had stopped the last two crooks from getting away. By the time she was finished with the tale, Kim noticed they were approaching the garden's gazebo, telling her they had walked quite a way to arrive close to the rear wall of the Mochizuki Estate's inner sanctuary.

Master Mochizuki nodded once upon hearing the end of the story. "So everything ends well. No one was injured or hurt, with the exception of the thieves."

"Yeah," Kim agreed yet couldn't help but to frown as her thoughts drifted to Yori and her means of stopping the bad guys. Looking ahead, she wondered what Yori was thinking in doing such a stunt.

Seeing the frown on the young woman's face, an eyebrow shot up on the older man's face. "Is something wrong, Possible-san? You did say everything came out okay."

"I know," Kim replied before reconnecting her sight on the ninja master. "It's just after I heard Yori did that stunt, I felt worried for Ron." Her left hand came up to forestall what she knew Master Mochizuki was going to say. "Yes, I know Yori is quite capable, and Ron has been through dangerous events from our missions. It's just…" She paused for a moment before resuming. "I was not there. I would have felt better if I had been there."

Stopping in front of the gazebo, wise dark eyes briefly pierce into green ones, telling Master Mochizuki what the young woman really was feeling. "You felt fear for Stoppable-san. As leader of Team Possible, you do not like knowing those under your command would be in danger and there was nothing you could do about it."

Kim nodded once in concurrence. "I did. Is it wrong to fear for your friends, Master Mochizuki?" she asked uneasily.

"Of course not," he replied with a reassuring grin. "It does you credit as a leader to be concerned for your subordinates, but as all leaders do, there are times where you have to let go of the reins and let your people do their jobs. If you do not trust them, teamwork will suffer due they will loose confidence in your faith in them as well as you toward them. It's okay to fear at times for their safety, especially when they are your friends, but give in too much to fear, you will eventually try to tighten the reins too much in a way like an overprotective mother would be toward her children. You should already know this well, not only as Team Possible's leader but also leader of your high school's cheer squad and several school clubs.

"Fear is the most powerful of the negative emotions," the elderly shinobi continued, placing his hands together as his face turned semi serious. "Unjustified fear can cause a person to lose rational thought if left uncheck and not in control. Unwise decisions can be made, leading to confrontation, especially with others who do not see the same ways as the irrational ones. In the end, if things spiral out of control, fear will lead to anger, anger will lead to hate, and hate in the end will lead to suffering, not only for those in the grip of fear but for everyone around them."

Master Mochizuki paused for a moment for Kim to absorb what he had said so far before raising his right index finger. "Now what I said should not be applied to all fear, Possible-san. There is a difference between unjustified and justified fear," he finished before lowering his finger.

"Justified fear is like when you know it is not wise to place your hand in the fire. Why? Because one does not want to get burned. These fears have aided people to make rational decisions when it comes to dealing with things they are familiar with.

"Unjustified fear is fearing things out of irrational and/or biased reasoning. Most illogical hatred in the world is caused by those who fear others based on race, religion, gender, culture, nationality, and other prejudiced thinking. It's sad there are those in the world who judge this way, but their actions are proof how unjustified fear can grip people to commit chaos and destruction, sometimes quite barbaric, toward their fellow beings."

Kim gave a small sad smile on the wisdom she had heard, but she softly countered, given she did not completely agree. "That's true, Master Mochizuki, but not every person's hate is derived from fear."

The ninja master nodded in concurrence. "Indeed, Possible-san, but those people are far fewer in numbers than those whose actions can be traced to their own fear – fear of being alone, fear of being rejected, fear of being conquered, and other fears." He paused for a moment before commencing again.

"As you know, Possible-san, Yamanouchi was founded by Toshimiru, whose teachings were of peaceful ways in order to help others. The meditation exercise you had partaken in was handed down from generation to generation over the centuries. It was meant to aid students find their mental and emotional centers, and in order to do so, they have to find balance within themselves – in mind," Master Mochizuki's right index and center fingers pointed together toward Kim's head, "spirit," the right hand palmed up with fingers spread to indicated Kim's entire body, "and heart," the elderly Japanese finished by redoing his two-finger point toward Kim's chest. "If any of these three was to become unbalanced, students will not likely to find true peace within themselves." His right hand lowered to once more clutch the other.

After a moment or so, Kim realized Master Mochizuki was finished, prompting her to make a small chuckle that sounded forced. "Well, that's all good and all, Master Mochizuki, but as I had said before, I don't think I'm cut out for all that meditation stuff. I consider myself pretty balanced in the mind, spirit, and heart departments without the need of any mental aids."

Raising an eyebrow at the reaction he had received, Master Mochizuki was about to question the teenager, when they were interrupted by the estate's chef's appearance. "Master Mochizuki, Kim, hello," Kay Yamagato greeted the pair as she pushed a small food cart toward the Japanese-style gazebo.

"Hi, Kay!" greeted the redheaded Middleton High cheerleader cheerfully. Ever since she had met the 30-something, Japanese-born cook, Kim considered her a good person. Ron certainly had taken a liking to her due to how much they have in common when it came to their love of cooking. "You're early today with the food & drinks," she gestured to the cart.

Kay kindly grinned at the redhead as she stopped the cart next to her employer and his student. "I want to get done early so I can get home to my family, Kim," she explained. "I appreciated Ron did the cooking last week for everyone, yet I know he can't always be here to provide me some time off. I am after all being paid to do my job."

"True," Kim admitted, matching the older woman's grin, "yet Ron is quite sweet natured when it comes to helping others. It's a quality that I like about him as my best friend, especially when he joins me on missions. I've yet to find anyone else who would assist me like he does."

"A rare diamond in the rough," Kay added, making Kim smiled at that as an understanding passed between the two women regarding the blond boy.

As Kay resumed pushing the cart toward the gazebo, Kim tagged along. "Need help setting things up?"

"Thank you, Kim," Kay answered back with a grateful look for the offer. "The sooner I get this done, the sooner I can get home to my children. I will always be loyal to Yamanouchi, but ever since my children were born, I consider their welfare somewhat more important."

"What mother wouldn't?" Kim right away asked rhetorically. For the teenage girl, she just couldn't imagine any mother would not be concerned for the well-being of her children. Yet sadly, she knew, from news reports, that there were women out there that didn't have a heart for any child they bore at all.

After knowing his conversation with his auburn-haired student was over, Master Mochizuki spoke out as he turned slightly to face away from the gazebo. "I'll inform Stoppable-san, Yori-chan, and Rufus-san that the food & drinks have arrived. Arigatou, Kay-san, for your help. I bid you good night."

"Good night, Master Mochizuki," Kay grinned back as she waited for Kim to set up the ramp for the cart to make it past the gazebo's steps.

As the ninja master began to take his first steps back to the fish pond and his meditating pupils, his ears heard the worrisome voice of Kim's. "Oh, snap! I had forgotten that Ron's supposed to play Shogi after his training session!" she pointed out.

"Don't worry, Kim," said the reassuring voice of Kay, followed by rolling wheels going up a wooden ramp. "You do not have to set up the game for now. You all can eat first before setting up the game. That way you least don't have to hold your food and drinks in your hands all the time."

"That's a good idea," responded Kim in relief. "Ron and Rufus certainly will need the table room given how those two can consume food faster than a vacuum cleaner." Kay's only response was to chuckle.

Finally walking out of hearing range, Master Mochizuki too chuckled at the accuracy of Stoppable-san and Rufus-san's eating abilities. Yet his amusement was short lived as his thoughts wandered on Possible-san, and those thoughts were troublesome.

The master of the Mochizuki Estate knew that Team Possible's leader had missed what he was trying to convey in his lecture, for he was referring to her regarding how fear could lead one down a dark path. By watching Kim meditate today, the girl had shown on her facial features an inner turmoil expressing anger and hate. Instead of telling what she was feeling, she had covered it up by redirecting the attention. Given what he had seen and knew in the past several weeks since first meeting Kim Possible, the wise ninja master knew the young heroine's anger and mistrust was aimed at one specific person – Yori.

The hints were always there at times. An eye tick there, a brief scowl here, and they were at all times aimed at Yori. Ron had said that he and Kim were just best friends, but deep down, the redhead was not aware of her true feelings for the blond. Slowly those unaware emotions have given way to a gradual build-up of anger.

Sighing, Master Mochizuki sadly frowned at the drama unfolding between the three teens. He had not told Possible-san that after Yori had told him of last night's adventures, he had contacted Wade-san for any information regarding the incident. The young super genius told him what he knew and even mentioned Kim's anger and what had caused it. The Japanese man knew it had to be true, especially given Possible-san did not even mention anything regarding her anger toward Yori resulting in nearly crushing her PDA device.

"It is as I've foreseen," the ninja master mentally said forlornly. "Possible-san, not conscious of her feelings for Stoppable-san, has grown more jealous of Yori-chan. The more Yori-chan accomplishes in improving herself in the eyes of her peers and the public, especially as the new member of Team Possible, the more jealous Possible-san becomes. That jealously is based on the root fear of being left behind and alone, an unaware fear Possible-san has as Yori-chan and Stoppable-san's relationship becomes closer and stronger."

Despite his calm outward appearance, Master Mochizuki frowned inside. "Cracks are forming in Possible-san's soul and heart, and they are growing wider. As much as I want to intervene, it will make matters worse if she is told directly, for she would deny everything. I pray to Kami these three will open their eyes and see the problem they're facing between them, especially Possible-san. If her feelings are not resolved, she will be venturing down a dark path and possibly, bring Yori-chan and Stoppable-san with her.

"Kami, help and guide them all," mentally said the wise and concerned Japanese man as he approached the fish pond and his two students, who were blissfully unaware of the crisis that lay ahead.


TBC (End of Chapter 28)


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3) I like to say that despite my Naruto fic has yet to be completed, I already learned some lessons from the venture, and the main lesson is this – Unless the fic is a shippy fic, it will not get attention.

The Naruto section of FF is quite swamp with fics that it is hard for anyone to come up with an original plot without making it look like a copycat. I came up with a plot that I have yet to see anyone else use, but given it's not a shippy fic, it's not gaining attention at all. I've seen fics far worse than mine but they gain more reviews than mine just because they are shippy fics.

So in the end, I'd decided that once I complete my Naruto fic, I'm not going to bother with another and just focus on writing KP fics (particularly ABoH). Least KP has room to grow with no doubt plenty of plots left untouched. The Naruto sandbox is far too crowded to play in for my muse.

4) Finally, I want to give a heads up to everyone that "A Bond of Honor" has made to the final (second) voting round of the 3rd Annual Fannie Awards! The fic is one of six finalists for the Best Alternative Pairing Story Overall category! This is great!

I'm deeply honored that it has made it as a finalist, and I wish to thank everyone who has voted for the story in the first voting round. If it weren't for you, "ABoH" wouldn't have made it to the final voting round. :)

Now of course, I'm asking please for everyone to vote in the final voting round in all categories to determine the winner for each category. Zaratan has placed up easy voting polls at his KP forum on FF-dot-net, so anyone who has a FF account can vote in the polls. If you do not have an FF account, you can still vote by emailing Zaratan your votes. You have until February 14th to cast your votes. :)

www . fanfiction . net / topic / 329 / 4360842 / 1 / (Copy and paste url in your browser and remove spaces)

So yeah, I'm pumped, given "ABoH" has made it as finalist in one category in the Fannies! I would love for it to win, yet even if I didn't win, I'm happy this Ron/Yori fic has wonderful support and recognition to gain it attention to make it as a finalist. I thank you all! (big grin)

Oh, I almost forgot. Be on the lookout for yours truly at the Awards Ceremonies, for I, along with my date/escort Hope, will be presenting the award for the Best Alternative Paring Story Overall. Just like last year, I find it fitting for me to present this award this year, given how much I love alternative pairings, especially Ron/Yori. :)