Sailor Ra: A gift for Saturn's Spawn, thirty chapters of short little things where HotaruxYami get paired. Past or present. So this is for you Saturn's Spawn!

Twenty Kisses (YamixHotaru)

Kiss one: Study

Yami sighed, he hated studying. No, that would be an understatement. He despised it more then anything. He also hated the library that he was stuck in at the moment. He hated math and he thought that the person who created this Ra forsaken pencil should go into the shadow realm! But there was one thing or should he say person he didn't mind. He didn't mind his study partner though.

She was far from beautiful, would goddess like be a good description? Okay, so he was the only one who saw her like that, but still she was no sore on his eyes. She had pale skin and violet eyes that were darker then his own.

His violet eyes traveled the girl that sat before him. A small smirk formed on his lips as the violet eyed girl raised an eye brow. Curiously wondering what he was thinking about.

"Is something wrong?" she asked as Yami smiled. Letting his smile reveal his thoughts. Instantly, he got his reply from an annoyed sigh.

"Admit," he said, tilting his head back.

She returned to her math book, thinking it was obviously more interesting then the flirting duelist that sat before her. She decided to work the problems in her head and graph it out to the past pharaoh, who had no interest in it. Instead he just went off day dreaming, nodding his head as if he was paying attention.

"Excuse me!" Hotaru finally snapped, letting her anger show. This caused the king of games to come back down to Earth.

"Yes?" he let his smirk shine again as Hotaru counted to ten, mentally.

"Would you please pay attention? I could be doing a lot of better things then helping you to study," she pointed out as if it was obvious.

"Like?" Yami let his curiosity show by actually paying attention.

"Going to Usagi's house, studying with Ami, helping Rei at the temple, cooking with Makoto, helping Minako get a date, playing video games with Haruka, listening to Michiru's music, and talking to Yaten," Hotaru said as Yami let a bit of his annoyance show.

"Yaten?" he asked, biting his lip.


"If I study, will you talk to me?" Yami asked, letting his index finger press against her lips.

A blush formed on her cheeks.

"Fine, only if you study," she said, moving away from his touch. Yami smirked as he quickly pressed his forehead against hers. There noses were touching, causing Hotaru to blush. Gently, he kissed her. It felt like forever for her, but it only lasted for a minute.

Yami smirked, seeing the change in her mood instantly. He sat down as she went right back to explaining this stuff to him.

Oh no, he loved his study partner.

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