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Chapter eleven: Day Dream

Yami knew that he was in pure heaven as he gently wrapped his arms around her. He knew this had to be real because she was smiling at him so brightly and so pure that it made him feel as if his legs were rubber. He gently caught the back of her head.

"Hotaru, will you stay by me forever?" he asked as he felt the soft warm breeze of the ocean hit against his face. He studied her as she looked up at him and wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tip toes to kiss his cheek.

"Of course I will, Yami. Will you stay with me forever?" she asked as her eyes blinked curiously at him. He smiled brightly at her as her white sun dress blew in the wind.

"Of course," he then caught her lips in a long passionate kiss…

"Yami…Mana…EARTH TO MANA AND YAMI!" the two teenagers woke up from their daydreams and looked at the violet eyed girl who had hit them both on the head with a school book. She looked really angry at the moment as the two slowly moved away.

"Yes?" Mana asked nervously as she twirled some of her brown hair on her index finger.

"How about you quit daydreaming about Tenshi then I won't hurt you!" Hotaru snapped as the brown haired girl blushed furiously. She quickly got up from her seat, ready to defend herself, but Yami and Hotaru knew she was lying.

Yami didn't really care. He just wanted to day dream about the girl that was in front of him. Maybe one day he would hold her in reality.

But today he was tired of waiting.

"Hotaru, calm down for a moment," Yami said as he quickly glanced around the room to see that they were working on their math projects. Mana seemed busy with her own work, but she was also obviously busy glancing over at Tenshi and death glaring Anzu for flirting with him.

"NO! We have to get this DONE!" she snapped angrily, but before she knew it, Yami had gently grabbed her face and kissed her lips in a quick peck. She was blushing violently now and stared at Yami who had this smirk on his face.

"Now I can stop day dreaming and get some actual work done."

Sailor Ra: I got this idea when I was in Math class and I was bored. My friends were teasing me about how I go for mushy gushy scenes. (sweat drop) give me a break! Just because the rest of the work is screwed up doesn't mean I have to.

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