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Note: The song referenced is Slow Country by Gorillaz.

"Hey, Kairi?"

A simple question always deserves a simple answer.

"Go away."

Selphie bites her lip, but she doesn't move. Standing behind Kairi with her arms crossed behind her back, fingers linked and she's fidgeting a little, Selphie wants to ask Kairi a question. But she knows the auburn haired girl won't let her ask, because Kairi doesn't know the answer.

Selphie takes a deep breath. "…Do you think we should get you help? I mean, this boy you're talking about… 'our' friend? Wakka and Tidus don't remember him, either. I think you should see a psychiatrist."

Kairi doesn't move because Selphie can only see her back, but Kairi's crying and Selphie can't see it. She just listens to the waves shiver onto the sand, and she watches the sun set and she tastes the salt in the sea-bitter air.

Everything is bitter.

"I don't want to. I know he's out there, somewhere."

Selphie chews on her lip again, bringing herself to stand by Kairi's side. She knows her (girl)friend is upset because Selphie doesn't believe her. But in reality, Selphie doesn't want 'the boy' to exist. Linking her own fingers with Kairi's, Selphie can't help but feel a little bit smug (secretly).

Kairi can stare at the ground and sob, and Selphie will always be there to comfort her. And tomorrow, Kairi will dream about the boy who does(n't) exist, and Selphie will pass her notes in class that have little hearts scribbled all over them, just to remind the older girl that she's still there. Later on, Selphie will kiss Kairi, let the older girl push her into the sofa and slide chilly little fingers under her clothes.

And the day after that, they'll repeat everything once again and again, they'll lull themselves into an almost sleep but Kairi doesn't remember how to dream, and the younger girl can only dream about the same boy with blue eyes and a smile. She thinks she might have seen him on television or something.

Selphie might be just as lonely as Kairi.

can't stand your loneliness