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He smiled at her with those beautiful brown eyes. His golden auburn locks pulled to the side of his face gracefully. He took that girl with the midnight black-hair and those delicious coffee-brown eyes into his awaiting arms. Those were the eyes that had made him melt…at one point in time.

She looked absolutely gorgeous that night in her elegant baby-blue dress. He was dressed for the occasion, too, this being their homecoming dance. In the romantically slow dance, he rocked her back and forth in his arms. The result was her cuddling in closer to his chest.

"Hojo, I love you," she said in a dazed voice, lost in the ecstasy of romance.

Luckily, she had closed her eyes to enjoy the dance and didn't see how Hojo had looked down grimly at her when she said that. He was now absolutely dreading what he was going to do at the end of this dance…he gulped in a sigh and continued their motions together.

She had waited for him to say 'I love you, too' but the only response from the man was a simple, "yeah". They continued the rhythm of the dance.

His mind had been troubling him to tell her. After the dance, his feelings just had to come out now or it would drive him insane…it would be cruel to lead her on further. Hojo took Kagome outside into the cool air.

The clouds were beginning to form interesting shapes as they swayed with the night air. He looked down at her, now starting to feel as cold as the wind itself as it playfully blew through her tresses.

Noticing the seriousness of his looks, Kagome knew what he had to say was not going to be good…not good at all. Her insides churned uncomfortably, the dread engulfing her as the anxiously awaited set in for what he would tell her.

"Kagome," Hojo began slowly. His words had lost their general warmth as did his facial expressions. She unconsciously winced at his tone. What he had to say, she could not take…"I think that we should…how should I phrase this? I think we should see other people."

She looked at him with wide eyes, biting down on her lip hard to delay the inevitable tears. When he spoke to her, there was no emotion; he was as cold and flat as a sheet of ice.

"So…it's all over then, just like that?" she asked in misery, thought it sounded more like a factual statement. He nodded in response; his eyes stared her down, making her feel horribly pathetic. Many emotions invaded and flooded through her. She lost all reasoning and couldn't even think of a way to act in this situation.

In an instant, the anger of loss decided to make its appearance before the oncoming tears. Kagome glared fiercely at the man who had just dumped her.

"Do I mean so little to you?" she asked him curtly. "Am I just another girl that happened to fall in love with you, Hojo Takine? After all that we've been through, am I going to be a little memory that you just shove into your pocket and forget about? Thanks a lot!" she hissed out venomously, hoping that her words would pierce him like a sharpened dagger. "You're the biggest jackass in the world, Hojo!"

She left without waiting to see if he would retort in anger or apologize to her. She did not care anymore…though, somewhere deep inside of her wounded heart, she still felt something for him. Even after this cruel breakup, she knew she would still have feelings for him; some type of love.

Hojo had only stood there stiffly and listened to her pour out the words of her breaking heart. Seeing her misery and justifiable anger, he had wanted to reach out his hand and to take it all back…to take her back. He just wanted to yell out after her and make things right…but that chance was far too late, as his body refused to obey movements and watched her leave in pure agony.

Kagome didn't even have the chance to leave his eyesight, when her ears picked up the faint sound of him calling out "wait!" He jogged over to her and abruptly stopped when he reached her sobbing form.

"At least let me give you a ride home," he pleaded lightly, trying to make amends. Kagome had turned and left again without a response; only tears.

As the young woman ran, it felt as if she were dreaming while still awake. She could easily remember all the good times she had with her 'love'. How he was always so romantic, charming…it was almost hypnotizing. How he could easily comfort her with just a shy smile or make her laugh when she was down…

All those good times were over now.

----------------------------------------To Be Continued----------------------------------------

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