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Note: Spoilers past chapter 120. You have been warned.

Finite Sequence

It is almost time.

We are playing a game in his room, and it is an unusually subdued game. Hikaru must be tired or not trying very hard, because I can see the moves ahead, all the way to the end. Not only that, I can see clearly all the hands that I have played before which have led me to this particular game and to this particular hand, and I can glimpse all the hands that are to come, past the end of this game: an indefinite chain that becomes more definite with each hand.

As I play each hand, cutting off Hikaru's paths of attack and defense, I can feel my own paths getting cut off, one by one, stone by stone, on a board larger than the one we are playing on now. Days, games, hours, hands, stones…they are slipping inexorably into their designated spots, immovable once placed. It was only recently that I became aware of this larger game, played by someone who is better at go than I am.

Path by path, stone by stone, I can see my options being cut off until there is only one finish for me. I have calculated it already: I will come up short in the final counting.

Hikaru's game has just begun, but I am in the final stages of yose.

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