heya! This just sorta dropped into my head and I had to write it and so I hope you like it, lol. It's slash, so if you don't like it, don't read it. Well, that's easy now innit?

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Flowers Never Bend

"So I'll continue to continue
to pretend
my life will never end
and flowers never bend
with the rainfall..." ('Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall' - Simon & Garfunkel)

Draco stood and stared at his mirror, silently just taking in his surroundings. Completely dispassionate about life, the universe and everything, he went about his day. He walked through the halls, handed in his essays and sneered at anyone who looked at him. He didn't expect anything out of the day - it was Thursday, nothing ever happened on Thursdays.

He passed a small group of Gryffindors, examining the people to see if there was anything that would spark his interest. Of course - they were Gryffindors, so there was.

"Well, well, well," he smirked as he stopped. "If it isn't the lovebirds, come out for a bit of fresh air." Weasley and Granger had been inseparable for the last few eks, more so than usual. It was utterly disgusting to watch - googly eyes, hand-holding, and kissing all over the place - but it did never cease to keep Draco amused.

"Shut up, Malfoy." Ron growled at him, stepping out to the front of the group so that he was face to face with Draco. Draco always loved that. Ron wasn't exactly the smartest in the group, which just made it all the more amusing.

"Oi, touché," Draco mocked. "Really, Weasel, you should copyright some of your comebacks. They really are quite amazing." Ron just turned bright red - like he always did - and clenched his fists.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Ron said through gritted teeth. The answer was pretty simple, but Draco wasn't about to actually talk about feelings. So Draco just eyed him and smirked. He knew exactly what was happening in that moment, and he could just feel the frustration and confusion emanating from the group - it energized him. He loved being in control of the situation. He shook his head.

"Just to see you squirm, Weasel." He chuckled and walked away. He heard Ron mutter something under his breath behind his back, but that only made him chuckle softly. He had so much power over the Golden Trio, it was amazing. At the drop of a hat he could make or break their day, and Ron was the easiest target out of all of them.

As he walked back to the Slytherin Common Room he sighed in what almost felt like a victory. Having that much power over the school was invigorating - he knew he ran the place, even if they thought they did. There was nothing anybody could do to change that. He felt like a king, and Hogwarts was just the beginning.

After dinner he decided to go to the library to finish his Potions essay - even he had to do some work.

He sat at a table in an empty corner in the back, near a few shelves that contained books about potions and potion ingredients. He wanted peace and quiet.

Of course, though, there wasn't peace and quiet. He couldn't find the book he needed and there were a group of younger Gryffindors towards the front that were making an obnoxious amount of noise despite the death glares both Draco and Madam Pince were shooting at them.

He looked up once more to glare at them and saw another figure enter the scene. He smirked as Ron walked back towards the Potions section and sat down at a table not too far from his own.

Draco stared at the back of Ron's head, thinking about what he should say, what he could say, to just make Ron turn that awfully funny shade of red.

"What, your girlfriend wouldn't finish your essay for you?" Draco said, just loud enough. Ron swirled around to face him.

"Leave me alone, Malfoy." He spat with more venom than Draco had heard in awhile.

"Was it something I said?" He asked innocently. Ron looked infuriated, but ignored him. Draco didn't want to be ignored - no one ignored him. He loved poking fun at all the Gryffindors, that one in particular. And if he wasn't going to respond...well, that just killed it. Killed the fun.

Ron sat at his table furiously writing on a piece of parchment while Draco just stared at the back of his head, wondering how Ron could possibly ignore him when he was obviously so upset and also thinking about what to say next. His potions essay lay forgotten on the table as he leaned back in his chair and just thought. Planning the next move was always the best part in his opinion. Executing the plan was important, yes, but planning it was the most fun.

He thought about the different things he could say or do, and what would most likely illicit the best outcome versus which would backfire. He watched as Ron got up and went into a remote section of the library, probably searching for the same books he was.

Draco decided that he wasn't going to take being ignored lying down, and that he needed to do something drastic to get the boy's attention. He glared at Ron's back as he walked away and then just smirked.

Draco looked around to make sure no one was near them, and none of their friends were searching for either of them before he quietly stood up and followed Ron into the deserted aisle.

Draco saw him studying a book before he took it back to his table. Before he made his move he stopped, second-guessing himself just in case he was wrong. But he was never wrong, so he took a step forward and waited for Ron looked up.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Ron spat. Draco's blood pumped as he kept a cool exterior, smirking to top it all off. Ron was about to take a step forward to walk away when Draco stepped towards him and pushed him up against the wall. He kissed him fiercely and he made Ron reciprocate. It wasn't difficult; in fact, Draco was excited at how easy it was to manipulate him.

He kissed him for what felt like the longest and yet most invigorating moment of the whole week. Maybe even the month. Draco knew that he wasn't the only one feeling the energy.

Finally he broke the heated kiss and just smirked at Ron who was surprisingly not red at all. His face was stark white and he was breathing hard. Draco had never seen his face drain of color like that. It was an incredible experience.

Neither of them said anything before Draco smirked and turned on his heel. He'd never felt such fire and he liked it. As he walked away, picked up his parchment and left, he decided that that would not be the last time he happened to encounter Weasley. He wouldn't seek him out, but he knew that circumstances would fall in his favor. They always did.