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AU InuYasha fan fiction

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Chapter One: Saving Me


Rain pounded the darkened area of downtown Tokyo in tiny, pin needle drops, bringing a gray aura to the streets. Hardly a soul was to be found walking outside in this weather and at this time of night.

"Arg!" a dark haired woman with chocolate eyes grunted as she flatted herself on the cement, narrowly missing being swiped to shreds by an angry youkai.

"Kagome!" another woman cried, hurling her oversized boomerang at the snarling mass of rotting flesh attacking her comrade and friend.

Kagome quickly twisted her body out of the path of another attack. Rocking backwards on her shoulders and hands, she flipped on to her feet and leveled her crossbow at the rogue youkai in one swift movement. While Sango distracted the youkai with another swing of Hiraikotsu, Kagome infused the arrow with an enormous amount of spiritual power and pulled the trigger.

The arrow soared toward its target and struck the beast squarely in its decaying chest. With a cry of outrage, the youkai fell on the asphalt, knocking over a street lamp and crushing a bus stop bench in the process. His body instantaneously disintegrated into ashes from the ferocity of the purifying arrow.

"Another one bites the dust," Kagome smirked in satisfaction, twirling her crossbow and attaching it to the leather strap hanging at her hip. She brushed the youkai dust off her black leather jacket, green tank top and curve-hugging black pants. The attractive 19-year-old woman frowned at her boots.

"Why do the youkai always insist upon staining my new boots with their revolting blood?" she asked in annoyance.

Sango laughed, slinging Hiraikotsu over her shoulder as she smoothed out her jeans and tight pink workout top. The 20-year-old swung her head around, moving her high pony-tail from behind the large boomerang.

"Next time, maybe you should ask the youkai nicely. I'm sure they'd just lay down and die to avoid dirtying your precious boots."

Kagome stuck her tongue out at her best friend, striding past Sango to an adjoining alley.

"Don't worry, the rain will wash some of the remains away," assured Sango.

"At least he didn't touch my baby," Kagome cooed, running her hand over the leather seat of her white motorcycle.

"Kami forbid," Sango said, rolling her eyes as she hopped on her own bike. "We better get back to headquarters. Zipping through this downpour will be fun."

"Hai, it always seems to rain when we have a mission. If we're late for another meeting, Kaede will restrict our access to the Weaponry again," Kagome sighed as she mounted her bike and peeled out of the alley and into the midst of Tokyo evening traffic, Sango on her tail.

"Race ya!" Kagome challenged, revving her engine and shooting ahead of Sango.

"You'll be eating my dust, Higurashi!" Sango laughed, switching gears to speed up.

"Keep dreaming, Taijya!" Kagome retorted, her words almost lost to noise of the hurling wind and engines.

The two weaved in and out of traffic, causing many motorists to honk their horns in outrage at being nearly clipped and sideswiped, waving angry fists from behind wet windshields. Kagome remained in the lead, reveling in her natural element. The wind whipped her dark hair about her, her chocolate eyes alight with determination and excitement, the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

'I live for the rush and the speed.'

Sango pulled even with Kagome, smiling at her best friend. Kagome returned the grin. She and Sango understood each other implicitly. Both grew up together, enjoying the thrill of living on the edge, fighting, annoying their younger brothers, training, and pulling daredevil stunts collectively. They had the kind of relationship to which few friendships can compare.

Kagome and Sango trusted one another without a doubt, living and breathing by the bonds of their sisterhood. Having both lost their parents to rogue youkai attacks in their early teens, they banded together under the guardianship of Lady Kaede, to work on avenging their parents and preventing the same fate from befalling others.

Lady Kaede taught them to become Slayers, fearsome warrior women who wage war against the rogue youkai responsible for the destruction and desolation across Japan. Most youkai lived in peace with humans, relations having greatly improved since the Feudal Era. However, some youkai still felt themselves superior to, and intolerant towards, humanity in general. That was usually where Kagome, Sango, and the rest of the Slayers stepped in and kicked some youkai carcass.

Slayers were trained in the ancient arts of youkai slaying, while fine-tuning their skills towards their strengths and gifts. Like Lady Kaede, Kagome possessed the purification powers of a miko, and utilized the modern version of the ancient bow and arrows--her beloved crossbow--to purify troublesome youkai. Sango, descended from an old line of youkai exterminators, used her family heirloom Hiraikotsu, made from youkai bones, to fight. Both girls were also trained to use katanas, and an arsenal of other weapons. Some of the other Slayers were youkai themselves and relied on their own strength and natural weapons.

Each Slayer was the epitome of physical fitness, ranking top-notch in endurance, agility, and combat skills. Kagome and Sango even surpassed most youkai in these areas. Slayers were also highly educated, quite capable and resourceful in collecting research, reconnaissance, concocting tactics, and in retaining massive amounts of information. Each woman had a formidable intellect, able to utilize either brains or brawns to defeat an enemy with equal capability.

"Watch it, bitch!" a rough voice jarred Kagome from her thoughts as she cut off a fellow motorcyclist while switching lanes.

She stopped beside him at the red light, Sango in line behind her. Kagome turned to the rude cyclist.

"There's no need to call me a bitch just because your reaction time and observation skills obviously suck," she yelled.

Almost as soon as the words left her mouth, Kagome lost further ability to speak. Even under the dim street lights and the gray mist of the rain, he looked god-like, the elements creating a golden glow about his being. The man beside her was no man, but an incredibly handsome inu-youkai--no, inu-hanyou--with long, sleek silver hair and piercing amber eyes. The furry ears atop his head only added to his sex appeal, and she found herself silently appraising the rest of his toned body on display in his tight red T-shirt and jeans, molded to his skin by the rain.

'Gotta love a man with a six-pack.'

"Keh, your skills are the ones that need some work, bitch," he growled, reciprocating the once-over. It was quite obvious he shared Kagome's attraction.

"Later, dog-boy," Kagome saluted, speeding off just as the light turned green.

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw the hanyou turn down another street.

'I wonder who he is…'

Sango pulled beside her, and the two arrived at Slayer headquarters in no time. It was a tall, dark, inconspicuous building that looked like every other corporate office in Tokyo, standing 22 floors high. They steered their bikes around the back, the slick, metallic garage door opening and closing quickly, swallowing the bikes and their riders in a matter of seconds.

Kagome parked in her designated spot in the spacious garage, killing the engine and sitting a few moments to think about the beautiful stranger.

'Those eyes. It's like he could see right into me. He's got a body I could spend all day tracing those delicious contours with my fingertips. And those ears! Kami, I wanted to reach over and touch them--'

"Kagome?" Sango called, her cinnamon eyes conveying her curiosity as she dismounted her bike.

"Hmm?" Kagome looked up. Sango raised her eyebrows. "Yeah, sorry."

Kagome gave herself a mental slap. 'Head back in the game, Higurashi!'

Kagome swung her leg over the seat and hopped down, falling into step beside Sango. Exciting the garage, they opted for the stairwell instead of the sleek elevator.

Sango glanced at her watch and groaned. "We're going to be late for the Briefing!"

Sango and Kagome raced up the white cement stairs to the second floor, taking two to three steps at a time. Throwing open the stairwell, a wide lobby greeted the two Slayers. Marble floors framed by white walls and mahogany trim led to various offices and rooms, giving the appearance of a business. The receptionist behind a polished black desk waved, pointing to a set of double metal doors.

"The meeting has yet to begin," the receptionist smiled.

Both Slayers exhaled in relief, and quietly slipped into the boardroom.

"Finally, there you two are," Kaede said, looking up from a file. "I assume all went well?"

"Hai," Kagome answered, plopping down on a comfy chair, stretching out. She made a motion to kick her feet up on the boardroom table, but one narrowed look from the elder miko put a swift end to that action.

Sango rolled her eyes, taking a seat and crossing her legs. Someone had to be the mature sister and set an example.

"Standard slaying," Sango elaborated. "No casualties or injuries and minimal damage to the area."

"Good. Be sure to turn your notes into Koharu, so that she may file a report," said Kaede, looking in particular at Kagome.

Kagome suppressed the urge to groan and nodded.

'Geez! Miss one report and suddenly you're always under suspicion.'

"Did neither of you have the presence of mind to change?" inquired Kaede as she eyed their soggy appearance in exasperation.

"We didn't have time," muttered Kagome, ducking her head in mild embarrassment.

Kaede returned to perusing the file in her hand, and Kagome turned to the other Slayers present.

"Hiya, Rin," she greeted the 18-year-old woman next to her.

Rin was a Newbie on the force, recently released from training and ready to take on her first assignment. This was her first Briefing. She appeared calm to a casual observer's eye, but Kagome was trained to know better. She placed her hand over the younger girl's arm and gave it a sisterly squeeze.

Rin smiled in thanks.

"Any new assignments?" Sango ventured, sick of the silence.

"Not a thing," replied Ayame, a red-haired female ookami youkai and fellow Slayer. "It's been quiet since you two left."

"What nasty trouble maker's next in line, Kaede?" Kagome inquired, eyeing the file suspiciously.

Kaede smiled. "Sometimes, I forget how perceptive you Slayers are. I suppose I shall get to the point of the meeting. We've had a particularly heavy load of rouge youkai to deal with the past few weeks, but recently, there's been a dead spot."

"Someone is stirring up major trouble," volunteered Kagome. "And I bet you anything that someone's info is nicely organized in that file you're holding, Kaede."

"No confirmation yet, but I have my suspicions. Take a look."

Kaede slid the file across the table to Kagome, who snatched it up and began reading aloud.

" 'Naraku Onigumo, Unknown youkai species; CEO of Onigumo Research Industries. Charged with embezzlement, extortion, grand theft… Cleared of all charges.' Sheesh, lucky jerk. 'Recently seen with Kikyo Yuroshi, his ningen defense lawyer; and leading scientists, Kagura and Kanna Hinto, wind and void youkai.'

"'Onigumo Industries holds at least seven major military contracts, each providing massive amounts of funding, totaling in the high billions.' "

Sango gave a low whistle while Kagome continued scanning the file, committing all specifics to memory.

"So what exactly are they up to?" inquired Rin.

"Onigumo Research Industries is a firm infamous for secretive and unscrupulous testing," supplied Kagome. "Rumor has it that they're trying to create the perfect youkai to utilize for battle purposes. I've heard talk that Naraku himself is heading the project."

"Sounds to me he's a mad scientist who wants to play God," Ayame said, twirling her knife around. "Let's go talk with him."

"No weapons at the board table," Kaede chastised. Ayame grumbled and sheathed her knife in the hostler on her thigh.

"Only time will tell," Kaede continued ominously. "I want each of you to keep your eyes open and your ears peeled for any information regarding this Naraku and Onigumo Research Industries. Find all you can on Miss Yuroshi and the Misses Hinto as well. Until then, keep in top form and be ready for an explosion of youkai attacks at a moment's notice.

"You girls are dismissed. I need to make a few phone calls to potential allies."

"Allies?" Kagome inquired with eyebrows raised.

"Yes, Kagome. I have a feeling the severity of this situation is much more colossal than we might think," answered Kaede distracted, waving her hand to dismiss the girls.

All four Slayers piled out of the boardroom, making their way to the training dojo on the fifth floor.

"I wonder who these 'allies' are," muttered Kagome aloud.

Ayame stretched, pulling her arms above her head, then shrugged. "No idea."

"Looks like we'll be hitting the databases soon enough," Rin groaned.

"Isn't that what Koharu and her slew of underlings in Records are supposed to do?" quipped Sango.

"I say we do some sparring to let out all this energy, before we hit the books," suggested Kagome.

The girls laughed and nodded in affirmation, riding the elevator up three floors. They separated upon entering the changing room, going to their respective lockers to pull out their gear. Kagome emerged first in black biking capris and a red sports bra. She began stretching on the mat, doing a few flips and jumps to get her blood pumping.

The Dojo connected to several rooms: a Training Room filled with ropes, gymnastic equipment and weights; a Weaponry complete with a personalized armory for each Slayer (crossbows and arrows for Kagome, extra replica boomerangs and poison bombs for Sango, Ayame's collection of deadly knives, Rin's handguns with poison bullets, and katanas and protective gear individualized for each Slayer); a Shooting Range for target practice; and the Main Sparring Room, a large open room complete with mats and high ceilings.

Ayame came out next, wearing short white shorts and a blue tank top that stopped above her belly button.

"Hey, Kagome! Ready for that spar?"

Kagome smiled, pulling her hair back in preparation.

"Bring it, Ayame."

The two Slayers began circling each other, concentrating on anticipating one another's moves. Kagome lunged, delivering a side kick to Ayame's stomach. The female ookami grabbed her foot and twisted the leg. Kagome wrenched her foot out of Ayame's grasp, doing a back handspring and blocking Ayame's punch to the head.

"Show-offs!" Sango called out when she appeared with Rin in the dojo. Rin giggled.

"They're just having a little fun, Sango."

Sango and Rin shared a look, jumping into battle stances to begin their own sparring match.


"Damn!" InuYasha Taisho growled as he leapt off his parked bike and dashed up a few flights of stairs.

His thoughts repeatedly strayed back to the alluring dark-haired woman on the motorcycle.

'Why am I wasting my time thinking about that loud-mouthed bitch?' InuYasha growled internally. 'She was pretty sexy, straddling that bike in those tight clothes…She could really handle that machine too…'

The hanyou snarled, squelching his dangerous train of though, putting on a burst of speed up the steps.

He reached the fifth floor in mere moments--due to the speed granted to only those of hanyou and youkai blood--sliding through the reception area and into the Battlement Library.

"So nice of you to join us, little brother," an elder version of silver hair and gold eyes, with the addition of magenta strips on his face and a crescent moon on his forehead, clad in black slacks and a gray T-shirt, deadpanned.

"Can it, asshole," InuYasha retorted, stretching out in a leather chair next to a 23-year-old handsome man with short, black hair pulled back in a small pony tail.

Sesshomaru ignored his brother's rude response, leaning casually against one of the many bookcases.

"What'd I miss, Miroku?" InuYasha asked, turning to his friend.

"Not a thing," Miroku Houshi replied, folding his purple-clad arms over the table.

"At least I beat that baka ookami here," InuYasha laughed.

"Shut up, Inu-kuso," a striking male ookami-youkai growled as he stormed in. His image--black hair in a high ponytail and a brown muscle shirt and ripped jeans--suited him. "It's not my fault that my rogue was actually a challenge."

InuYasha snorted. "An usa-youkai is a challenge for you, dumbass."

Kouga began growling loudly. InuYasha reciprocated, baring his teeth. Both jumped to their feet and looked ready to leap over the long wooden table to tear each other apart at a moment's notice.

"Enough!" commanded a very short, balding flea youkai. "I will not have my Hunters fighting one another! You are teammates, not enemies! Get this stupid rivalry out of your systems now!"

InuYasha and Kouga immediately sat down, but continued growling lowly.

"I said enough!" yelled Myogua.

"Listen to the boss, Yash," Miroku muttered.

InuYasha rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, and leaned back in his chair. Kouga did the same.

"Now, on to business. I hope all of you have read your briefs on Naraku?" Myogua glanced around the Library, resting his eyes on each hunter. Miroku and Sesshomaru nodded, but InuYasha and Kouga gave him blank stares.

"Idiots, can you never come prepared?" Myogua demanded.

Miroku coughed to hide his laugh. Sesshomaru would have rolled his eyes if he stooped to such infantile measures--which a taiyoukai of his standing did not.

"If we're supposed to kill the bastard," began InuYasha, "What's the point in reading about him?"

Myoga sighed.

"'Tis better to know thyne enemy, than to be ignorant of his capabilities," replied Miroku.

"The mutt will always be ignorant," Kouga snapped.

InuYasha bared his fangs. "You didn't read the fucking thing either!"

"InuYasha! Kouga! ENOUGH!" yelled Myogua, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I have no time for this idiocy. We have a potentially dangerous threat about and not a moment to be spared on juvenile jibes!"

Sesshomaru smirked at InuYasha, causing the inu-hanyou's growls to escalate.

Miroku bopped InuYasha over the head with his golden staff, effectively startling him into silence.

"Excuse me, Myogua-san?" a female secretary interrupted. "There's an urgent phone call for you."

Myogua nodded.

"Miroku, Sesshomaru, brief these two on the new threat," Myogua ordered as he strode out of the Library.

"Keh," InuYasha snorted. "So what the hell do we really need to know? All we have to do is find the bastard and kill him."

Miroku sighed. "Essentially yes, but it's a little more complicated when the rogue is Naraku Onigumo, a dangerous owner of a multi-billion dollar company."

Miroku handed InuYasha the fact sheet as Kouga picked up his own copy to scan.

"Keh," InuYasha replied once finished reading. "Shoulda known Kikyo would represent such an asswipe."

"You personally know this Kikyo?" Sesshomaru asked in is stoic manner.

InuYasha snorted. "Went on one date with the cold bitch. Too much like you for me to stand her," he replied, glancing at the inu-youkai.

Miroku fought the urge to laugh, knowing better than to enrage Sesshomaru. Kouga, however, wasn't so intelligent.

"Haha! Sesshomaru could pass for a bitch sometimes. He even--"

Kouga found himself slammed against a wall, held by the throat, by a snarling taiyoukai.

"You will not insult this Sesshomaru."

Kouga nodded feverishly, then was dropped unceremoniously on his ookami butt.

Miroku rose to the role of peacemaker -- yet again -- and quickly changed the subject.

"So what opinion do we have of this new situation with Naraku?"

The four Hunters began to exchange thoughts and information while trading insults, but were interrupted by the same secretary flying through the doors yet again.

"Emergency! All of you are to arm yourselves and immediately head out! A large group of rouges are terrorizing the Shinjuku ward!"

The Hunters nodded, Miroku pressing a button under the long wooden table. The table raised up slightly, flipped over, and opened up, revealing several katanas, including the legendary swords. InuYasha snatched Tessaiga, Sesshomaru Tenseiga and Tokijin, while Kouga picked a simple katana. Miroku was already armed with his staff and sutras.

In a flash, all had disappeared out the door.

Myogua looked through his office window, watching as two motorcycles, one youkai cloud and a blur of brown sped out of sight.


A red light began flashing in the Slayer's dojo. Kaede's voice came over the intercom. The four Slayers raced to pull on battle-appropriate clothing (jeans and leather combos) and grabbed their weapons.

"Come on!" Kagome yelled, dragging Rin by the elbow to the garage and to their bikes.

Sango peeled out with Ayame seated behind her.

"No worries, OK?" said Kagome with a reassuring smile.

Rin nodded, hopping on behind Kagome as they sped off.


"Slayers, fan out! Rin, stick close to me!" ordered Kagome upon arriving in Shinjuku.

Chaos had erupted. Concrete slabs were ripped out of streets and tossed. Buildings were missing panels and windows. Smoke hazed the dark and rainy night. Bodies of civilians lay everywhere, in pools of blood and entrails, the moonlight casting an eerie glow over them.

'So many innocents,' Kagome mentally whispered.

Three gruesomely big and pissy rogue youkai trampled about, destroying every vehicle, building, and person in their path. They each towered over 20-feet tall, and easily were the width of a convenience store.

Kagome whipped out her crossbow. In her peripheral vision, she saw Sango ready Hiraikotsu, Ayame twirling her knives, and Rin cocking two guns.

With a nod, the Slayers sprung into action.


The boomerang slammed into the smallest youkai, a deformed lizard, taking out a chunk of his shoulder. The lizard twisted around, claws up, only to be pelted in the eyes with two daggers.

"Bulls-eye!" Ayame cheered, two more daggers appearing in her gloved hands.

Kagome charged up her arrow, and shot the lizard right in the temple.

The blinded youkai stumbled into the other two, causing a domino effect. The lizard never got back up. The other two did.

"Uh-oh! Looks like they're a little angry!" cried Rin.

Kagome set off a round of purifying arrows in the large brown youkai while Rin began pelting the scaly black hide of the other. Their attacks only seemed to infuriate the youkai further.

Both dive-rolled out of the path of a fire ball. Kagome then cart-wheeled into a few flips until she stood atop an abandoned car roof.

"Damn! We need a weak spot!" Kagome muttered to herself.

'The eyes worked before…But that would be too easy.'

She fired a couple arrows towards the youkai's eyes, disappointment and anger seized her when seeing the brown youkai bat them away. The rogue started charging in her direction, only to be stopped by a round of poison bullets from the back. Rin was in close range, and had taken the shot. A rookie mistake -- she failed to realize exactly how close was too close. The youkai turned and swung at Rin, knocking the newbie into the side of a building. Kagome watched in horror was Rin slumped down, lifeless. Kagome began running towards her, eyes widening as she saw the youkai fire up another blazing inferno.

"Rin!" Kagome cried, diving in front of the smaller Slayer.

The fire scorched a path towards Kagome, but was stopped by her miko barrier. The fire intensified, but as it was jayki-based, Kagome could contain it. Five minutes later, the energy required to keep the barrier in place was quickly dissipating and Kagome felt weak.

'I have to hold on long enough for Sango and Ayame to stop them.'

Her vision began to swim, but she steeled her determination and another surge of energy rushed through, pushing the fire -- and the rogue -- back. Then the barrier began to shrink.

'Oh Kami…'


"What the fuck!" InuYasha yelled when the others stopped next to him after arriving at the disaster zone. "Who the hell are they?"

The Hunters watched the four females attacking the rouges, eyes widening as they saw the eliminated one laying on the road. The females twisted and spun about, using their weapons with obvious grace and expertise.

"It appears that they are doing our job for us," observed Miroku.

"Who cares? They need our help!" Kouga replied, never one to pass up a female in distress.

The four Hunters nodded, fanning out over the area. Kouga raced straight into the black youkai, pummeling his right leg. Miroku threw a few sutras at the black rogue, making it scream in pain. A flying boomerang nearly took the monk's head off.

"Move it!" the woman with the long pony-tail snapped, catching the giant weapon.

"Only trying to assist!" the monk called back.

"We don't need you!" Sango snapped in return.

Sesshomaru took to the sky, unsheathing Tokijin and observing the battle below him in a cold calm.

InuYasha went towards the dark-haired female with the crossbow, amazed by her maneuvering capabilities and aim. The way she twisted in a graceful arc to face her opponent was enchanting. Her gymnastic skills were pretty impressive, too. Once she landed on the car with agility, he watched her scan the situation. With her head titled to the side, she seemed to be calculating something. He saw her eyes widen and heard her scream "Rin!", then watched her run and throw up a barrier.

He winced at the fire's impact on the barrier.

'Damn, that rogue's really pounding into her.'

He saw her posture slacken, her energy quickly dissipating. He knew she needed help.

'I gotta do something or she'll be dead.'





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