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Chapter 8: Sasuke's Wish!

"...I'd do anything to play something else."

All the others sighed and mumbled something about him being an emo and they knew he would pick that. But neverless, they crowed into a circle and began whispering. While they were whispering, Sasuke caught Himari blush at one sentence Sakura said.

"Ok, we have decided that we're going to play something else, ONLY if you say one of your deepest and darkest secret," Tenten said slowly.

Sasuke 'hn'ed and tried to think of one. He flushed as he remembered something very horrible. "Well,"

"SPIT IT OUT!" cried the girls.


"What did you say?" The weapon mistress asked sternly. Sasuke whimpered, not wanting to embarrase himself infront of Sakura. But If he didn't admit it, they would continue playing this annoying game, and Sakura probably wouldn't think he was brave.

"I said," The Uchiha surviver took a breath, "I was walking one night, passing a strip bar and then some guy thought I was a stripper and..."

His face turned a crimson red and tried to hide his face with a pillow, thinking 'If they can't see me, maybe they wouldn't notice.' Everyone was laughing, agreeing that Sasuke DID look a little like a girl. Hinata was the only one giggling, as she didn't like to be so loud.

Gaara smirked, knowing Sasuke liked Sakura, but now that he admitted THAT, how could Sakura like him?

Neji, as emotionless as he was, recorded it all, and labeling it as 'Uchiha Sasuke Blackmail.'

Hinata stopped giggling and said, "W-what do we d-do now?"

At that moment, Shikamaru and Temari emerged from Tenten's room. Temari's hair was a little messy, her clothes wrinkled. Shikamaru's hair was messed up too, but his clothes seemed fine. And to top it off, they were holding hands! (okay, start saying aww now... wait for it, wait for it, stop)




Orochimaru was still there, awwing as well. Suddenly, Gai asked a question.

"Tsunade-sama, how come we don't have an power outage?"

Tsunade smiled evilly and said, "The wonders of technology, Gai, the wonders of technology." Gai looked confused, and Jiraiya explained more clearly to him.

"Tsunade payed these people to make fake thunder and rain with technology, surely you know that, right?" The green beast of Konoha shook his head and said, "Sadly, I do not know what is technology. But if it is youthful, I will begin studying it!"

The others only shook their heads, wondering if Gai's other dropped him on his head when he was a baby. Asuma, caught smoking by Tsunade, was in a corner for a timeout.

-Knock knock-

"Kurenai, get the door," big breasted lady commanded.

"Hai." When she opened the door, Yondaime was standing outside. Kakashi widened his eyes, while the others had their jaws to the ground.

"You know, if you keep your mouths that way, flies will fly in," Yondaime joked. He looked around the room, his eyes landing on the TV.

"Well, what is this?"

Kakashi was the first to speak. "Aren't you suppose to be dead?"

Yondaime chuckled. "Ah, Kakashi, still wearing that mask?" (Sorry if I got this wrong, but I think Yondaime was Kakashi's sensei, right?)

The Copy-nin laughed weakly, remembering the times when they went on missions. "You are right, I am suppose to be dead, but I have come back to life for a period of time. Now, answer my question, what is this?"

Tsunade smiled and answered, "We're playing matchmakers! Wanna help?" The Yellow Flash put on the evil smile Tsunade used a couple minutes ago. "Of course, you know, I was also called cupid in my time too."

Orochimaru stared at him and coughed.

"Why don't we see how they're doing?"

Back to them...


"Temmi! Are you two gonna go out?"

Temari glared at Sakura and playfully punched her. Ino, a little shocked, but still knowing what had happened, had steam coming out of her ears.

"Oi b-tch! What did you do to him?"

Temari and Ino argued until they started slapping and scratching each other. "This is too troublesome.." sighed Shikamaru. (I said that to my cousin too!) -Boom-

"AHHH!" Apparently they forgot about the storm outside. Sakura, being the smallest, snuggled into Gaara's chest, making him blush. Thank God no one saw him because the flash light was pointing at blonde and blonder.

Well, he THOUGHT no one saw, but Sasuke did. He growled and glared daggers at Gaara. Oh, if he could just kill him right now...

"Itai!" wailed Ino as Temari scratched her. Shikamaru stood between them, attempting to stop the fight, only to be pulled into a room with Temari, AGAIN. Ino ran after them and tried to open the door, but tripped on something.

"Stupid mother f--king b-itch.." Poor Ino, she didn't get to finish as Higari tackled her and began ripping out all her hair.

"And that's what you get for tripping on Higari." grinned Himari.


"So what are the pairings?" asked Yondaime, scratching his head.

Asuma, still in his timeout, gave him a piece of paper. Yondaime stared at him weirdly before saying, "Punishment?" He nodded. Ignoring him, the blonde looked at the paper.

1.Gaara and Sakura

2. Hinata and Naruto

3. Temari and Shikamaru -done-

4. Himari and Sasuke -problem-

5. Kankuro and someone -problem-

6. Ino and no one -done-

7. Tenten and Neji -done-

"So who's with Kankuro?"

"We already thought of someone," replied Jiraiya. "Who?"

Orochimaru pointed to the screen, "You see that silver and red haired girl with red eyes, Himari? We thought of Kankuro and her sister."

Back to them...



Tenten groaned. "Not again..." This time Naruto got up to open the door. (gasp)

There was a dramatic pause before Naruto spoke up. "Oh, hey Himaru!" They all exhaled their breath and sighed. In walked in a girl that looked just like Himari, but with red hair and silver streaks.

Sakura and Kankuro had question marks above their heads. (Gaara is too cool to have one) Himaru introduced herself, "Hiya! I'm Himaru, Himari's sister, and hopefully not Sasuke-teme's sister-in-law!"

Himari hissed and smacked her sister on the head. "Oww..." Himaru looked around the room, and spotted Kankuro. "Ohh.. is that a cat?"

"Umm... no," the puppeteer gulped, not liking the look Himaru had, "this is my hoody." (Bwhahaha! he said HOODY!XD)

Himaru pounced on him anyways. "I LOOOOOVE CATS!" Kankuro gasped for air.


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