She's a rainbow. Not just because she, like all those from Majesdane, has a multihued aura. True, her magical powers shine with every color ever imagined – and even some never thought of – but she's not just a visible rainbow; she's also a colorful conglomeration of characteristics.

All of which I love.

Red for the blood she's saved from being shed, even before she agreed to marry me to save our worlds. She's barely more than a girl, but her fierce fighting spirit is never more apparent than when she prepares to do battle, whether it be with weapons or with words.

Orange for how she shines brighter than a million stars. Her smile can draw a grudging affection from even the least amiable Kree. Our worlds are at peace. True, I may be biased, but I do not exaggerate in the least when I say it is because of her alone, and not our impending marriage.

Yellow for the gold of her hair as it twines around us in our bed, and the way it glows in the starlight. She's shared her very soul with me, in talks late at night, and it is the most precious gift I have ever received, aside from her love.

Green for the planets she protects, respecting all life, even that not her own.

Blue for her eyes, and the way they sparkled when she first saw deep space. She misses her home world of Earth, but stays here because of us.

Purple…for the part of her heart that will always belong to me. It's her favorite color, she says, because it reminds her of me.

She's a lover, a fighter, a dreamer…

And she is mine. As I am hers.

My Karolina.