Okay, so this little idea of mine has been floating around my head for a while. Enjoy

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Summary: oh, just read it. BTW it is from Deans point of view for the whole story.

Rory, Rory, Rory.

Dean, Dean, Dean.

Rory and Dean. Don't those names sound perfect together? I, Dean, think so. Rory Gilmore is the one I will marry. Because I love her. She just doesn't know she loves me back. I have just got to show her that she does! Hmmm… what would Kelly Clarkson, my idol, do? Flowers! Yeah every girl loves flowers! Every girl I have ever "wooed" I got them flowers. To the Dean Truck! So Dean went to the "Dean Truck" in search of flowers for Rory.

"But you won't get to see these tears I cried behind these hazel eyes!" Dean belted out. I LOVE that song! It is so, like ME! It just explains me, he thought to himself. He pulled up to the flower shop, combed his hair once through, and entered. So here I am at the flower shop, what to get her he thought. Roses, lilies, tulips… so many choices! This is so hard! UGH! Right then a nice lady that worked at the shop came up. "May I help you?" she asked the floppy haired boy. "Uh yeah," I started. " I am looking for some flowers for my" I paused. What exactly was Rory? … "girlfriend" I continued. The woman looked disappointed. Who could blame her? I am such a babe magnet, everyone wants me. The lady left. Great service I said in my head. After looking for a while I gave up. I left with my head held down in disappointment.

In my truck, I continued to think of the greatest gift for Rory. What could I get her? I pondered, after awhile though my head hurt so I had to stop. I decided to stop at Luke's diner for dinner, hoping maybe Rory would be there. I regretfully turned off Since U Been Gone and entered. I saw Rory! I mentally patted my self on the back for having such brains. But wait who is that? Oh yeah, that new kid. Mess, Less, Kess, Tess… Right then Rory shouted out "Jess!" Oh yeah that is his name, Jess. I tuned in to their conversation.

"Hemmingway is a crack addict!" Rory shouted. Hemmingway, I thought? What is that? A song?

"He is brilliant Rory! Little Ayn though…" Jess replied. Who is Ayn, I wondered. His girlfriend?

"Ayn is a wonderful author she writes great!" Rory retorted. Jeez, who is this AYN chick they are talking about, I thought? This is making me crazy! Ugh…

Right then Lorelai broke the two up. "Rory we have to go" she said.

"Okay mom" "Bye Jess!" she smiled at him.

"Bye" he said simply "See you tomorrow"

"Bye Luke" she turned to me "Bye Dean" she said without emotion, turned her heel and left.

Bye Dean? Bye Dean? Those words played over in my head over and over again as I sat in my bed. Shoot I thought, I think she likes this Jess fellow. I turned on "Breakaway" by Kelly and tried to get some sleep. I have got lots of work to do.

Okay so yeah this is really short but they will get longer. I hope you liked it!