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Dean woke up feeling rather swell. According to him he had Rory right where she should be, now all he had to do was set the date. What should they do? When should they have the date? Dean wasn't sure of this. What did Rory like to do? Dean had no clue. So he decided to follow her.

Dean stated his journey at the diner, he peeped through the window, and sure enough there she was. He decided to wait outside for a while until Rory was done.

So he waited…

And waited…

And waited some more.

Finally after being tired of sitting in the sun (it greatly hurt his complexion greatly) he peeped inside. She was nowhere! How could that be he thought. Maybe she went to the bathroom. Yeah that is it. She went to the bathroom. Dean knew his skin was about to fall off (seriously, this so bad for his skin!) so unwillingly he went inside. He ordered a cup of coffee and started to wait. While waiting he heard this.

" Kirk!" exclaimed Taylor

"Yep?" answered Kirk

"How could you?"

" How could I what?" Kirk asked confused

" This!" Taylor holds up a sign that advertises Kirks Sex services

" Yeah, what about it?"

" It says the "s" word Kirk!"

" Yeah, but it is to raise money for the bridge!"

" You think this will help raise money?" Taylor practically yelled.

" Yeah, I mean a lot of people just want to relieve them selves after a long day" Kirk states

" But with you?"

At this point Luke injects his comments " Kirk, I believe you just got burned!"

" Luke, shut up. You are not helping!" Taylor says.

" Really Taylor? Because I really thought that my comment would help bring peace to you two. "

" Luke!"

Luke changes the subject " hey Taylor would you like some coffee?"

Taylor sighs and continues "Kirk this is Stars Hollow, we just don't advertise… well you know.

" I am sorry Taylor!"

" Yes, well fine. How many of these flyers did you put up?"

Kirk remains silent


"100" Kirk whispers

"100!" Taylor exclaims!

" I promise to collect every single one of the flyers"


Wow, Dean thinks to himself. This is one crazy town I live in. Right then Rory comes downstairs with Jess.

"Oh Rory you just missed a Stars Hollow Classic Fight!" Lorelai told her daughter.

" NO!" Rory said whining. " What was it about"

"Kirk's Sex Services" Lorelai says trying to hold in her laughter.

"Oh man" Rory complains. " You WILL fill me in about it when I come back"

" Where are you going" Lorelai asks

" To go to the bridge with Jess" Rory says

" Oh okay, well have fun"

"Thanks, I will" Rory said

" Bye Rory" Lorelai said

" Bye mom" Rory said as her and Jess walked out the diner.

Dean stared. He was shocked! With JESS! Not him. He felt his heart breaking. HE had to follow them. He rushed out of the diner, to the bridge.

When he got there he hid in some bushes. He saw them talking. He was jealous of Jess. He had what he wanted. Rory. He stayed a while, but he wished he hadn't. After about 5 minutes Jess leans in for a kiss. Rory goes in as well. The kiss becomes more heated and Dean turns his head. He begins to head home.

When he arrives he puts in a new CD he just got. James Blunt

"She smiled at me on the subway.

She was with another man."

The song played on. Dean thought about this whole thing. Rory didn't love him. He couldn't help it. There was nothing he could do. He knew she was with Jess and that was that.

"But it's time to face the truth,

I will never be with you."

And the song ended, just like that. Just like his "Relationship" with Rory.

Before falling asleep Dean thought about this James Blunt Lad. Wow, I like totally love him! Move over Kelly!

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