This is because I love Pit.

Pit: Thank you.

He's so cuddly!

Pit: Umm…aren't all angels cuddly?


NOTE: This story was created based entirely on the Trailer for Super Smash Brothers Brawl that came out two years ago. I did not know about the other characters that were to be featured, using only the information I had. So please don't be nit-picky or anything like that. Thankyewverymooch.

On with the story!

Chapter One

Pit felt like shrinking to the size of an ant and crawling away. He hated getting so much attention, especially by almost thirty other Smashers. He managed a weak smile to no one in particular, and made eye contact with no one as he stood in the spotlight, Master Hand floating beside him.

"The last Smasher to introduce is Pit," Master Hand declared. "He's quite an experienced fighter, and very quick."

Pit's ears did not deceive him when he saw a boy clad in a green tunic lean over and whisper to another boy who wore a baseball hat and a backpack, "How does he fight in a dress?"

"It's not a dress," Pit answered hotly. So much for a great first impression.

"What's with the wings?" a Smasher he hadn't been introduced to yet questioned.

"It's what I am."

"An angel?" the same Smasher asked.

"In a way."

Someone snorted, obviously amused. Pit knew his face was turning red. They weren't taking him seriously. Nobody had made fun of Wario, Meta-Knight, or Snake when they got introduced. Soon the Smashers broke from the giant mass they were in and wandered into the many rooms of the Smash Mansion. Feeling lost, Pit turned to Master Hand to ask where he was to go, only to find the giant glove gone.

"Hey," a voice peeped.

Pit whirled his head around but saw no one.

"I hate it when people do that, and then they look down," the voice said irritably.

Pit had no choice but to look down and anger Kirby. But in an instant the creature from a distant star smiled.

"I'm Kirby," he spoke again.

"Hi…Kirby…" Pit said slowly.

"So, what are your weapons?"

"Er…my bow, arrows, and swords, and other random stuff…"

"Really? Lemme see!" Kirby piped up excitedly.

Not knowing if it was the wisest choice to hand a puffball some bow and arrows, Pit hesistated. But he did want to make a friend, so he unslung his bow and arrows and handed them to Kirby.

"Ooh," Kirby cooed. He fiddled with the string on Pit's bow. "Where's your sword?"

"Here," Pit took the bow and pulled it apart. It broke into two bright broadswords, and Kirby's eyes grew big.



"That's awesome."

"Er…thanks," Pit said. He took his items back from Kirby.

"Wanna meet the others?"

"Sure," Pit said, eager to make more friends. I don't wanna look down to talk to this guy all the time.

Kirby gestured Pit to follow him as he bounced into another room. Pit's hopes fell a little when he saw more short creatures running towards him. First came another pink ball similar to Kirby, followed by two yellow mice-looking creatures, and then a green dinosaur.

"Er…" Pit said uneasily.

"That's Purin, Pikachu, Pichu, and Yoshi," Kirby pointed out proudly.


"Hi Pit!"

"Your wings are awesome!"


"Pichu! Pi!"

"Er…thanks, everyone," Pit said, not entirely understanding the last two, but knowing it couldn't be anything mean.

"You say 'er' too much, Pit," Kirby said, placing his stubby arms on his hips. (Or near them…hey, he's a round ball!) "Don't be so shy!"

"I just thought I'd like to meet everyone else…you know, one by one," Pit grinned sheepishly.

"Oh, sure! We can help with that!" Kirby exclaimed. The others chorused their agreement. Pit sighed inwardly. These guys were a little too eccentric for him.

Kirby and the others led Pit to what appeared to be a training arena. Pit watched Meta Knight with jealousy as he talked with the others, fitting in so easily.

"EVERYBODY MEET PIT!" Kirby screamed at the top of his little lungs. Pit cringed.

The Smashers who were currently training stopped for a second.

"We met him in the Great Hall already," a swarthy man with orange hair muttered.

"Well, now it's time to meet him personally!" Kirby shot back proudly.

"Uh…uh…" Pit tried to interrupt Kirby. "Kirby?"

"What?" Kirby snapped, his tone from talking to Ganondorf carrying over to Pit. He realized his mistake and said sweetly, "I mean, what is it?"

"I was wondering if you could introduce me to anyone my age?"

"Oh yeah. There's Link, Marth, Roy, Zelda, Samus…"

"Erm…yeah, about that. Can you take me to them and not list them?" Pit asked.

"There you go with your 'er' and 'erm' again," Kirby said, ignoring Pit's request for the moment.

"But can you--"

"Yeah. Come on." Kirby smiled, nodding proudly to the Smashers who had continued their training and didn't bother to notice the puffball and angel anymore, along with the others who followed. "Um…I have no idea where they are."

"Pika pi pikachu!" Pikachu piped happily.

"Oh, they're in the lounge," Purin translated.

"This place is huge," Pit comment.

"Of course. We get new Smashers all the time," Kirby said matter-of-factly.

Pit nodded absently as he looked around him. He could not shake the feeling of being nervous; he wanted to fly away back home, but the tournament was important to him.

"Hi guys," Kirby announced his entrance and Pit saw five teenagers turn and five pairs of eyes landed on him. "This is Pit. I think you saw him in the hall, but whatever." Kirby turned and looked up at Pit. "Well, I'm going to leave you here. See you at dinner, Pit."

Pit felt helpless now that Kirby and the others were gone. He turned back to the teenagers, who were still gaping at him. He waved shyly. The guys stared blankly at him, an elf-girl who had the air of superiority around her nodded slightly, and only the other girl in a light blue suit with blond hair waved back.

Silence followed.

"Hi," he said quietly.

"Hey," they said in unison back.

Silence again. One of them sighed, but Pit couldn't single out who. The blond moved first, whom Pit recognized. He knew her face, but didn't know her name.

"I'm Samus," she said, smiling slightly. "Welcome to the Smash Mansion. If you need any help, ask me."

"You sound scary when you say that," said one of the boys, a redhead.

"Why, Roy? Jealous that your voice isn't manly enough to intimidate others?" Samus cooly retorted.

"It's not the voice, just what your said. Makes you sound like a sales clerk," Roy grinned, then switched his tone to high-pitched for fun. "Welcome to All-Mart. How may we cheat you out of your money today?"

There were a few snickers, but Samus' glare silenced Roy.

"Ignore Mr. Tomato Head," Samus grinned. "Anyway, welcome. That's Zelda, Marth, and Link."

Pit waved again.

"Where you from?" Link asked.

"The Angel Land," Pit answered, slightly embarrassed when Roy tried to cover a snicker.

"Shut up," Samus smacked Roy on the head.

"Ow…" Roy muttered.

"Anyway, do you need help finding your room or anything? I know this place like the back of my hand," Samus offered.

"But you never see it because you always wear gloves," Roy jested.

Samus glared at him again. Pit shrugged.


How do you like it so far? Comments, please!

All-Mart is based off a store I believe we all know, and personally, I don't have good feelings towards it. :)

Pit knows Samus from before because...well, you saw the preview, didn't you? Explanation for that in the chapters to come.