Yo! So... firefighters. Gotta love them. They're hot, pardon the pun. I'm not a firefighter. I like to play with fire, therefore, were I a firefighter, I would probably end up burning down the station. That being said, I did a lot of research to write this fic, but I may have just mixed and matched things from different countries and stuff, so if there's a REAL firefighter reading this, I apologize if I am butchering your profession. Feel free to correct me, I would appreciate it, actually. Would make my life a hell of a lot easier if you could send me all the correct terms and stuff.

That being said, because this requires so much research, this fic will not be coming out rapid-fire the way all my others have been, as those of you who have read them know. AND, don't worry anyone also reading "To Hear Your Voice Again", it's not being discontinued. I'm still working on it, but I got excited about this one. I'll try my best to get this out as often as possible, but the research is going to kill me and slow it down. Anyway, enjoy :)

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Warning: Will involve yaoi. Most probably, SasuNaru. Sorry...

Sasuke Uchiha reached over and turned off his alarm clock as it rang, signalling it was six in the morning. Slowly, he sat up, stretching and cracking his neck before climbing out of bed. He had fifty minutes before he had to head to work.

Padding across the room to his bathroom, the raven turned on the shower and brushed his teeth as he waited for the water to heat up. Seconds later, he was in the shower.

He heard around the workplace that they were going to have someone new today, and he scowled, annoyed. Then again, he shouldn't worry. They never lasted. They were always scared off. Or they die, he thought dispassionately as he turned off the water and grabbed his towel.

His phone rang in his room so, wrapping the towel around his waist, he padded towards it and answered.

"Sasuke, you haven't been around in a while." He heard Sakura Haruno's annoying voice ring down the line, and he could've sworn she was pouting, even though he couldn't see her. "Ino and I miss you."

"I've been busy." he replied curtly.

"We know that." Ino Yamanaka's voice said. He was either on speaker, or they were both holding the phone. "But you used to come in almost every day with someone. Now, you don't."

It's to escape from you, he thought, annoyed, a sour look on his face.

"I have to be at work in thirty minutes. I have to go." He hung up without waiting for a reply, heading towards his closet to pull out some clothes. He pulled on a pair of black pants and a loose-fitting black shirt before throwing his used towel in the hamper and heading out of his room, his wet hair dripping onto his shirt-collar.

As he headed for the kitchen, he ran his hand up backwards at the back of his hair, trying to get it to stick out. He'd found out young in life that his hair didn't need gel to take the shape he wanted it to. All he had to do was get it wet and then shape it the way he wanted, and it would stay like that until it got wet again. It made his life easier, considering how many showers he had to take in one day.

Sasuke made himself some eggs for breakfast before sitting down with a cup of coffee and a newspaper to read what was going on in the world. He sipped his drink slowly as he scanned the black and white pages before him, scowling at a few things he saw written there.

He heard a car horn honking outside, followed by a "Sasuke!"

The raven scowled, annoyed. Why does the idiot have to wake up the entire neighbourhood when he comes to pick me up? I have a doorbell, dammit!

Pouring out the remainder of his coffee, the raven put his shoes on and exited his house, locking the door behind himself. Honestly, he wouldn't bother with catching a ride every morning, but he didn't like having to drive. If he could have someone else do it for him, he was happier—or, as happy as Sasuke Uchiha could be, anyway.

"Moron." he grumbled as he got into the car. "Why does everyone have to know when you get here? I have a doorbell."

"Wow, Uchiha, you're actually talking?" The other man smirked, his elongated canines taunting Sasuke. The Uchiha merely buckled himself in and crossed his arms.

"Why are you so grumpy, Sasuke?" The man then hit his head. "What am I talking about? You're always grumpy."

"Fuck you, Inuzuka."

"Sorry Sasuke," the brunette replied as he shifted into first, "I ain't gay." He screeched down the street at breakneck speed, leaving tread-marks behind him.

Naruto Uzumaki groaned as he rolled over and slammed his hand on the snooze button for what he estimated to be the fifth time, rolling back over to get five more minutes of sleep. He knew he shouldn't. He knew he had to get up and be at work in about an hour. But dammit, he was tired!

His alarm rang again and he rolled over to hit the snooze for a sixth time when his eyes opened slightly and focused on the time. They then snapped open and he let out a yelp as he jumped out of bed.

"Shit! Shit!"

It was twenty to seven. He had to be at work ten minutes before seven. He was so screwed.

"Shit! Fucking snooze button!" he growled angrily as he ran to his bathroom to shower. "I'm going to start putting that fucking alarm clock across the room! How many times did I hit that thing?.!"

The blond jumped into the shower, barely washing himself before jumping back out and rushing around his room to grab clothes. He'd thought of laying everything out the night before, but changed his mind. Of course, now he regretted it, because he couldn't find anything he needed.

"Shit! Shit!" He finally found his black pants and yanked them on, grabbing the first shirt his fingers touched before also yanking it on. He grimaced as he noticed it was orange, but he had no choice, now.

Rushing to the kitchen, he grabbed a bottle of water and a piece of raisin-bread, stuffing the bread into his mouth as he rushed to the door. He pushed his feet into shoes as he grabbed his keys and cell phone off the hall table and bolted from the house, barely remembering to lock the door behind himself.

This was Naruto's first day at work. Well, not really; he'd just been transferred. He'd been doing the same job since he'd graduated from high-school, which made it about five or six years now. He really couldn't remember how long it had been.

He loved his job, but he'd been upset that he'd been forced to transfer. Apparently, he was the only person people believed would be able to handle the transfer. He'd thought about throwing a fit until he heard he would get a pay raise. Pay raises were good.

He jumped into his car, throwing his bottle onto the seat beside himself and starting the engine while he slammed the door. He fastened himself in and backed out of his driveway before zooming down the street.

His raisin-bread was practically gone by this point, and he knew he'd be hungry later. He just hoped he could eat at work.

His cell phone rang and he reached into his pocket to grab it, putting it to his ear once he'd flipped it open.


"You woke up late, didn't you?" Neji Hyuuga's voice teased down the line.

"Fuck you, Hyuuga, I thought you said you were going to call me!" Naruto exclaimed angrily as he turned a corner.

"I did call you. How else would I be talking to you?" the twenty-six year old man demanded, obviously pleased with himself.

"You just want me to be late so they think I'm unreliable, which will make them send me back!"

"I most assuredly do not want that." the Hyuuga insisted, even though they both knew he did.

He was going to miss Naruto. Sure, he and the blond could still hang out on occasion, but it wouldn't be the same. He wouldn't be able to go to Naruto's house after a hard day and just relax. Naruto wouldn't con him into going out drinking and then end up passed on out Neji's couch—okay, that would probably still happen, but not as often.

The Hyuuga sighed before he spoke again. "I wish you'd turned it down, Naruto."

"Me, too, Neji." Naruto admitted. "Trust me, I hate this as much as you do, but I need the extra money."

"I can lend—"

"No!" Naruto exclaimed, a hint of anger in his tone. "I told you, Neji, I'm not bumming money off you!"

"At least consider becoming my roommate, then!" Neji insisted, anger creeping into his own voice. "You won't have to pay so much money!"

"I can't—you know I can't leave that house." Naruto whispered, stopping at a red light. There was silence on the other end for a few seconds before Neji sighed.

"I know, Naruto. I'm sorry. But—if you need money, or if you'd rather I move in with you, you know you can call me, right?"

"Yeah. Thanks, Neji."

"I better let you go, the captain's coming."

"Yeah, I'm almost at the station, myself. I'll talk to you later."

The blonde closed his cell phone and threw it onto the seat beside him before turning smoothly into the parking lot located at the back of the firehouse before him. He parked and then exited his car, his cell phone and bottle of water in hand.

"Well, Station Seven," Naruto said to the firehouse before him, "meet Naruto Uzumaki, former firefighter of Station Twelve."

Naruto pushed open the door that led from the bay into the main room of Station Seven, looking around the large area. He could see no one there at the moment, and he let out a sigh. He obviously wasn't as late as he'd thought he was.

The Engine and Truck in the bay were gone, as was the Medic Ambulance (1), but a glance at his watch as he'd walked through the large garage informed him that he still had ten minutes before the shift change. That meant the previous shift had been the ones to leave with the three vehicles.

Naruto walked across the room, surveying a large floor-to-ceiling map that had an entire section coloured in. This was probably his new district, and he made a mental note to try and remember to check out where it started and ended. He knew this city like the back of his hand, but he knew he would probably get confused for the first few weeks between Station Seven's district, and Station Twelve's. Thank God he wasn't the driver.

He turned back around to examine the room. It looked the same as Station Twelve's, and he was a bit disappointed. He'd never entered another firehouse before, so he'd always assumed they were different in some way, shape or form. This disproved his suspicions and he sighed.

It had the same three refrigerators across the room—one for each shift—and a table with a few chairs. Across the room sat two couches and a television, probably for slow days, or when they were waiting for their next call.

Naruto's head snapped up as the speaker let out a squeal before a voice rang out.

"We have a General Alarm. All units are 10-08 (2). Section 12c, 2486 West Fourth Avenue. Reported structure fire. All units are 10-08. General Alarm, section 12c."

"Looks like Neji's morning is already starting." Naruto murmured aloud. He missed the long-haired, gray-eyed man already.

He knew Neji wouldn't be on shift yet, he had ten more minutes, but the previous shift would still be at the fire by the time his shift started, so chances were he'd end up going out to meet them and relieve them.

The blond sighed again as he thought of all his friends at Engine Twelve. He just hoped he would fit in as well here as he did there.

"Who the hell are you?"

Naruto spun around startled and came face to face with a chest. He slowly looked up to see what else there was, cursing for the fifty thousandth time in his life that he was so damn short.

The first thought that ran through Naruto's mind was: tall. The second thought that ran through his mind was: big. And the third and final thought, was: fucking scary, what the hell was I thinking transferring here?.!

"Well?" The gruff voice belonging to the amazingly huge and terrifying man made Naruto shrink back.

"Scaring off the newbies again, Zabuza?" Another man smirked as he entered the room and walked by the two of them. "It's no wonder no one wants to transfer here."

"Mind your own damn business, Hagane, this guy is trespassing. This isn't a school field trip, runt. What are you doing here?"

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he felt anger boiling in his stomach. Being short, okay, that he could handle. Not his fault. But when people started mistaking him for a high schooler, that was when he got angry.

"I'm not a runt, you stupid moron! I'm twenty-five years old! I got transferred here from Station Twelve because they said you were lacking! This is the thanks I get for transferring away from my friends out of the goodness of my big, fat bleeding heart?.!"

A door near the back that obviously led to the bunk room slammed open, forcing both Zabuza and Naruto to look away from each other to see who it was.

"NEWBIE!" a man hollered, both fists raised in the air. He bolted for Naruto, grabbing his arm. "Don't let Zabuza scare you off, we haven't had a newbie in years! I've run out of hot guys to bone cause I've done them all. Well, except Uchiha, but I don't think he'd let anyone bone him. He has too much fun with his right hand. Or maybe his left, I never thought to ask."

Naruto just stared as the man before him continued to babble, pulling him away from the other man, apparently named Zabuza. This guy is taking too many pills—or not enough, Naruto thought worriedly as the man continued talking. He talked more than Naruto did, and the blond had never met anyone that talented before.

"For Christ's sake, Shiranui, cut it out!" Naruto felt someone grab his other arm and he was wrenched towards this new person, turning to see yet another man. This one had a burn mark across his face and his eyes were glaring at the man who'd been blabbering away at Naruto. "Zabuza isn't the only reason we keep losing newbies. Kurenai left because you drove her insane."

"Is it my fault she was the first female in this firehouse since I got here?"

"And you succeeded in chasing her away."

"So what, I like you guys better, anyway." He grinned at the scarred man, who sighed.

"You're impossible."

What did I do to deserve this? Naruto wondered as he looked at the four men currently standing in the main room. I definitely did something to deserve this.

Sasuke climbed out of Kiba's car, noticing another car he'd never seen before in the parking lot. That meant the new guy was already there.

Kiba gave a low whistle as he walked towards the station with Sasuke. "I feel bad for the new guy. Based on the cars already here, he's in there with Genma and Zabuza."

"Raidou and Kotetsu will keep them in line." Sasuke insisted. "Where's Akamaru?"

"Izumo's bringing him over." Kiba replied.

Kiba wasn't a firefighter like Sasuke. He was a part of the RIT team (3) with Izumo Kamizuki. They used Kiba's dog, Akamaru, to help locate traces of people around the building who might need help. They couldn't send the dog inside, that was dangerous, but they themselves were required to enter the building on occasion if their help was needed.

"Good morning." The two looked to the left as they heard the voice and both nodded to their captain.

"Good morning, captain." Sasuke replied as he opened the door that led from the bay into the rest area.

"He's mine!" was the first thing Sasuke heard upon entering the main room.

"He isn't some toy you can play with, dammit!" Raidou hollered angrily.

"He's still mine!"

"Can you guys please let me go?.!"

The three men at the door walked further into the room to see Raidou and Genma playing tug-of-war with a blond man, Zabuza and Kotetsu watching dispassionately as the latter drank some coffee.

"What's going on?" Kakashi asked as he tucked his hands in his pockets and stepped towards the other men. All turned to look at him, Raidou and Genma immediately letting Naruto go. The blond hastily backed away from them, terrified they'd try and grab him again and rip his arms out of their sockets.

"Captain Hatake!" Genma squeaked.

"Scaring off the newbie already?" Kiba laughed as he walked towards Naruto. The blond shied away but Kiba just threw a friendly arm around his shoulders. "Don't worry, dude. Genma is just insane. The rest of us are normal. Zabuza's scary as all hell and Sasuke is always grouchy, but you'll learn to deal."

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked, wanting to identify this grouchy guy immediately so he could stay away from him.

The dog-lover motioned towards the door where Sasuke was standing with his arms crossed. At the same moment, Sasuke turned to look at the blond.

The second their eyes met, they knew. Naruto and Sasuke knew. The firemen in the room with them knew. Heck, everyone within a 20km radius knew. These two—were not going to like each other.

"So, this is the bunk-room." Kiba said as he motioned the room they walked into. "I'm sure you know the details regarding bunk-rooms."

"I'm a transfer, not a rookie." Naruto insisted, crossing his arms annoyed. Everyone was treating him like a damn rookie, and he wasn't. He knew he was short and had a babyish face, but he was twenty-five, dammit!

"Sure. Anyway, bunk against the far wall is yours, get yourself a locker—just find an empty one and slap a lock on it. Bathroom is through the door on the right there, and you're probably going to be scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets since you're new to the team. Any questions?"

"Do I have to be at the back of the room?" Naruto asked, wincing.

"Huh?" Kiba frowned, confused.

"I have a problem with—just, can I be beside the door, please?" Kiba shrugged.

"Sure, you can switch with me. I'm the one there." He motioned the bunk one away from the door. "Is that cool?"

"Yeah, thanks a lot. Whose bunk is that?" Naruto motioned the one beside the door, on the opposite side of him.

"Sasuke's." Naruto winced.


"Hey, newbie!" Both men turned to the door as they heard Kakashi yelling.

The two walked back into the main room as a few men covered in soot and wearing their bunkers walked by, talking to one another.

"Looks like previous shift just got back, and now we're up." Kiba hit Naruto in the shoulder, smirking.

"We haven't gotten a call yet." Naruto insisted as he walked up to Kakashi.

"I just thought I should introduce the team, since you'll be working here."

"For now, anyway." Kiba snickered. "Don't get scared away."

Naruto shoved Kiba, a smirk on his face. Five minutes with the guy, and he liked him already. Neji would be jealous. It took him ten minutes to like Neji. Then again, he'd met Neji in grade two—Neji had been in grade three.

"All right, men, round up." Kakashi clapped his hands as he fell into one of the chairs around the table. Doors opened and the new shift emerged, the old shift showering. They all stood around the table, some sitting in the free chairs. Naruto noticed there were a lot more now then there had been a few minutes ago.

"Right, so, let's go around."

"It's like high school all over again." Kiba teased. Naruto smirked.

"Thanks for the input, Kiba. You first." The brunette scoffed, running his hand through his hair.

"Kiba Inuzuka, I'm on the RIT team. I ride with Engine Seven."

"Kakashi Hatake, Captain."

"Genma Shiranui, hottest firefighter in the station." He wrapped his arm around Naruto and handed him a slip of paper. "Gimme a call, hottie."

"Raidou Namiashi." Raidou said as he pulled Genma off Naruto. "Genma's babysitter."

"And boyfriend." Genma insisted with a pout.

"Only when you behave."

"But you like me bad."

"Enough!" Kiba slapped his hands over his ears. "I can't stand much more gay-talk!"

"I'm Kotetsu Hagane." Naruto noted he was the man who had and hadn't saved him from Zabuza.

"You know me." Naruto looked at the person who said this and his eyes widened.

"Gaara!" The blond launched himself across the table, hugging the redhead tightly. "Man, I haven't seen you in ages! You've been avoiding my calls, haven't you?"

Gaara Sabaku merely shrugged, a hint of a smile on his lips. The others almost died at the sight of the somewhat smile.

"I'm the driver for Engine Seven."

"Fuck, I could've guessed that. You're insane behind the wheel. If we need to get somewhere fast, you're the only man for the job." Naruto slapped him on the back a few times, laughing.

"I'm Zabuza Momochi, Truck Ten's driver. Sorry I thought you were a kid." Naruto looked at the man who'd cornered him when he first came in, and winced. The man had filed his teeth down into points. He needed serious therapy.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto turned to him and the two began to glare at each other. Naruto didn't know why, but he severely disliked this man.

"I'm Izumo Kamizuki. I'm on the RIT team with Kiba. The dog outside is Akamaru."

"Don't mind Akamaru if he jumps on you. He likes people." Kiba told him. Naruto just nodded as the introductions moved along.

"My name is Hayate Gekkou." a sickly man said before coughing. "I'm one of the paramedics with Medic Eight."

Naruto frowned at the man. He looked about ready to keel over and die, and he was a paramedic?

"Am I to assume Medic Eight and Truck Ten are ours, along with Engine Seven?" Naruto inquired.

"Yup." Kiba replied. "Hayate here has three buddies, but they're probably out checking Medic Eight. They're Tenten Tamura, Ebisu Suzuki and Aoba Yamashiro."

"We also have two A.I's (4) who like to come around on occasion." Kotetsu offered. "Iruka Umino and Shikamaru Nara."

"You'll be riding in Engine Seven with Sasuke, Kiba, Gaara and I." Kakashi informed Naruto. The blond and Sasuke glared at one another. "Truck Ten is occupied by Zabuza, Kotetsu, Genma, Raidou and Izumo. Were you on a Truck or an Engine at your previous Station?"

"I was on the Engine, but Truck is fine, too." Naruto informed.

"We'll keep you on Engine. Well, that's everyone." Kakashi said, looking around.

"Except him." Kiba motioned Naruto.

The blond blushed as all sets of eyes locked on him. "Naruto. I'm a transfer from Station Twelve."

"You got a last name?" Zabuza asked gruffly. Naruto winced, and then sighed.


All eyes widened, just as he knew they would. They always did when he said his last name.

Kakashi cleared his throat and was about to change the subject when the speaker let out a squeal.

"We have a General Alarm. All units are 10-08. Section 7a, 1483 Riverview Terrace. Reported structure fire. All units are 10-08. General Alarm section 7a."

"That's us people, let's move out!" Kakashi exclaimed. They all disappeared into the bay, jumping into bunker gear and pulling on their boots.

"Let's see how good you are, Uzumaki." Gaara said as he jumped into the front of the Engine, Naruto jumping in the back.

"Oh, I'm good enough to light your fire, Gaara—and put it out." The blond winked, and the Engine pulled out of the bay, its sirens blaring.

(1) Trucks and Engines are two different things. An Engine pumps water and carries a hose, whereas a Truck is one of the bigger rigs with the huge aerial ladders. They specialize in forced entry and rescue. Medics are basically like ambulances, except they take up residence at firehouses.

(2) 10-08: In service/available. It means you're free to take any calls/emergencies .

(3) A RIT team is "Rapid Intervention Team". I'm not sure why they have the word "team" at the end since it's included in the RIT, but don't blame me. Anyway, from what I gather, they're like Search and Rescue. Their job is to be ready to enter a building at any moment in time to rescue injured firefighters or victims. They also help the firefighters exiting get to the rehab station as quickly as possible. Rehab station is where they drink loads of water and basically cool off for a bit before going back inside. They go inside in groups so one group rests while the other is inside.

(4) Arson Investigators.