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Three Months Later.

Konohamaru Nakamara slung his bag over his shoulder as he slammed the door of his old pickup truck. He regarded the firehouse before him and took a deep breath before walking towards it. He made his way through the Rig Bay and exited into a large room, looking around. He saw no one, but a large map on the far wall caught his eye.

Having nothing better to do, the young boy walked towards the map and stopped before it, looking at the area that was undoubtedly Station Seven's district. He frowned and traced certain roads with his finger on occasion, but then let his finger drop and continued to examine the map. This was his first assigned Station since graduating from the academy, and he was excited to get started.

"Who are you?" Konohamaru spun around and came face to face with Gaara, the redhead's eyes promising death if he didn't have a good answer.

"I-I'm the new firefighter assigned to this station." Konohamaru's eyes got wider and wider with each word, terrified that Gaara was going to kill him, even though he'd done nothing wrong.

A door across the room slammed open before, "Newbie!" was hollered.

Genma ran across the room and grabbed Konohamaru, hugging him tightly. "Oh, he's so cute! Can I have this one?.! Please! I wasn't allowed to have the last one!"

"Genma, Christ!" Raidou appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the back of his lover's shirt, pulling him off. "Are you going to scare them away for the rest of your time here?"

"Maybe." the perverted firefighter replied with a sly grin.

Konohamaru just stared a the three of them wide-eyed. One of them looked ready to kill him, the other looked ready to rape him, and the last one didn't really seem interested in him at all. What was with this place?.! All the others better not be this crazy, that's for sure! the new firefighter thought.

The door that lead to the Rig Bay suddenly slammed open, and Kakashi bolted towards his office, clutching a small package in his hand. Raidou and Gaara watched him go while Genma let out a gasp and bolted for the Captain's office.

"Is it here, is it here?.!" Genma demanded.

"It's the new one! The new Icha Icha!" Kakashi affirmed before the two of them slammed into his office.

Konohamaru stared at the door, and frowned. "Isn't the Captain going to be mad that two firefighters are reading what I can only assume is porn in his office?"

"Hard for him to get mad when he was one of them." Raidou stated as Kotetsu and Izumo walked in, the firefighters nodding a greeting to one another.

"What?.!" Konohamaru demanded. "You mean the guy who ran in maniacally was the Captain?.!"

"Just because Kakashi and Genma are perverts doesn't mean they're not good at their jobs." Kotetsu insisted as he grabbed a cup of coffee.

Konohamaru groaned, wondering what exactly he'd gotten himself into. He just hoped there was one normal person at this station. Well, the scarred guy seems pretty normal, he decided as he regarded Raidou, who was now having a conversation with Izumo across the room.

The door to the Rig Bay opened again, Kiba and Sasuke walking in. The brunette walked towards the coffee machine without a word, no one stopping him as he grabbed a mug and proceeded to pour himself some of the black liquid. Sasuke just walked across the room, pulled out a chair, and sat down at the table. No one said a word to either man.

"What's their deal?" Konohamaru asked aloud. It looked like the raven wanted to commit suicide right there on the spot. It was kind of creeping the younger boy out.

"We don't discuss it." Konohamaru turned to Gaara as the redhead regarded the raven. "He gets angry, and then, he gets depressed. It's not beneficial to our job, so we don't bring it up."

"What don't we bring up?" Konohamaru asked with a frown.

Gaara fixed his cold green eyes on him and the young boy shivered at the hatred and anger he could see in those eyes.

"If I don't tell you, there is no chance of you bringing it up, is there?"

With that, Gaara walked away, headed for the kitchen to grab his own cup of coffee. Konohamaru stared after him for a few seconds before looking at Sasuke. He slowly made his way to the table and sat down across from the raven, who didn't even acknowledge him.

"Hey." he said uncertainly. "My name's Konohamaru. I'm new here."

"I can see that." Sasuke whispered.

"So..." Konohamaru trailed off, not sure what to say. "You got a name?"

"Sasuke." was the clipped reply. It was obvious the raven didn't want to talk to this newcomer. It was obvious he wanted nothing to do with him. And who could blame him after what happened with the last newcomer?

The Rig Bay door slammed open, and everyone turned towards it, horrified.

"Good morning all you wonderful, youthful firefighters!" a voice boomed before the person speaking broke out into a fit of giggles. "Oh, man! Your faces! You guys all looked ready to run for the hills!"

"Jesus Christ!" Izumo hollered angrily. "Do you have any idea how mean that was?.!"

"I couldn't help it." He giggled before scratching the back of his head.

Sasuke stood up from his seat at the table and marched purposefully towards the door and the blond idiot standing in it. Naruto's smile faded and his eyes widened as he saw his lover headed for him. Sasuke stopped right in front of him, glaring at him.

"You never came home." he hissed.

"I know, I'm sorry. Rick messed up my schedule at Wal-Mart, so I ended up staying later than I was meant to. I hardly had enough time to get here." Naruto motioned the clock.

"I told you to quit." Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"But I like working there." Naruto pouted.

"Tch. Moron."

And then, to Konohamaru's complete horror, Sasuke grabbed Naruto—and started kissing him. It took all he had not to scream in fright at the sight before him. Was-was everyone here gay?.! Because that would get uncomfortable for him!


Three Months Ago.

Naruto's hand twitched as he regained consciousness, pain flaring from his lower back and ass. It was almost unbearable, and he threatened to pass out again. Opening his eyes slowly, he could hear Sasuke and Itachi fighting down the corridor. He opened his mouth to speak, but the air in the room was hot. Too hot.

Shit, the house is on fire, the blond realized, his brain foggy. He rolled off the bed, crying out loudly as he hit the floor and it sent more sparks of pain shooting up his spine, the blanket around his waist slipping off him. The floor was hot. Not good. It was going to give out any second.

Grunting, the blond forced himself to his feet, holding his stomach with one hand as he felt himself ready to hurl. His head spun, and he could feel blood dripping down the back of his thighs. Got to get out, he thought, trying to stay conscious. He dragged himself to the window and pulled it open before climbing out onto the roof carefully.

The house groaned ominously as he stepped out onto the roof, his vision blurring as he saw all the trees before him. He could see lights flashing out of the corner of his eye, but they were coming from the front of the house, and he was at the back. He cautiously made his way down the slanted roof when the house behind him suddenly shot hot air out the window before the entire second floor collapsed.

Naruto lost his footing and fell off the roof, landing hard on his back. He cried out in pain before rolling onto his side and curling in on himself, embers falling around him. A few landed on his naked flesh and he hissed, tears falling from his eyes.

"Sasuke." he sobbed, the edge of his vision going dark. "Help me." he whispered. "Please. Help me."

"Hey, we've got someone out here!" a voice he didn't recognize hollered before hands grabbed him roughly.

"No!" Naruto struggled weakly. "No, please!"

"Calm down. Calm down." Naruto didn't recognize the voice. He didn't recognize the face looking down at him. "Jesus, you're going to get burnt to a crisp. Medic!" The firefighter pulled his jacket off, wrapping it around Naruto's naked form before grabbing him in his arms, pulling him off the ground and bringing him away from the burning house.

"Oh my God, Naruto!" Tenten was beside him a second later, walking alongside the firefighter as they rushed around the house. "Naruto, can you hear me?"

"Sasuke." the blond whimpered.

"Sasuke!" Tenten hollered as they rounded the corner. "It's Naruto! He's alive!"

Sasuke and Kiba's heads whipped in the direction of the firefighter carrying Naruto before both bolted towards him.




"Hey, you two, break it up. You're scaring the newbie." Kotetsu smirked as he took a sip of his coffee.

Naruto and Sasuke broke apart, the blond looking over his lover's shoulder at Konohamaru.

"Oh my god! Newbie!" Naruto bolted for Konohamaru, who looked around for an escape, but didn't end up needing one. Sasuke had grabbed the blond's wrist to stop him from leaving his side, and was now calmly walking towards Konohamaru with him. After all, Sasuke would never let anyone put their dirty, filthy, undeserving hands on his blond. That included Naruto touching others, because their filth was still touching his blond.

"Hi! I'm Naruto!" The blond held his hand out to Konohamaru. Sasuke glared at the new firefighter as he reached up to grab it, and the boy winced, but shook Naruto's hand, nevertheless.


"Hey, cool." Naruto grinned. "Don't mind Sasuke, he's always like this." He motioned his lover's glare. "He's still pissed I got under his skin. He doesn't like talking to any of the new people we get because of what happened the last time."

"And what happened the last time?" Konohamaru asked with a frown.

"Well, considering the last time was me, I guess you can tell what happened." Naruto waggled his eyebrows. "He's so overprotective of me it's not even funny. Right, bastard?" He smirked at his lover.

"Shut up, moron." Sasuke grumbled before letting Naruto's wrist go and walking back to the table, feeling better now that he knew Konohamaru was probably straight. A person's eyes can only get so big, and when they reached a certain largeness when Naruto and Sasuke being involved was brought up, Sasuke was sure the person they were talking to was straight.

"Why is he so grumpy?" Konohamaru whispered to Naruto, feeling like the blond was probably the only person who would truthfully know.

"Sasuke is an Uchiha." Naruto whispered back, his eyes locked on his lover. "The last of them."

"Really?" Konohamaru's eyes widened. "You mean he owns the Uchiha company?"

"Yeah, and that's what's got him down." Naruto sighed. "He's pretty sure one of his last business deals put a lot of people out of a job, and he's upset about it. He's trying to find a way to make it better, or to at least get these people new jobs, you know?"

"Whoa. Poor guy." Konohamaru breathed.

"Poor guy?" Both of them jumped as the voice spoke from right behind them. "He gets to fuck Naruto every night. How does that make him a 'poor guy'?"

"Dammit, Genma!" Naruto hollered angrily. "How did you get out here without me seeing you?.!"

"I'm talented." Genma grinned. "In more ways than one." His eyes lowered to rest not-so-subtly on Naruto's crotch. Konohamaru covered his own hurriedly, in case Genma got any ideas.

"I guess Raidou will be the only one to ever know how talented you truly are." Naruto grinned before turning on his heel and heading for the kitchen, greeting Kiba as he neared it.

"Hey, Kyuubi." Kiba held his fist out so Naruto could hit it with his own. The blond leaned against the counter beside Kiba, staring enviously at the cup of coffee Kiba held. Naruto and Kiba were the only two who weren't allowed coffee—they still insisted Genma shouldn't be allowed any, either, but he went absolutely insane when they tried to cut him off. It was safer to let him have it.

As for why Kiba was currently enjoying said cup of coffee, it was because Hinata had gotten angry with him and forced him to sleep on the couch for the last few weeks. He'd been a wreck the first day, and Kakashi had decided to cut him some slack and let him have his desired cup of coffee.

"Hinata still have you sleeping on the couch?" Naruto asked sympathetically as he motioned the mug of coffee in the brunette's hand.

Kiba grinned before leaning in to whisper to Naruto. "No, but since that was the only excuse I could use to get coffee, I decided to milk it for all it was worth. We made up four days ago."

Raidou appeared out of nowhere, as he so often did, and wrenched the coffee from Kiba's hands, the brunette letting out a whine as he reached for it, only to have it poured down the sink.

"No! My black, heavenly goodness!" Kiba exclaimed as he flew in front of the sink and watched it go down the drain. He spun around and pointed one finger at Raidou. "You are an evil, evil man!"

"Careful, or I'll sic Genma on you."

Kiba paled. "You wouldn't."

"I would!" Raidou grinned.

"Would what?.!" Genma hollered from across the room. "Sex with Kiba?.! Can I?.!"

"No!" Kiba hid behind Naruto.

They all heard a loud rumbling sound and turned towards the Rig Bay. The door opened a few seconds later, the firefighters from the previous shift walking in while pulling off their gear.

"Sweet Jesus, is it time for us to go home?" one of them asked happily as he noticed all the other firefighters.

"Yup." Kiba grinned. "But shower, first, man. You smell like ass, and I doubt the wife will appreciate that."

"Screw you, Inuzuka, at least I'm getting some."

"As am I." Kiba grinned, before he paled and turned to Naruto. "Don't tell Neji."

"What'll you give me to keep my mouth shut?" Naruto grinned.

"I won't tell Sasuke that you told me in detail how cute he looked when he slept."

Naruto pouted. "You're mean, Kiba."

"I try."

The door to the Captain's office opened, Kakashi emerging, looking annoyed. Raidou had dragged him away from his book to introduce the new firefighter at their station. So, the grey-haired Captain called them all towards the table and motioned Konohamaru.


"And ladies." Tenten snapped, insulted.

"Of course, and ladies." Kakashi corrected. "I would like to introduce you all to our newest firefighter, who may or may not last longer than the last one."

"Genma keeps scaring them off." Naruto whined as he leaned back into Sasuke, the raven wrapping his arms around the blond. "I say we get rid of him."

"But then who will molest you in the shower?" Genma teased.

"Sasuke." everyone replied immediately, said raven grinning at Genma.

"Anyway, back to business." Kakashi said. "This here is Konohamaru. He—"

A loud pop interrupted the Captain's speech as the operator spoke over the speaker. "This is a general alarm for Engine Seven, Truck Ten, and Medic Eight. Reports of a structure fire at 3446 Blenheim Road."

"Guess the introductions can finish up later." Kakashi said as they all ran for their gear. "Come on, Rookie, keep up!"

Naruto grabbed his bunker gear, and as he turned to jump into the Engine, he found himself face to face with Sasuke. The raven grabbed his face and kissed him deeply before letting him go.

"You can't do this before every fire, Sasuke." the blond teased.

"Watch me." Sasuke grinned before running off towards Medic Eight, the firefighter-turned-paramedic jumping into the passenger seat before Tenten drove off.

"Kyuubi, let's go!" Kiba hollered.

"I'm coming!" Naruto ran towards the Engine and jumped into it as it began moving.

Gaara peeled out of the bay like hell on wheels, the lights flashing, the sirens blaring. Truck Ten followed suit.

The firefighters and paramedics made their way through the busy streets to their destination, all of them but the rookie smiling secretly to themselves due to the knowledge of not having to worry about The Fan trying to kill them all.

As Medic Eight passed a grocery store, Sasuke contemplated how many times he could make Naruto cum that night if he got all the necessary props.



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