Title: Of Dreams and Reality
Word Count: 301
Author: Angel
Rating: PG
Pairing: Atobe Keigo x Echizen Ryoma
Disclaimer: PoT isn't mine. Period.

A/N: This is originally written for Stages of Love (livejournal) before I decided to change my theme. My AtoRyo and TezuRyo fics for Stages of Love will only be available on my writing livejournal, cland3stin3. Happy reading!

He had heard about a young boy who came back from the States before his team-mates informed him about it. A few days prior to the boy's return to Japan, he had a dream. While Atobe Keigo was not one to believe in dreams, that one particular dream was too real to be ignored.

He dreamt of playing tennis in the air but still managing to stand firm.

He dreamt of playing tennis underwater while being able to breathe smoothly.

He dreamt of feelings alien to him – evoked by the boy standing before him in his dream. He could still remember how the smirk on the other boy's lips turned into the sweetest smile ever thrown his way. His voice was soft. He had large catlike eyes that shone like gold glinting in the sun.

Come to think of it, Atobe used to dream of the boy all the time. Whenever he would hold out his hand to take the boy's hand, however, he would wake up – alone. There was even a time when he woke up with tears in his eyes. Still, none of them had felt as real as the one he had a few weeks prior.

"I'll see you soon," the boy had said before vanishing into thin air.

When he saw Echizen Ryoma standing in the middle of the street court, his heart swelled with the feelings he only ever felt in his many dreams of the boy. As Ryoma spoke, Atobe felt a great relief washing through his body albeit the harsh words coming from the other boy's mouth. It didn't matter because all Atobe was thinking of had been that he finally found what he had been blindly searching for.

It was time for dreams to end so reality begins.

"Nice meeting you, Echizen Ryoma."