Pokemon The Next Generation!
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Jamie had just woke up to find herself in the hospital all thanks to Cid, but will this ruin Jamie's confidence as a trainer?

Sparky, use your thunderbolt! Jamie yelled.

Starmie, get out of there! Eric yelled.

Sparky shot a beam of lightning at the star-shaped pokemon, but Eric's Starmie was faster and it dodged that attack easily.

Melissa, Mike, and Paul stood at the side lines, Paul and Melissa coaching Jamie as she battled Eric.

Eric, take it easy on her, she's just a beginner! Melissa scolded.

But Eric wasn't paying attention, or just didn't want to. Starmie use water gun! Eric commanded.

The pokemon hollered in reply and nailed poor Sparky with its water gun attack. Sparky was blown right off his feet and sent flying, landing only mere feet away from Jamie's feet.

Jamie called.

She ran to her young pokemon's side and cradled it in her arms. Eric's Starmie hovered next to its trainer waiting egarly for its next command. Eric gestured his pokemon to stop. He recalled the pokemon to its pokeball and casually walked over towards Jamie.

Eric rested his hand on Jamie's shoulder only to be surprised by Jaime's involuntary action as she back away. Eric looked at her and sighed gently You've been in the hospital for so long, you haven't had the time to study let alone train. I should have been more in tune with that.

Jaime said in an equally gentle voice It should have backed down when I saw Sparky getting weak. It's my responsibility as a trainer to realize these things

Paul looked up from is watch Hey guys!, it's time to hit the hay if we're going to get up early enough to beat the Flower Island gym leader and head over to Beatrix Island

Good idea Paul Melissa remarked as she yawned loudly.

Jamie looked down a her Pichu and sighed with a smile. The baby pokemon was sleeping contently in her gentle hold. Eric's voice echoed softly in her ear.

Jaime didn't take her eyes of her pokemon as she moaned out an answer. Give it time, you'll be a pokemon master soon enough

Yeah Jamie, just give it time Mike agreed.

Jamie looked up at her friends, they were all giving her reassuring smiles. Jamie nodded in a silent agreement Give it time' she thought to herself.


The sounds of night filled Jaime's senses, tomorrow she would battle the first gym leader of Flower Island. Jamie knew she shouldn't worry, Flower Island was probably a grass type gym and she had Rover, her Cyndiquil, to do the job.

But still

Something in the back of her mind was bugging her, telling her that what she had just wasn't enough, but then again she did have that mysterious pokemon that went into her pokeball. She never did open that stupid thing up!

a little voice said.

Jamie looked down next to her to see Sparky looking up at her. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Jamie asked her pokepal quietly so as not to wake her comrades.

The little pokemon nodded and slowly Jamie slipped out of her sleeping bag and looked down at her feet. She kneeled over and gave little Arty a shake. The baby opened its eyes to see Jamie put a finger in front of her mouth to be silent. The baby nodded, it knew it wasn't a good idea to wake the others up, it knew from experience!

Jamie got up and signaled for her pokemon to follow her off into the dense brush; they did and no one noticed Jaime and her pokemon follow her off into the inky blackness of night.

Eric was the first to stir, the morning sunlight had woke him. He sat up, stretched and yawned to himself. He looked at the sleeping bag next to him, Jamie was fast asleep and surprisingly enough so was Sparky and Arty, those two were usually up before he was.

Eric shrugged the thought off and got up for the day.
Jamie woke up to a harsh shaking courtesy of Melissa. Jamie moaned and opened her eyes. Suddenly she screamed in alarm and sat up in fright. Melissa looked at her with concern What's wrong?

Immediately Jamie calmed down and gave Melissa a devious grin it's you

Very funny you little brat! Melissa said as she pushed the hysterical girl and stood up.

Yo! sleepy head, breakfast! Paul called.

Jamie looked at her pokemon that were already stuffing their faces, she only hoped her little plan would work! We'll soon see Jaime said quietly to herself.
All the kids stood before a huge blue and white building, The Flower Island Gym. The outside was surrounded by a beautiful garden bursting at the brim with a lovely aray of flowers and plants. Paul walked over to a wooden sign and started to read it outloud It says here that the gym leader's name is Rose Flora

Well, lets get going Eric said I want to watch Jamie kick some butt!

The whole group cheered, but to Jamie, something just didn't feel right as they headed for the gym. They walked through the gate of a picketed fence that surrounded the gym's beautiful garden and as they opened the door a nice little office with a girl leaning against a counter approached them. She had a friendly smile on her face as she examined the group of friends.

Hello and welcome to the Flower Island Gym, I'm Rose Flora, the Flower Island Gym Leader. Are you all going to be challenging me?

No, just me Jamie said while looking towards Melissa.

Well, I think names would be appropriate if I'm going to battle you, don't yah think? Rose asked.

Where are our manners? Melissa asked, elbowing Jamie in her side as if to say How could you forget?

I'm Melissa and this here is Jamie, we're both authors from fan fiction. net Melissa explained.

Rose seemed to brighten even more as she replied Really!? Me too. My pen name is Ally Kamiya! What are your pen names?

Pikajenn and Sparky16, right Jamie? Melissa asked while looking at her friend who was still rubbing her side.

Uhm, yeah Jamie answered.

Rose gave Jamie a skeptical look she asked.

Not really Jamie said.

Rose walked over to a set of doors and put both her hands on it then she looked behind herself Well I'll warn yah, I'm pretty good Rose said, and with that all done, she pushed open the doors to reveal the battle arena Welcome to my Gym!

Everyone gasped, the surrounding walls were rock and the gym floor surrounded by a wall of flames! Flower Island gym wasn't a grass type gym, it was a fire type gym!

I knew something seemed wrong about this Jamie said under her breath.

Rose laughed Not everything is as it seems huh, Jamie! We'll use three pokemon each, got that?

You bet! Jamie yelled.

Then lets skip the small talk and start the battle! Rose yelled. Go Growlithe!

Go Sparky! Jamie yelled.

Sparky responded as he leaped off Jamie's shoulder.

Growlithe use your flamethrower! Rose commanded
Sparky dodge it! Jamie ordered.
Sparky answered and he leaped into the air just dodging the attack.

Growlithe, don't let it out of your sight! Rose said.
the puppy pokemon barked and it launched another flamethrower.

Sparky look out! Jaime yelled.

Sparky instantly saw the oncoming flames and dodged them easily. Jamie smiled My Pichu is to fast for your Growlithe! Jamie said.

Rose had a devilish smile on her face it may have speed but my Growlithe has the power! and that puny little thing probably couldn't back a punch if it tried she laughed!

Oh yeah!, show her Sparky! Jamie said.

Sparky didn't need orders, the insult to his size was all he needed, and without any warning, Sparky used a mega punch to send Rose's Growlithe flying through the wall of flames and smash into the stone wall. Growlithe! , No! Rose whined. She recalled her little puppy and looked at Jamie how was praising Sparky for a job well done.

Rose didn't seemed surprised That was an excellent show of power Jamie, I underestimated your Sparky but not his time. I have one pokemon that has both speed and power, I choose Rapidash! take care of that Pichu!

The fire unicorn whinnied loudly and responded to it's trainer's command and tackled Sparky to the ground. Sparky you got to get up! Jamie said in a panic.

Rapidash, use stomp! Rose commanded.

Jamie yelled.

Sparky got up and panicked when he saw the huge horse rear up and POW! Sparky had dodged the attack but just narrowly. Keep it up Rapidash Rose insisted.

Poor Sparky was all ready tired out and he never stood a chance when the attack hit home. Jamie recalled Sparky to his pokeball and sighed You did a great job Sparky but now I have to think There's got to be a pokemon that can beat this Rapidash, I do have that mystery pokemon that helped me out back there and it's probably a water type to so what do I have to lose?

Pokeball Go! Jamie yelled as she chucked the pokemon's pokeball. The ball opened and the bright light jumped out and the sound of Jamie's friends all gasping in astonishment filled the gym, the nothing but silence.

Finally Jamie broke the silence A Dragonaire?!

Sure enough, sitting there all coiled up like a snake, was a Dragonaire and best of all it looked ready for battle! Jamie seemed more determined now, with a Dragonaire, how could she lose?

Alright Dragonaire, slow that Rapidash down with Thunder wave! Jamie commanded.

The pokemon responded instantly and sent the paralyzing attack through out the gym, striking home as it hit the fire horse pokemon, immobilizing it.
Quick Dragonaire, before it gets away, use water gun!

A heavy stream of water from the dragon pokemon was all that was needed to bring Rose's Rapidash down. Rose quickly recalled it Nice work, but you'll never be able to beat my best pokemon and she threw it out Flareon, do your stuff!

The fuzzy fire pokemon appeared and Jamie instantly noticed that this was one buff looking pokemon, it's coat was extra shiny and it's mane and tail were extra fluffy.

Careful Jamie, I've never seen a Flareon like this Eric warned from the side lines.

Jamie growled in her throat I had a feeling Dragonaire, water gun!

Rose just smiled, not giving a command to her pokemon, instead her pokemon attacked on its own, almost as if it knew what to do!

Dragonaire's attack missed when Rose's Flareon jumped to the side, and with out wasting a moment it started to use it's agility and mud-slap attack. Dragonaire couldn't see let alone attack because Rose's Flareon was so fast and strong. Jamie tried making suggestions but nothing seemed to work. Jamie realized that nothing was going to work and she was going to have to use some other way of beating this fire fighter. First though, Jamie was going to have to switch pokemon, she needed to start off fresh and she knew who to chose.

Dragonaire return Jamie called to it.

The worn out pokemon returned with out a fuss and Jamie pulled out her next pokeball I know I don't ask much of you but I'm counting on you to win this one for me I choose you, Rover!

Jamie's Cyndiquil appeared with a cry and suddenly body slammed Flareon! Jamie gave a shocked expression towards her friends and her pokemon Wow! Rover

the pokemon cried.

Don't let that little squirt stun yah Flareon, go with the same plan as before Rose yelled.

Rover, look out, it's going to keep using agility and mud-slap to slow you down, use something to slow it down before it gets to you Jamie ordered.

Rover said as a blinding smokescreen covered the battle floor.

Good job Rover, now win it Jamie said.

Rover went all the way and body slammed Rose's Flareon really good. her Flareon turned its head to Rover and flamethrowered it but Rover was a fire type too, fire was nothing! Finally one last body slam and BAM! the battle was over, and Jamie had won.

A wave of relief washed over her, she was as nervous as heck and know she could relax. Rose called back her Flareon Good work buddy, you deserve a good long rest
Jaime, I present you with the suns badge, with that your fire type pokemon will become stronger Rose said.

Jamie asked

No, but it's fun to think so Rose chuckled, and she handed Jamie a small badge that looked like a small sun.

Melissa sighed The battle was exciting, but if everyday is going to be as boring as the past few days, like when you were in the hospital, then I want to so something else

You guys want adventure right? Rose asked, an intrigued smile on her face.

Yeah, something to light up the day, you know? Paul said.

Then I got something for yah, over on the next Island, Beatrix Island, is a cave called Rathmens Cave. Legend has it that a powerful pokemon lives there Rose explained.

What kind? Eric asked skeptically.

A pokedemon!

What's that? Mike asked.

A pokedemon is the most powerful pokemon that the world has ever seen, it's over a thousand times more powerful than Mewtwo! They say that it only appears under the light of a blue moon, and worst of all, nothing can kill it! Rose finished.

Paul turned to Mike Who's Mewtwo?

Jamie looked at Melissa who was looking at Paul, nothing new though, Melissa never took her eyes off of him. Just the thought of it made Jamie become sick to her stomach. Jamie said outloud but in accident, luckily Melissa didn't seem to notice.