Pokemon The Next Generation
The Fire Demon

Can't we stop and rest here? Sasha whined.

Yeah Jamie, it feels like we've been walking for hours Kate commented.

Jamie reached for her pokegear and looked at the time, the poor group had been walking for two hours, but she wasn't tired. Still, she had to consider her friends feelings. Jamie turned to them and nodded Okay, we can rest here. But I'll go up ahead just a little to see where this might lead us

The two girls nodded and they dropped to the ground with a sigh of relief, both leaning against each others backs.

Jamie wondered up ahead a little further only to find herself in a small room in the cave. There was a ledge near the top, and sandy floor, and a small pool of water. Jamie walked over to it and flopped down to her knees with an exhausted sigh. She looked into the water at her reflection for only a moment before she reached and and splashed some water on her face. Jamie shook her head and cringed at the taste.

Gross, salt water then she paused thoughtfully, and then smiled. Well at least I found a way out she remarked to herself.

Suddenly Jamie heard a low growling sound coming from behind her. She turned sharply only to gasp. Fright swept over her body causing her to shake. A scream was stuck in the middle of her throat. Jamie was petrified so much that she couldn't move because standing on the ledge was the pokedemon!

It was a jet black, oversized Growlithe that had blue flames instead of white fur. The heat this pokemon emitted was extremely intense. Jamie was sweating like mad and it was a good twelve feet above her. Just then the surrounding air became cool and crisp, the fire demon could control its own body heat in the blink of a second.

Suddenly it jumped down from the ledge and it stood growling at Jamie only five feet away. Jamie was to paralyzed to move as the black Growlithe looked ready to pounce. Finally a shock of reality shot through Jamie's body and Jamie sprung to her feet and tried to run but the Growlithe was quicker as it leaped and knocked Jamie back down to the floor of the small cave and landed on the other side.

Then without warning, the demon Growlithe launched itself at her with a roar of fury. Jamie ducked and she felt the Growlithe's paw just touch the back of her neck. Jamie looked up to see the Growlithe growling with anger but then something knocked it huge puppy pokemon into the wall.

Good work Sudowoodo! Kate said.

Charizard, Pikachu, use body slam! Sasha ordered.

You too Chikarita, Flareon, Sudowoodo! Kate commanded.

Sparky and Rover ran to where Jamie sat. They greeted her with grateful hugs and kisses. Sasha and Kate ran up to her and helped her up There's our demon Jamie said And be careful. That thing could melt us in a mere second if it wanted to.

Just then Jamie remembered something Do any of you have a water pokemon?

I have my Gyarados Kate answered.

Jamie shook her head Anything smaller? because that pool over there is our escape route

What do you mean? Sasha asked as she kept her eyes on the battling pokemon.

It's a salt water pool Jamie answered.

Sasha got it Which means it comes from the ocean

Jamie nodded Right, which means there's got to be an opening

Sasha doesn't have a water pokemon, and i don't have anything smaller Kate said.

Jamie released one of her pokemon into the water, it was her Dragonaire. Take Starlight and get out of here. She'll come back for me when you two are safe Jamie ordered.

What about you Kate demanded.

I'll be fine, just call back your pokemon and scram! Jamie said. Kate and Sasha recalled their pokemon quickly and Jaime literary pushed both of them towards Starlight. The two jumped into the water and held on to the dragon tightly. Jaime commanded. The girls took a deep breath and held on tightly then Starlight dived down with great speed, carrying her passengers to safety.

Jamie looked at Sparky and Rover, then clamped her hand down on to one of her other pokeballs. Okay Shadow, lets see how well you battle Jamie said and she threw out the pokeball to reveal the Eevee she had caught earlier with Arty.

The three pokemon faced the demon Growlithe, Jamie could feel the rise of heat in the small cave again. Suddenly the Growlithe leapt at Jamie only to get hit by a flying thunderbolt from Sparky. Shadow, Jamie's new Eevee, quickly followed up by a rolling tackle and knocking the dog back. But the Growlithe only used the wall to rebound off of and launch another attack, this time it was a flamethrower.

It's flames are blue, get out of the way, those flames are super hot! Jamie warned.

The pokemon knew this and were out of the path in a second. The Growlithe looked at Jamie, she stood near the pool, pokeballs in hand, waiting waiting Where is she? Jamie thought nervously. Finally the Growlithe leaped and flew over the pokemon's heads and right at Jamie Jamie. Suddenly a strong steam of water blew by Jamie's shoulder and hit the Growlithe knocking to the floor. It cringed as it lay there.

Jamie turned to see Starlight, and she quickly turned to all her pokemon Everyone return, you too Sparky! Jamie called. None of the pokemon refused and they were safe in their pokeballs in seconds. Jamie attached them to her belt and dived into the pool and clung onto Starlight. Move it! Jamie panicked, and she took a deep breath and down into the murky depths of the water both pokemon and trainer went.

Sasha, Kate, Paul, Mike, Melissa, and Eric watched the shore nervously as they waited for some sign of Jamie. Just then the water broke and Jamie cried out as she gasped for breath. Everyone ran towards her and got her out of the water. Jamie ran up to Eric and hugged him, grateful that she was out of there and with her friends. Eric was equally grateful, grateful to have her back in his arms.

Don't ever do that again Eric said, he sounded a little chocked.

Jamie shook her head as she still held on to him. Believe me, I won't she whispered I'm just glade to be back just then Jamie cringed and she felt the back of her neck. She checked her hand. Blood. It got me she remarked.

Paul laughed as he pulled out the first aid kit Man Jamie, this just hasn't been your week has it?

Melissa walked up to Jamie and asked So, how was the cave, exciting?

Jamie smiled but cringed a little when Paul sprayed some medi-quick on her wound. Ouch Paul, careful Jamie said. Melissa went around to help Paul.

Jesse Jamie,What ever you met in there gave you a really good gash. What did this to you anyway? Melissa asked while handing some bandages to Paul.

Do you remember that story about the pokedemon? She asked.

They all answered. Jamie paused, not sure if she wanted to continue, then Eric gave her a quick squeeze, he was still holding her.

Jamie sighed, she craked a smile she started It's true

Meanwhile off in the bush, hiding in the shadows was Black Demon, Shadow Lord, Black Swan, Angel, and Cid. They were watching the group as they waved goodbye to Sasha and Kate who continued on. Angel was crouched down on the ground, she looked up at Cid Why ain't we battle them? she asked.

Yeah, I'm sick of fleeing all the time Shadow Lord remarked.

Come Cid, you know we can crush them Black Swan pointed out.

Let's go get them Black Demon whined.

Cid didn't move, his black shades covered the evil glint in his eye. He sighed. We will, all in good time though Cid explained.

Why are we waiting then? Angel asked.

Cid started If we crush them now, then where's the fun in that. I've always battle weak opponents and squashed them like bugs in a second. This time I want a challenge, and I know Jamie and her friends, given time, will grow into that challenge we need

So why are we following them? Demon asked.

Knowing Jamie, she'll try to find rare pokemon along the way, and when she dose we're going to gettem!

And why do you want to capture Jamie? Shadow Lord asked, a sneer to his lips.

Cid turned around and gave him an evil smile. Hm! That's for me to know and for you never to find out. Now lets go before Jamie hears us. Her sense of hearing is sharper than my pocket knife he said and started to walk away.

The others just glanced back at the group then quietly followed Cid.

To Be Continued

Will Jamie be okay? Why had Ash returned? Will they soon meet the others? (Gary, Misty, and James) Is that the last we've seen of the fire demon? Is there more than one pokedemon? Find out in our next episode:

Pokemon Then Next Generation: Attack of Diseno!

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