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Chapter 6

King looked at her skeptically.

"Okaaaay, that was unneeded. So, you mean some vampire straggler is going to stalk me?"

Tapping his finger on his chin, he considered it for a moment.

"My first stalker...well this isn't at all what I had in mind."

Even Josie could tell he wasn't taking anything seriously. She sighed heavily. How could she have forgotten that he was like this almost 'round the clock. Suddenly she felt worse for the female Nightstalker as King continued to joke.

"Hmm..I better clean the place up if we're going to have someone looking in on us."

Now he was just agitating and Josie only had so many working nerves that he could play with. But she knew just what to do to make him shut up.

"Hannibal, I'm serious!"

King winced. She'd sounded so much like Danica when she was mad. Looking at her, he could see the blood, his blood, flushing her cheeks with anger. She closed her eyes and counted herself down until she was calm.

"King, I never said it was a vampire. He's a familiar, named Gabriel. Asher kept him around, few of us even knew about him. He knows everything and he's taken the vampire stragglers and given them infinite knowledge of the organization you are running here. Asher wasn't as frivolous as Danica. I was her equivalent to Gabriel because she was jealous. Nothing between the two of them was ever without a power struggle. So I took it seriously, learning everything I could knowing that one day, of I ever got out, I could use my knowledge to an advantage. Much like you I suppose. With the exception that they told us what to do if something should happen to them. Only problem is, I'm here and he knows it, at least by now he does. He also knows that I'm more calculated than he'll ever be and that puts him in a very bad position but, he's the one out there plotting his revenge while I'm trying to recover."

There were already ideas floating around in King's head as to how he could make this work. All he needed was a day of planning at most. If Josie got strong enough, he could really use her help.

"Don't worry about anything Josie. Abby and I will handle it. All we need from you is a way to find him before he finds us. In the meantime, rest, you're going to need it."

While Josie slept, King headed down to the weaponry supply room and found Caulder and Abby laughing at some unheard joke. Flashes of little Norwegian children resembling Whistler ran through his head causing him to look at the two of them skeptically.

"Bad timing? Would you like me to come back later, I'm sure there are still rooms in the Hideout that you haven't fucked in yet."

Caulder looked at him completely confused and then turned to Abby who was horrified.

"Abby, what is he talking about?"

Pausing a minute, She narrowed her eyes at her partner and replied to Caulder without breaking eye contact with King.

"Pay no attention to him, he doesn't know what he's saying. If you'd excuse us, I think I need a moment with the boy wonder here."

Caulder had no intention of stopping her. Even though he was still unsure of what was happening, he knew that restrained level in her voice and it didn't bode well for his overgrown friend. King knew it too, he immediately paled when her hand forcefully grabbed his splinted wrist and dragged him into the corridor. He could hear her voice hiss silently through her teeth as she spoke to herself.

"You are such a fetus..."

All of a sudden her voice went from quiet and controlled to loud and threatening.

"What the hell is the matter with you!"

Before King knew what hit him he was slammed against the cement wall.

Me! What's wrong with you, Hitler!"

Abby's hand reared back, making King flinched involuntarily. Surprisingly enough, she didn't slap him. Instead, she pointed a cold finger at him, violating King's personal space. Her voice wasn't much better seeing as it slipped down to a low and malicious rumble."

"I have not been to sleep in three days. You've been a complete dick for the last 48 hours and now all you want to do is make jokes and then get jealous of your own ridiculous ideas while trying to embarrass me in the process ? Quit acting like a child King, I'm too busy trying to figure out what to do with that poor girl upstairs to worry about hurting your feelings."

She let go of his injured wrist and it automatically recoiled closer to him. Watching her walk away, King let out an exasperated sigh, biting down his pride.


She didn't register him calling after her so he tried again.

"Abby c'mon... I need your help with her."

At that she stopped and turned around giving him a stern look. King put his hands gently on her shoulders.

"I'm serious Abs. Josie told me that there is a familiar out there whose looking for us now. The trouble is, he has the rest of the stragglers with him from Josie's coven. They aren't going to be happy when they find her. We have to do something."

Abby stayed silent, but quietly agreed to what he said. King pulled her into a hug with one arm and kissed her on the forehead whispering against it.

"I'm sorry. I am a big baby. I can't help it if I get jealous. I get mad if the Starbucks boy looks at you with a hairy eyeball and all I want to do is jab a venti latte down his throat. So yeah, I guess that makes me immature."

Abby quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Is that your admission."

King weighed his choices in answers along with their effect. He looked at her blissfully innocent.


This made Abby laugh. King mocked a shameful look and bit his lip. Abby sighed heavily.

"You're still apologizing to Caulder, I hope you know that."

King screwed up his face in a childish disagreement.

"Ma! Do I havta..."

He smiled when he heard her chuckle against him while nodding her head yes. Releasing her, they both retreated back to the medical room. Looking at King, Abby realized just how much he walked like a little boy sometimes. A strange retching sound suddenly caught both of their attention as they rushed into the room to find Josie coughing up blood. But instead of reacting in a panic, she just looked mildly disgusted and glanced up at King as she wiped her mouth. Abby tinkered with the IV machines, checking the levels. Josie spit blood all over her arm and her shoulders just slumped, giving up on trying to stop it.

"Is this normal?"

King grabbed a wet rag and handed it to her, nodding.

"Unfortunately. It'll go away in a few minutes, I promise."

He wiped the remnants from her arm and mouth. She had gone paler too but it was just a natural rejection process as her regular body fluids returned. Abby took a seat next to her on the bed and pushed Josie's hair back from her face, tying it with the spare band on her wrist.

"There, that's better."

Josie looked at her thankfully. Abby couldn't have been any older than she was herself. She could see the suffering of both her and King's hard life evident in the few scars that were visible. Yet, she still sensed Abby's kindness and that's what she liked about the girl.

"King told me that you know of this familiar that we're going to have to deal with."

Josie nodded, spite evident in her actions as she thought of him.

"Gabriel. Yes, I know him all too well. I can almost feel his sneaking eyes glaring at me now."

Josie visibly shivered and her mouth curled into a snarl, her tiny fangs peeking through. She didn't know exactly how right she had been. Outside, the morning was starting to lift in the sky and standing on the roof of a dry dock across the street. A lone man stood with a pair of heat sensitive binoculars pressed against his eyes. Three images were within his range. Two figures burned a hellish red in the room, the one figure in the middle was still a purplish-blue but there was an orange glow slowly spreading throughout her. The man cussed. The cure was working on her. If they had any chance at all, they'd have to strike soon before she turned fully. The man checked his watch. In the next 24 hours, all hell was about to break lose and the Nightstalkers couldn't possibly be ready for it