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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Tomo, Osaka and Yomi were sitting in the classroom and waiting for the first bell to ring. Yomi was still half asleep and Osaka was as crazy as normal, but Tomo… well, Tomo was even more hyper than usual and wouldn't stop talking.

"Tomo, shut up; you sound like a squirrel on speed," Yomi growled.

"Why should I shut up?"

"If you don't, I'll gouge your eyes out with this spoon!" she muttered as she pulled a spoon out of her lunch box.

"You're supposed to use a spork damnit!"

"What are you on?"

"Caffine," Tomo grinned, "and air!"

Osaka gasped.

"But don't tell anyone," Tomo said, winking. "It's a secret."


"Thank you! Hey, you know what I just realised?"

"I dread to think."

"Our uniform is pink!"

"Our winter shirts are always pink; it's the school uniform."

"Well at our junior high they weren't."

"That's because we were at a different school, which had a different uniform."

"Okay, I get it, I think. Hmm, what if flamingoes were pink and could fly?"

"Tomo, flamingoes are pink and they can fly."

"Oh… right…" Tomo giggled, sweatdropping. "You know, I love pink things!"

"I never would have guessed," Yomi muttered.

"Yeah, well, you know why I love pink things?"

"Why?" Osaka asked.

"Well, candyfloss is the saviour of the world!"

"You've been eating candyfloss(1) on toast for breakfast again, haven't you?"

"Wow, how did you know?" Tomo asked. "Are you a psycho?"

"You mean a psychic."

"Noooo, I mean a psycho! Coz you haven't had aaaaaaany caffine today!" Tomo giggled. "And I have! And sugar! So I'm hyper! And you're still asleep!
Have I given you a headache yet?"

"Yes," Yomi growled.

"YAY!" Tomo grinned, glomping Yomi so hard that the two of them ended up on the floor just as Kagura walked into the classroom.

Osaka laughed and Kagura muttered, "I don't even want to know what your doing… coz whatever it is it looks really dodgy."

Yomi turned beetred and shoved Tomo off of her. "ARGH!"

"Jeesh, someone's not had any caffine this morning!"

(1) Candyfloss is the British name for cotton candy.