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Completely Unexpected – Chapter 1

"I'm home!" The 29year old Blond man called as he stepped over the threshold to his mini-mansion and closed the large oak front door behind him. As soon as the front door was shut the man could hear the sound of a child's feet running over the hard wooden flooring.

"Dada!" The child's voice was a young boy's and following the cry a small raven haired boy about five or six came into view from one of the doors in the large hallway.

"Hello Bastian, have a good day without me?"

"Mmhum!" The boy hummed as he ran over to his father and wrapped his arms around the man's waist. The man returned the hug with a fond smile then lifted his head to look around the hall calling out as he did so.

"Where is everyone?" The man said with tones loud enough to be heard in the other rooms but it wasn't quite loud enough to be yelling. A small girl answered his question from where she was crawling on the floor.

A small girl, obviously about one or two years old, had crawled through a slightly opened doorway and once she had seen her father had sat down with a giggle on her lips. The girl had a cherub face so adorable and innocent that it was obvious she could get away with anything even in her young age. She had bright rosy red cheeks beneath bright green eyes and long shining blonde locks of hair that fell from her pig-tails in straight bangs.

"Shhh!" The little girl emphasized holding both her hands up to her face with one small finger pressed up against her lips in the universal sign for 'quiet'. Then the girl burst into hushed giggles.

The blonde man frowned slightly at the strange behaviour and glanced down at his son. His son lifted his head as if sensing his father's gaze and looked up at the silver eyes with a matching pair that was hiding slightly behind an unruly mop of black hair.

"Papa's sleeping." Was the only explanation the boy gave before hugging his dad again with astonishing strength. "Papa got mad today when you was at work. He shouted at us. And Uncle Sev was nasty!"

"Now why would he do that?" The little boy shrugged but the man's frown was broken by a louder giggle from the girl on the floor on the other side of the hall.

"Dada Dada. Up! Up!" The blonde man sighed and gently untangled himself from his son's grip giving the already tussled hair a rub. Walking over to the girl on the floor the tall blond gracefully bent down and picked her up placing her on his hip and delivering a kiss to her cheek.

"Come on then Kali, let's go find Papa." With that, and one glance to his son, the blonde man walked elegantly through the open doorway and into the other room.

The room just having been entered was quite big but not overly large. It only had a few book shelves and three large sofas. The large soft white rug on the floor had children's toys scattered over it and also a few items of child's clothing; a pair of little white shoes, one white sock with pink lacing on, a blue jacket and a grown ups green shirt.

On one of the sofas, the one with its back to the large conservatory doors that lead to a conservatory and then to a gigantic garden, were two figures. One of the people was a small boy of no more than four years old lying on his side. The boy had the face of an angel with his soft blonde hair and heart-shaped face. His cheeks were slightly pale, however, and had tear tracks from where the young boy had obviously been rather up-set earlier. The peace on the little boys face would have been unmatched if not for the other figures' peaceful and contented expression.

The man lying with a protective arm around the young boy had his raven locks lying uncontrollably over his features but not obscuring them from sight. There was no frown on the other man's face and his healthy red cheeks added to the mans' handsome features. The lean and slender but muscular body was curled around the younger boy's and only a thin vest covered an otherwise unblemished and perfectly sculpted chest.

The blonde man couldn't help the happy smile that grew on his red lips as he saw the slumbering pair. Delivering a kiss to the little girl in his arms he slowly lowered her to the floor all the time watching the sleeping pair. Once the girl was out of his arms the man silently approached the man and boy and reached out a hand gently stroking the little boys' cheek. The boy moaned slightly in his sleep and snuggled closer to the warmth the man beside him offered. The blonde smiled again and turned his attention to the raven haired man. His hand gently turned and caressed the man's cheek then ran gently through the messy, but surprisingly soft, mop of raven locks. The man stirred and slowly bright emerald green eyes locked onto silver ones.

"Draco?" The raven haired man mumbled rolling slightly onto his back to get a better look. The blond man, Draco, smiled again and withdrew his hand.

"It's the afternoon Harry, you aren't meant to sleep in the afternoon." The raven haired man rolled his eyes and groaned. Sitting up slowly being careful not to wake up the sleeping boy besides him the raven haired man stood up slowly next to the blonde.

"I didn't mean to fall asleep. I guess this last week's got to me more than I thought." With a dismissive sigh Harry turned away from the blonde and ran a hand through his hair. "Lack of sleep plus Alex today must have made me doze off." The man then went to walk away and would have had it not been for the pair of hands on his hips preventing him from doing so.

"And what happened with Alex? Bastian tells me you and Severus got rather angry today. What happened?" Again the raven haired man groaned and tried to get out of the strong grip that held him. After a few silent minutes of struggling Harry gave a resigned sigh and leaned back into a welcoming embrace.

"The Weasleys came over today. All the kids were having some fun by the river seeing how far they could each throw stones. All I did was blink and suddenly Alex was in the river. Of course then he can't swim, the water was cold and he panicked. I tried to get up but what with Kali I couldn't get there. Severus dove in after Alex by which time Alex was going blue and choking. Once Sev got Alex out of the river Alex was panicking so badly he was hardly breathing. I took care of Alex and Severus rounded on the other kids. It turns out that the Weasley twins thought it would be funny if they pushed Alex in the river and Sebastian went along with it thinking it would also be funny."

Harry ran a hand through his black hair and tried yet again to get out of Draco's arms. The arms had loosened during the explanation but when Harry nearly slipped out of the embrace the arms tightened making it impossible for Harry to leave for the rest of the explanation. Sighing Harry continued. "Alex didn't calm down for ages. He just kept crying and because he was crying he got breathless. He was already blue from the water and then we got into a vicious cycle. He was scared because he fell in and couldn't' swim which made him cry, because he was crying he couldn't breathe which meant he cried more. Altogether he nearly passed out before I managed to get him to calm down. He fell asleep a few minutes after he had calmed down but refused to let go of me. I told Sebastian off, I was so mad but he was…oh never mind. It's all fine now."

"The hell it's all fine!" Draco said loadly. "That boy is grounded! The Weasleys aren't going to bring their children here for the next month, if I see the red headed twins I shall probably throttle them! That river is out of bounds too. No more picnics either…it's only March so it's not even warm enough for picnics!"

"Now that's not fair!" Harry protested turning around to look at his fuming husband. "Everyone enjoyed the picnic! And what does it matter it's only March? We are getting temperatures of up to 29degrees. The hell I'm not going out on picnics. You are delusional if you think I'm going to let you confine me inside…"

"Dada? Papa?" Came a small, timid boy's voice. The slight tremble in the quiet voice made the two adults look around alarmed. The previously sleeping blond was sat on the sofa looking up at his arguing parents with tears shining his silver eyes. The cherub angle face had a small frown of worry on it and pouting lips were trembling as wide puppy silver eyes stared up at his angry parents.

Immediately upon seeing that expression some of the parents' anger faded away and Harry started looking rather guilty whilst Draco looked tenderly upon the little boy. The three, going on four, year old had pale cheeks which betrayed his delicate health. He had messy blonde hair, a trait from Harry, but other than that he was pretty much the spitting image of Draco only more childlike.

"Why are you yelling? What are you arguing about?" Draco shook his head with a small smile on his face.

"Nothing, don't worry Alex."

"So you don't hate each other?" The boy asked with a very innocent expression and more force on his innocent eyes. Draco shook his head again in a 'no'.

"No, we could never hate each other." Alex gave his father a small smile that was almost non-existent.

"Then kiss and make up!" Alex declared loudly throwing his arms above his head and giving a very large happy grin. Harry was slightly stunned but then he shook his head in exasperation. Draco rolled his eyes and turned to Harry using his hand to pull Harry's chin around to face him before kissing him lightly and tenderly on the lips. Harry smiled around the kiss completely forgetting to be angry. Beside them little Alex giggled and put his hands in front of his mouth in a useless attempt to hide the giggles.

The adults broke away and Draco gave Harry an accusing look. "You and the kiss and make up rule is gonna be the death of me one day! We can't even get into a healthy spat without being told to kiss and make up. Honestly, I'm going to go soft with all this kissing!"

"Didn't hear you complaining before." Harry said with a smile before turning to face Alex who was still giggling with shining eyes. Harry reached down and picked the little boy up balancing him on his hip. Smiling still Harry brushed the hair out of the boy's face and delivered a kiss to the boy's forehead causing the boy to giggle more. "So, you all better now Alex?"

"Mhm!" Hummed the boy before he frowned slightly. "But my heart feels weird and I'm hungry!" Draco rolled his eyes, being hungry often was definitely a trait from Harry who the boy took after. Kissing the little boy on his cheek Draco announced he would go and get Alex something to eat. Harry placed Alex on the floor and the three year old took Draco's hand and walked with him into the kitchen.

Harry watched them go hand in hand with a smile before looking around the room to find his other two children. Kali was playing happily on the floor with her cuddly toy but Sebastian wasn't in the room. With a heavy sigh Harry wandered out of the room and found his eldest son sat on the stairs looking very upset.

"Seb? Bastian? You okay?" Harry walked slowly up to the boy who didn't move. Sitting besides the six year old Harry placed a hand around the boy's shoulders and there was a loud unhappy sniff. "Aw Bastian." Harry pulled the boy into a hug and no sooner had the boy been wrapped in Harry's arms did he burst into loud tears. Crying loudly Bastian held onto Harry's shirt clutching it almost desperately.

"Dada…Dada's…:sniff: mad at me :sniff!" Harry nodded slowly and kissed the boy's messy

"Dada's just worried about Alex. You know how daddy gets. He has to be the big knight in shining armour that saves the day and he doesn't like it when bad things happen. He's only mad because Alex was in danger today. And you know what you did wrong and you promised to do anything like that again so Daddy will calm down."

"I don't…" sniff "want him to be" sniff "mad at me!" The little boy said clinging onto Harry tightly bawling his fists in Harry's shirt. Harry sighed and rested his chin on Bastian's head.

"Daddy will calm down soon. Like I said, dada's just being the hero fighting off all the bad dangerous things. He isn't thinking straight and is being silly. He's just being a hero and heroes do silly things like getting mad."

"You know," came a different voice from the bottom of the stairs. Both Harry and Bastian looked up slightly startled. "Had I told you that being the hero was a silly thing and that heroes did silly things a few years ago then you would have hexed me!"

Harry at least had the decency to look sheepish and blush as he saw it was Draco who was talking. Ducking his head and hiding his face in his son's hair Harry tried to evade the amused and accusing gaze being sent his way. Sebastian on the other hand was looking confused.

"Huh?" Draco resisted the urge to lecture his son on his language and instead slowly walked towards the pair. Sebastian had momentarily forgotten his upset state in preference to the curiosity inside him.

"Before we had you, Alex and Kali, Harry here used to be the world hero. He was the one who raced dragons, battled evil red eyes and saved the world from the shadows. And here he is now saying being a hero is a silly thing." Sebastian's eyes were wide and Harry groaned into his son's hair.

"Draco did you have to tell him that!"

"You mean it's true?"

"Well of course it's true! I wouldn't lie to you!" Draco said with mock shock and hurt. "I am a Malfoy and Malfoy's don't lie because we are above such common sins!" Sebastian blinked a few times as his young brain comprehended the fact that his dad was telling the truth before turning to Harry and tugging on the shirt still clutched in his fists.

"Papa! Did you really race a dragon?" Harry groaned again and lifted his head away so he could look Sebastian in the eye.

"Yes I did and it was very dangerous and silly. And before you say anything Draco, yes I was silly and yes I was stupid and reckless and it won't happen again." Harry then quickly went on before his son could whine and his husband could look smug. "Anyway back on the point! Daddy isn't mad as you can se Seb so everything's fine but you've got to take care of your brother because Alex is not as strong as you." Harry then unwound himself from his oldest son and went to stand up. "Now, I'm going to have a shower. I'll be down again soon. Why don't you go and play Seb."

"That's right, I'm not really mad. I'm upset that Alex was in danger today because of you and the others but I guess you know not to do it again so we'll just leave it at that." Draco said offering his hand to the raven haired boy. Sebastian took the hand hesitantly and Draco pulled the boy to his feet and into a hug. "Now, why don't you go and play in the lounge and keep an eye on Kali for me. I have to talk to Harry."

The boy nodded and Draco smiled giving the boy a gentle little shove in the right direction. As Draco climbed the stairs to follow Harry he summoned a house elf and asked him to make sure the children were okay. The house elf left with a pop and Draco found his way along the long corridor to the room he and Harry shared.


"Mhm?" Came the hummed reply from the bathroom. Draco walked through the opened door and found Harry was just checking the temperature of the shower still fully dressed. Leaving his hand under the spray Harry looked over his shoulder at Draco and offered a small smile. "Hi."

"I got a call from Petunia earlier." Harry withdrew his hand back and turned fully to stare at Draco. From Harry's body language it was clear to Draco that whilst the Dursleys' treated him better than they used to, the neglect he suffered at their hands still had lasting effects on him. Sighing Draco continued. "Dudley's wife Eloise has had her baby. A little baby boy if I remember correctly. It seems they are quite smitten with their second child and Petunia and Vernon are nothing but devoted grandparents again. They've invited us all over tomorrow to Dudley's house to visit."

"Okay. I guess we can go, after all they did think to ask us. Is that okay? We won't stay long."

"It's fine." Draco leaned forwards and kissed Harry's lips gently. "Now, can I join you for a shower? I had a Hufflepuff blow up her caldron today and the thing just wouldn't stop burning so I probably stink." Harry laughed and turned around tugging his shirt over his head.

"Sure, come join me but we'd better not spend too long in here because I know for a fact that Theo wanted us all to watch a film together. I think it's Jungle Book tonight."

"Oh Merlin, not again!" Draco moaned and leaned his forehead against the shower cubicle. Hearing Harry laughing made Draco turn his head slightly to see his spouse. "Couldn't you have bought them a new one? A different one?"

"Nope, sorry. Kali chose it. If it's any consolation the boys already tried to talk her out of it but it seems she inherited my stubbornness and your self righteousness." Draco groaned again though this time it sounded something like 'why did she have to be a Malfoy.' "It's not all that bad love. I'm sure they'll fall asleep half way through anyways. Now, strip unless you planned on taking that shower after me."

Harry stepped into the shower and under the spray but it wasn't until he'd closed the door that Draco realised that Harry was completely naked and waiting for him. Using his wand Draco banished his own clothes and stepped into the shower besides Harry naturally placing his hands on Harry's still narrow hips as he tilted his head into the spray.

"Feels good." Draco said and Harry laughed pushing Draco's hand off him.

"Just showering. Jungle Book later, remember."

"Don't remind me."

As was usual for a Friday night the family sat down at six o'clock to watch a film that one of the children picked out. This was the only night in the week that Harry and Draco allowed their children up late. It was usually arranged like this so that the children would be tired the next day and have to have an early bed time so that their parents could spend quality time together and the house elves would take care of any special needs the children had. Sunday was a fun day usually spent relaxing before Monday and Draco had to go back to work and Harry became a single parent for five days.

Jungle Book had just finished and in between yawns the Sebastian and Alexander hummed the tune whilst Kali slept on completely unaware in Harry's arms. Draco had his arms wrapped around the two boys and they were all sat on the one sofa together in front of the T.V. Harry had spent a whole month convincing Draco to buy five years ago.

"Alright then boys, time for bed. Quietly now, don't wake your sister." Draco whispered and stood up helping the boys to their feet. Keeping his arms around the boy's shoulders Draco steered them upstairs eventually having to hold Alex up completely. Harry followed quietly behind as they headed for the nurseries.

Once at the top of the grand stair case the group turned off into a corridor with a large set of wooden doors at the end. Next to the doors but about five meters away were two more sets of doors opposite each other. In one room was a nursery done up in greens and golds with pictures of friendly dragons and creatures playing around and flying about. There were also pictures of snitches that whizzed around here and there. There were also two medium sized wardrobes. One of the wardrobes had a gold letters 'SL', for Sebastian Lucius, on it whilst the other had 'AJ', for Alexander James. There were lots of toys left out all over the floor which Draco had to maze through. On one side of the room was a bed with thick green sheets on and a large snitch whose white wings fluttered every now and then. On the other side of the room was another bed this time done up with lighter green sheets with a picture of a gnome village with several gnomes playing and chasing each other.

Draco steered Sebastian over to the bed with the large snitch on and watched as Sebastian literally collapsed onto the bed still in his day clothes and not even against the pillow. Placing Alexander down on the other bed Draco set about the slow task of getting Alex ready for bed without waking the boy and without using magic. Harry had insisted that the children had as little magic cast on them as possible especially when the tasks were ones that could easily be completed without magic. Finally having gotten Alex out of his clothes Draco grabbed a pair of light yellow pyjamas and slipped them up the boy's legs before pulling the shirt over his head and over his tummy. Satisfied Draco watched in amusement as a kitten that looked like a lion played with a small ball of white yarn and chased it over Alex's pyjamas. Smiling at the picture Draco slid Alex under the covers and tucked him in. Delivering a kiss to the boy's forehead Draco went to change Seb only to see Harry had already started.

Together the two parents put Sebastian's day clothes back into the wardrobe and manovered Sebastian into some black pyjamas with a picture of a wizard battling another wizard. One wizard was dressed in white robes and the other in black. It was the classic 'good vs. evil' battle. Sebastian always loved seeing 'good' triumph and always played with little figurines of knights and wizards that could fight against the evil creatures.

Harry leant down and pulled the covers up to Sebastian's chin and placed a kiss on the boy's forehead before smiling at Draco and wandering over to Alex's bed. Brushing blond hair off the boy's forehead Harry kissed it and left the room with a fond smile at his children over his shoulder. Draco waited in the corridor and Harry closed the doors quietly. Peeping into his daughter's room Draco slipped over to her pale pink cot and petted her hair affectionately. The bars on the cot were a bit high for him to kiss her forehead but the girl wouldn't miss it much and Draco could make up for it in the morning.

Leaving the room Draco closed the doors behind him and turned to face Harry. Harry stood there just watching with a loving smile on his lips and a loving softness to his bright green eyes.

"Come on, let's go back downstairs. The alarms will warn us if there's anything wrong and you can help me with some marking I have to do." Harry sighed but didn't loose his smile. Nodding his head in assent Harry turned to go back down stairs. Draco slipped into step next to him and the pair went back downstairs to settle once again on the couch.

Harry helped Draco with his marking until Draco got onto the more complicated potions and then Harry completely lost interest. Sure, he knew the basics of all the potions but he didn't have the will power to read through any more potions essays. Summoning a book from the library wandlessly Harry started to read. He got through about three chapters of the novel when his eyes started to close and he drifted to sleep accidentally dropping the book to the floor in the process.

Draco finished his marking at about half past eleven and turned to look over at Harry only to notice that his spouse was already fast asleep. Sighing to himself with a smile Draco stood up and gently shook his husband. Harry awoke very slowly and looked up at Draco with confused eyes.

"Our bed is upstairs Harry. Come on, I'm not carrying you up there. You're big enough to put yourself to bed." Harry scowled and poked his tongue out but allowed Draco to steer him upstairs and into bed. Stripping of his day clothes and throwing them back away into drawers and wardrobes Harry pulled on a pair of blue sweat pants and a white t-shirt before slipping underneath black and gold sheets. Settling down against the pillow Harry waited drowsily for Draco to finish pulling on his t-shirt that hung a few inches below the top the pair of boxers he had worn. Draco slowly slid into bed and Harry flicked his hand lazily at the lights causing them to turn off.

"Show off."

"Green with envy." Draco snorted at the reply but brought an arm around Harry's waist instead. Harry released a long relaxing breath and felt all his muscles relax against the bed as he brought his head just next to Draco's and fell asleep.

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