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Completely Unexpected
Chapter 7

The next morning Harry, Draco and their three children were sat in their lounge playing with a newly transfigured ball that was about as tall as Seb was. Draco and Harry had used their magic to make the ball as light as a balloon and it could be pushed with the slightest tap. So far it was only Kali that had managed to let the ball touch the floor but since she was still young nobody minded much.

"Um…" The family turned and looked over to where the new voice had come from and saw Malfoy and Potter standing just inside the doorway. The ball sailed through the air and landed on Kali who screamed. Harry scooped her up and kissed her cheek effectively soothing her but the screams were still enough to make the two newcomers cringe a little.

"Hello you two. What's the matter?" Harry asked bouncing Kali slightly.

"Um well…the headmaster was wondering whether you'd be eating in the Great Hall or not for breakfast."

"Well if we are allowed I think we'd like to." Harry looked at Draco for reassurance that what he said was okay. Draco nodded and reached his hands out silently asking for his son's hands. The two boys went straight over and slipped their hands into their father's hands.

"Since your arrival has caused quite a stir and you came here empty handed Potter and I, unfortunately," Malfoy sneered, "have been given the day off to escort you around the school and to take you to Hogsmead and Diagon Ally for some clothes. He seemed to think that since you are us that we should be lending you money to buy clothes and other necessities." Potter rolled his eyes at Malfoy and looked skyward in a gesture that made Harry clearly think 'he has to be stuck up about it prat'.

"Yes well I believe that would be appropriate though Harry and I do carry quite a lot of money with us so we have some money. Besides, we wouldn't want to be seen as charity cases now would we!" Draco's words weren't really a question. Malfoy sniffed and lifted his chin a little higher.

"Snob." Potter mumbled before speaking louder. "Um, before we go what should we call you?"

"We went over this last night Potter." Malfoy sneered earning him a glare from Potter.

"Call me Harry. If you use our first names and we call you by your last names there ought not to be much confusion…or too much anyway." Everyone nodded.

"Very well then, why don't we get going." Draco then ushered everyone out of the doors starting up a conversation with a rather nervous Sebastian who understood what was going on better.

When they reached the Great Hall all talking seemed to stop and Harry felt his cheeks flame. He took a small step backwards and wrapped his free arm around Alex. Draco looked around the hall with a piercing but not unfriendly look. The younger versions of themselves just stood there. Potter had a similar reaction to Harry and his cheeks went red at all the attention. Malfoy however seemed to be drinking it up and smirked in a superior way at everyone in the hall.

"You are to sit up there with the Professors." Malfoy said clearly and precisely before turning on his heel and strutting over to the Slytherin table where he took the opportunity to gloat at being stared at before sitting down.

"I'll see you later okay?" Potter said quietly giving a hesitant smile to Harry and walking rather quickly in the direction of Gryffindor table and collapsing into his seat quickly loading his plate with food and refusing to look anywhere but at what he was eating.

Back in the doorway Draco and Harry shared a glance. Harry offered Draco that same small smile that Potter had given Harry and Draco gave him a genuine and confident smile that caused a few wide eyed stares from the occupants of the Great Hall. None of them made a move towards going to sit down, if anything all the children seemed to shrink back..

"Well, if you don't want food we can go back to our rooms." Draco said before smirking at the outburst this caused from his children.


"No! Daddy I'm hungry!"

"Please Daddy!" Draco's smirk went up a level as his sons began tugging gently on his hands. Raising his head up proudly Draco looked over at Harry who was smiling gently and replying to something else Kali said.

"Well then, let's go. And remind your manners."

"Yes Daddy." With that, and Draco in the lead, the family walked down the aisle of the Great Hall and towards the table at the far end. Upon seeing their approach the headmaster conjured a few chairs on the end of the table next to Severus Snape and the Arithmancy teacher. The family of five sat down and Harry helped put food on his Kali and Alex's plates. Draco did his own and Sebastian's plates before waiting patiently for Harry to finish loading his own plate.

The family started eating at roughly the same time, except Kali who demanded to be fed. The demand earned her a few disapproving looks from their audience and Draco raised one eyebrow at her. Kali noticed his steely gaze and pouted. Looking at her Papa her eyes turned watery. Harry smiled at her.

"Kali honey, you are a really clever little girl and I want you to show everyone here in the hall how clever you are by eating all on your own." Kali looked hesitant but slowly picked up her spoon.

"Good girl." Draco said. Kali gave him a small look before eating her food. Once Kali's attention was completely on her food Draco turned to look at Harry. "She's getting far too old now to be treated like a baby. She can do it all she just refuses to."

"Well then you spend a little more time with her. You know I'm too soft when it comes to them all."

"Yes I noticed." Draco mock scowled. "And you said I was spoilt."

"Hey!" Harry laughed. "They may be spoilt but they are kind hearted and they are anything but brats. I bet you wouldn't have attracted other people's attention away from your parents just so they could have some more time together."

"Well I'll give them all that one."

"Good." Harry turned back to his food and Draco laced their fingers making Harry smile as he took a mouthful of pancake. Everyone watching the display were stunned and their breakfast was long forgotten.

At the Gryffindor table Harry Potter was ignoring his friend's stares by eating his breakfast and looking nowhere else but at the sausages, bacon, egg and toast on his plate. Finally though, after he'd finished all his food and his pumpkin juice, he had no option but to look up. He was immediately greeted by wide brown eyes and wide blue eyes.

"Would you stop staring?" Harry asked.

"Harry mate, you married Malfoy!" Ron finally choked out. Harry groaned and ran a hand through his hair before burying his face in his hands.

"No I didn't…haven't…..won't. Besides Draco is different to Malfoy…"

"You're calling the ferret Draco now!" Harry shook his head violently at Ron's disgusted question.

"No! The older one is Draco, the younger one is Malfoy. Do you know how confusing it is Ron! I mean I can't exactly call them both Malfoy now can I? It would get bloody confusing! As if calling the other Harry 'Harry' wasn't bad enough."

"So," Hermione butted in quickly before Ron could have another loud outburst, "what do they call you then?"

"Well, I'm Potter, Malfoy is Malfoy and those two are going to be called by their first names because they're married and stuff…"

"I still can't believe it! I mean look at you Harry, look at HIM! They're holding hands for Merlin's sake! Since when were you gay anyway let alone seeing Malfoy!"

"I'm not seeing Malfoy Ron." Harry said in a sharp voice. "I still hate him, he's an arrogant git."

"Then how come they are married then hmm?"

"How the hell am I supposed to bloody know Ron!"

"Because he's YOU!"

"Oh bugger off." Harry glared at the red head. Ron violently stood up and stormed out of the Great Hall. Harry watched him go before groaning and burying his face in his hands. There was silence around Harry for a while until Hermione hesitantly spoke with warm eyes and a small smile.

"Their children are beautiful Harry." Harry looked up and saw that Hermione genuinely meant her words. He smiled at her.

"They're brilliant. And they are happy. I even got to hold Alex, the youngest boy, yesterday. And in their rooms they were really loving and caring, all of them." Hermione nodded and looked over at the table again.

"It looks like you'll get your loving family after all, doesn't it Harry? Even if it is Malfoy." Hermione smiled brightly at him though he could see there was some uncertainty in her eyes even through her genuine happiness for him. Harry smiled back.

"Yeah." They turned back to watch as the older Harry and Draco finished their meals and cleaned up their children's faces. Draco then drew out his wand and muttered a few cleaning charms on their clothes to get the spilt food off.

"I have to go 'Mione. Malfoy and I have to take them to get more clothes."

"Well I don't suppose Malfoy can be too bad if he turns out like that…"

"'Mione, don't be silly. Malfoy is a git. Something really big must have happened to change Malfoy into that Draco." Harry shook his head and stood up walking over to the Professor's table and towards the family.

"Heya Potter." Harry grinned at Potter. Potter smiled back at him.

"You all done?"

"Yeah, I think we are all clean now. Thank you Dray." Draco nodded and looked up at Potter with a smile on his face.

"You are in for a long day of shopping you realize don't you?" Potter looked at him with a frown. Draco's smile widened. "Well you see we all need lots of clothes since we don't know how long we will be here for and there are five of us. Plus, I think you could do with some new clothes. Those rags are disgusting."

"Hey!" Both Harry's cried out at the same time. Draco held up his hand though/

"Admit it Harry, you used to look dreadful and you had no fashion sense then at all. Besides, what the Dursley's don't know can't hurt them…not yet anyway." Draco added as an after thought.

"How-?" Potter asked obviously shocked.

"Please Potter." Harry sighed looking at his younger self. "We're married, we have no secrets."

"Okay…I guess."

"Good, now where's Malfoy? We need new clothes." Draco stood up searching for his younger self. Malfoy soon joined them and once they'd all spoken to the Headmaster they left for Diagon Ally.

Told ya it was short! Not a lot happens just as I warned you. And how, next chapter should be more interesting. See ya. Gemxx