The room was pitch black, nothing in it but a king sized bed and a closet. It was past midnight and he still couldn't allow himself to sleep. Ah, such is the curse of a cursed man like me...he smirked then got up. It was amazing how time flies, it was five whole years since he went away. The reason?...a freakin phone call. Yup, a phone call, though he could never admit even to himself that the voice made him alive more than he was in years. Ironic really that he went away because of her...and now he's back for the same reason. He went out of the room and went straight for his mini bar...hard..I need somethin hard...and he got himself a shot of calm his nerves, he reasoned. As he felt the hot liquid travel down his throat, he couldn't help but close his eyes...and in that instant...memories of the previous day came flooding back to his mind...


He was on his way to the bathroom when he heard the phone ring.

Reluctantly, he went back to pick up the phone.



"Hello? Who is this?" he tried once more


"Look whoever you are would you please stop wasti-"


That could he ever forget that voice. It was the only thing that kept him sane...yet why? Why does he feel that something's not right? Aside from the fact that the oh so famous "kun" was not attached to his name...

"What is it Sakura? I thought I told you not to-"

But he was cut off again

"I know...I know I shouldn't've called you. But there is something i have to tell you." her voice was trembling..or is it just his imagination?

He sat on his leather sofa and inhaled before speaking.

"Fine. Make it quick." he was getting imaptient, something is definitely not right and he wanted to know what it is. He was neve known for his patience and he hated surprises.

"Sasuke..." she began "Can you forgive me?..."

What the?...he swore he could hear her sobbing..

"I might..." she continued "I might fall in love...with someone else..."

To say that he was shocked was an understatement. He sat on his ears...even after she hung up...her words keep on playing in his head like a broken record...

End of Flashback

And so here he was, the day after her phone call he immediately got on a plane and went back to his hometown.

Konoha...he promised himself he will never return...not until he achieved his goal...

But it seems that fate has another plan for him.

Fear...a feeling almost alien to him...for he never felt such emotion...

And was the only name he could find for the thing that almost wrenched his heart when he heard her confession.


"Can you forgive me?"

"I might fall in love...with someone else..."

He suddenly threw the shot glass...the sound of it shattering soothed his senses...he was beyond could she do this! She promised!...

But then reality sunk in...

How could she keep that promise when you were never there for her?

How can you expect her to stay with you when you have pushed her too far for her to ever come back to you?

You were nothing but selfish.

Let her go.

Again, the feeling of fear...but I can't...not until I find out who HE is...not to mention not after i break all his bones...

He slammed his head on the wall.

In his current state he couldn't face her seems a little investigation is needed...

With a plan in his head, he went back to his room and laid himself down...

As he closed his eyes...he found himslef making a trip down memory lane...

AN: Hope you enjoyed!