Disclaimer: again plot ideas taken from CassBogg. This time from her story Heroes of the Night. Let's face it: I'm lazy.


Jeffrey wakes up. He takes a moment to focus on where he is. Light is shining into the bedroom. A French inn, 1784, he remembers. They should be getting up. They have to deliver a letter. He looks to the left. Bogg still seems to be asleep. Pam is lying behind him. Jeffrey can see her hand on Bogg's waist. Pam used to sleep with her arm around him, until one embarrassing dream. Since then, whenever they all had to share one bed, he tries to get Bogg to sleep in the middle. He doesn't seem to be too bother about her arm.

Jeffrey quietly slips out of bed not to wake his friends. He likes these few minutes of alone time. Bogg always said being a Voyager can get pretty lonely. But the last few months he's experiencing he would like to be alone a little more. He pours some water from the water jar and quickly washes himself before he puts on his pants and sneakers.

Bogg opens an eye when he feels Jeffrey move out of the bed. He closes it again. He wants to give Jeff his alone time. Besides, it's nice in bed. He can feel Pam's hand on his skin. And he doesn't want her to take it away. Sometimes he tries to fall asleep with his own hand on his waist, so that, when Pam puts her arm around him in the night, they end up holding hands. He laughs at his own silliness. What he really wants to do is turn around and take the woman the hand belongs to in his arms and ... Don't be silly, he tells himself, it probably means nothing. She also sleeps with her arm around Jeffrey, and one night, when they were sleeping in a forest, he saw her sleeping with her arm around the tree trunk she slept next to. He feels her move her hand and roll away from him. He pretends he's still asleep.

Jeffrey has finished dressing and looks at his friends. Time to wake them up. He sees Pam open her eyes and wants to say hello to her. She brings a finger to her lip indicating him to be quiet. He cocks his head: what are you up to? Pam carefully moves up a little, and bends over Bogg her face close to his. Then Bogg's arm darts out and catches Pam's head in the crook of his arm.

"What do you think you are doing?" he asks her.

"Ah," is Pam's only reply.


"Nothing, honest."

"Then why did I just catch your head?"

"I don't." Pam tickles Bogg under his arm and he lets go of her in a reflex. He turns around and starts tickling her. She tries to wriggle away and tickle him back at the same time. She only manages to get herself expelled from the bed.

"Good, now that the two of you are finally awake." Jeffrey puts his hands on his hips and talks to them in a mock angry voice. "You both can get dressed. We have work to do. Really, sometimes I think I'm the only mature one here."

"Not arguing with you on that one, kid." Bogg sits up and eyes Pam. She smiles in agreement. She picks herself up from the floor and walks over to the water jar to get washed.

"I'm going downstairs to see about breakfast." Jeffrey leaves the room.

Bogg leans back and folds his hands behind his head. He watches as Pam washes herself.

"What are you looking at?" Pam asks looking at him from underneath her arm.

"Nothing," he replies looking away.

"Have I suddenly become transparent?"

Bogg crawls away underneath the blankets. He doesn't like to be caught looking. He knew it was a bad idea to voyage with the three of them from the start. Although back then he thought it was because Pam and he wouldn't be able to stay out of each other's hair. And now it is because that's exactly where he wants to be: in her hair, with his hands and then slowly moving down. He groans. This isn't right. She's starting to distract him from their missions. He can't think straight anymore. She has reduced him to just muscle. That has to stop. One of them should leave the team. She should leave the team. She was the last addition and it is her fault anyway he doesn't function properly anymore.

Pam coughs lightly. Bogg pulls the blankets down so he can look at her.

"I'm going down as well. There is still some water in the jar in case you want to wash away that manly outdoorsy smell." Pam turns around and leaves.

Bogg falls down in the pillows. Why did she have to say a thing like that?


"And?" Jeffrey asks when Bogg joins them. Pam and he have been waiting by the stables while Bogg delivered the letter to the comtesse de Lamotte.

"Letter delivered, comtesse swayed," Bogg replies, "green light lit."

"You smooth talker," Pam says. "So everything is ready for one of the biggest scandals in pre-revolutionary France?"

"Looks that way."

"Good. Then we can go. Somewhere nice, for a little R and R."

"Yes, good idea." Jeffrey seconds Pam's suggestion.

"The two of you have had time for R and R all morning while I was in there working hard on the case."

"Yes, and because having tea and cakes with the comtesse was such hard work, we want you to take some R and R," Pam says sweetly.

"We're only looking out for your well being, Bogg."

"Is that right?"

"That's right." Pam and Jeffrey nod in unison.

"I guess we have to take a little break then," Bogg gives in, "but only for a few hours and only if there isn't a red light."

"We'll take it," Jeffrey says eagerly.

"Anywhere special you want to go?"

"You pick, it's your outing."

Bogg glares at them both, mildly. If it was up to him there would be no outing. He sets the omni. "Ready?" Jeffrey and Pam both put a hand on his arm. He triggers the omni.


Athens, Greece, October 1968.

They land in a park. Bogg gets up and wants to check the omni, but Pam quickly stands in front of him and closes the omni before he can take a peek.

"Just a few hours," she says.

She stands so close he can almost put his nose in her hair. Damn it. She has to go. Next time they run into another Voyager he is going to ask if that one will take her off his hands.

A ball bounces into their little group. Some kids run after it but stop a little distance short. Jeffrey picks up the ball and throws it to the group of kids. Then he runs after it and joins them in their game of soccer.

"The universal language of playing games," Pam says as she walks over to a tree and sits down in the shadow.

"What makes you say that?" Bogg asks. He drops down next to her.

"From the trees, the weather and the way those kids look, I'd say we're somewhere in the Mediterranean. They don't speak much English here."

"Good point."

"Are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, we kind of conned you into taking a break."

"That's okay. Look at how much fun Jeffrey's having. He needed this break more than any of us. We shouldn't forget that he is still a kid."

"No, we shouldn't. But we shouldn't forget you need breaks too. You seem kind of tense lately. You want me to give you a shoulder massage to help you relax?"

"That won't be necessary." Better not to relax too much, he would loose control and he needs to be in control in this situation. He stretches out on his back. "I'm fine."

"Good." Pam lays her head down on his chest as she lies down as well.

"Arggh." Must she do that?


"Your head is heavy." And way too close for comfort.

"No, it's not. Shut up before I'll throw myself on top of you and show you what heavy is."

Bogg closes his eyes with a pained expression on his face. There's another image that will make it harder to keep his composure. He pulls his left arm under his head. He winds one of her long, red, wavy locks around his finger and pulls it teasingly. Actually, this is rather nice. Jeff playing with some kids; he and his love just enjoying each other's company. He shouldn't think of Pam as his love, though. She's a friend, a colleague, she moderately likes him, and he hates being in love with her. He pulls on her hair again, a little harder this time.

"Ow. Careful there."

"Sorry." He untangles his hand. Actually, this isn't nice at all. With her so close he's thinking all kinds of thoughts he shouldn't be having. Does she even know the effect she has on him? She must know. She's a temptress, a witch. She's doing all this to break his spirit. Yet, he doesn't move to get away from her.


"You look comfy," Jeffrey says standing over them.

"Looks can be deceiving," Bogg replies. He pushes Pam up and sits up himself as well. "Had fun?"

"Sure. I think my team won. But don't ask me by how much."

"Good. Now that everyone has had enough R and R we go back to work." And before either of them can protest Bogg has flicked open the omni. "Red light. 20 October 1968. Athens, Greece. Any thoughts?"

"The same one I have every time you ask that question: why didn't you take one of the guidebooks when we were at headquarters?" Pam asks.

"Because I like to travel light," Bogg replies. "Besides, between the two of you, you know more than is in that book. So, what do you think is wrong? Or what do you think should have happened."

"Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis." Jeffrey shrugs.

"That's true." Pam nods in agreement.

"Maybe one of the guests wasn't invited."

"Is that a big deal for history?"

"I don't know. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't."

"How do we find out if this wedding took place?" Bogg interrupts.

"Newspaper of course," Jeffrey replies.

"Then let's go get ourselves a newspaper." Bogg jumps up and without waiting for the others to follow sets in a brisk pace. Finally some work to keep his mind off things that his mind should be kept off.

Some time later they pass a crowd of people standing in front of a shop window. Jeffrey throws a curious peek and finds they are watching the news on TV sets in the shop window.

"Hey, guys. C'mon have a look." He beckons his friends and wriggles his way forward. Pam is right behind him. "Look, they're reporting on a big wedding."

"Yeah, but that's not Jackie Kennedy."

"No, that's Maria Callas. An opera singer. My mom likes her. She had loads of her albums."

"Guess we just found out what's wrong."

"Yeah, but how do we find out what went wrong?"

"Newspapers," Pam says. Jeffrey gives her a look. "Old newspapers."

With help of her hands and feet Pam manages to get directions to the public library and half an hour later the three Voyagers are going through back issues of the local English language paper on microfiche.

"Oh dear." Pam falls back in her chair.

"What is it?" Jeffrey jumps up to have a look at her screen. "Oh dear." He exchanges an anxious look with Pam. "How are we gonna fix that?"

"Fix what?" Bogg looks at the screen. "President and Mrs. Kennedy assassinated. We go back in time and we prevent them from being assassinated."

"Yeah. Problem is: he is supposed to be killed, she isn't," Pam says. "How do we prevent her from being assassinated while they're both in the car?"

"We'll find a way. Jeff, set the omni." He gives the omni to his young friend.

Jeffrey's a little surprised, Bogg never lets him set the omni. He takes the opportunity without asking nonetheless. "I think a few days a head of time would be enough. November 20, 1963. Hold on."

Bogg puts a hand on Pam's shoulder and takes Jeffrey's wrist in his other. "Let's go."


Jeffrey and Pam land in some bushes. Bogg lands a little away from them on a path. Two guards who are on the path several feet away, quickly turn around when they hear the impact. They have their pistols pointed at Bogg before he has made a good grasp of his surroundings. Jeffrey wants to shout out his name, but finds Pam's hand covering his mouth.

One of the guards turns his head to the bush Jeffrey and Pam are lying underneath. They are holding their breath. A little bird takes to the sky. The guards speak to one another, then they roughly pick up Bogg and escort him to a nearby building.

"Where do you think they'll take him?" Jeffrey asks.

"I don't know. But those were Soviet uniforms, so I doubt it's Club Med," Pam replies.

"Well, if we're in Russia it would more likely be a dacha by the Black Sea."

Pam gives a wry smile. "Where's the omni?"

"I have it."

"Good. We don't want that to fall into the wrong hands. When are we?"

Still lying on the ground Jeffrey opens the omni and glances it. "April 1939, Moscow. Red light. Let's look on the bright side: things can't get much worse than they are now."

"True. Now to think of a plan to get Phineas out of his predicament." Pam props her head up on her arm and stares through the foliage down the path the guards took Bogg.