Title: It Made No Sense
Wordcount: 264
Summary: If nothing couldn't exist, how was it possible for a heart to be gone?
Description: Kairi x Axel angst. For Astaldotholwen.

It was almost too much, that last time she saw him. The last time, heading into the nothing that was out there, the nothing that had to be something because nothing couldn't exist. If something was gone, then it was nothing.

But if nothing couldn't exist, how was it possible for a heart to be gone? That meant that someone was Heartless. That meant that their heart was gone. Therefore their heart didn't exist. Therefore the heart couldn't be used, emotions couldn't be felt, love couldn't be given…

And yet what was it that he had last whispered to her, illuminated by flames yet still so shadowed? How could he have said that, said "I love…" if he didn't feel, didn't have a heart?

It made no sense.

All she knew as she stood there on the beach, auburn hair curtaining her face, shielding her tears from prying eyes; all she knew was that he did feel. He felt as much as she ever had; maybe more, maybe less, but he still felt.

A perfect stranger that she knew the heart of, knew the soul and will and mind of. Strangers didn't usually divulge information to other strangers. Yet she'd seen it all, in the space of one heartbeat that never actually happened because he was 'Heartless'. She's seen into that ravaged shell, and realized that if a man could be capable of desire – for he wanted his heart, he wanted it so badly – then he could also be capable of other emotions. Like love, for example. And even if he'd never actually said "I love you", she knew that was what he meant.

But still, it made no sense.

For Candace, because she requested an Axel x Kairi. I'm sorry it's a drabble, but this is what happened… and seriously, this came the second I started thinking "Axel and Kairi…" it was kind of creepy, really. Probably not one that many people will like, but hopefully one that'll confuse you and make you think. Haha. I'm evil.

Candace, I shall attend to livejournal shortly… now I've got to go to bed. Love you muchly, cookies and if you like it cream to anyone who reviews – and a reply, how often can you say they reply? – and bye for now, because I'm tired. I might write another Kairi x Axel later though, a longer one...


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