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The Card Captor Harry Kingdom Hearts 2 Parody

by Shadow Crystal Mage

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In The World That Never Was…

"Hi, I'm Roxas," the brown-haired kid said, holding his hand out to him. Gingerly, he took it, unsure of how to respond. "What's your name?"

"Um, I'm Xarrhy," he said, introducing himself. "Number XIV, the Captor of Cards."

"I'm Terwinx," the silver-haired girl said. "Number XV, the Oblivious Otaku."

"Number XVI, Xife," the one with the red-eyes said, fingering the sword on her back. "The Superior Sue."

Behind them, a giant three-headed dog with wings roared for attention, making Roxas fall back on his butt in surprise.

Xarrhy pointed his thumb over his shoulder. "He's Rexokobser, although we just call him Rexok. He's number XVII."

"Oh," Roxas said. "Well, uh, welcome to the Organization…?"


Meanwhile, in Hogwarts…

"Potter, I did not give you permission to remove Mr. Malfoy's Heart," Snape said stupidly. "Ten points from Gryffindor."

The Shadow turned away from where he'd just made a new Wizard Heartless and stuck his tongue out at the potions master, just as the new Wizard started going nuts and began plucking Hearts from the other Slytherins.

"Help, help!" Hermione screamed as she tried to run away from the Heartless.

"Get her!" Voldemort cried. "We need the Princess of Heart!"


Voldemort screamed as he was cut down again and again. Everyone turned towards their unlikely hero.

"Professor Dumbledore!" Hermione cried.

Dumbledore looked down at the injured wizard at his feet, who was having his Heart slowly consumed by the Heartless he no longer controlled. "Tom, you never did understand the power of the Heart," he said, holding a shining sword in his hand.

"What's that, professor?" Ron asked, pointing to the weapon.

Dumbldore hefted his Keyblade. "This is my Keyblade, the Old Coot!"


"..and this is our newest member, number XVIII, Dremovtoxl 1 to 7," Roxas introduced.

All the mini Nobodies waved their hands. "I am the Dark Lord Dremovtoxl (1 to 7), the Snake Speaker!"

"Hey, Dremy," Xarrhy greeted, waving lazily at his fellow Nobody.

"Potter!" the seven Dremovtoxls cried, all going for their wands.

"Actually, it's Xarrhy now," the Captor of Cards said smugly. "Your superior. Get used to it."

"How'd you managed to make seven of you, anyway?" Terwinx asked from where she was beating Rexok at Tekken.

"One heart, one body, six horcruxes with Souls that count as Bodies but have no Hearts, you do the math," the Dremovtoxls all said. "Enough of this. Potter, DIE!"

Xarrhy just waved his hand lazily, and a barrier appeared in front of him. "My turn. WINDYX CARD!"

As the first of the Clow Card Nobodies went up against the Snake Speaker, Xife the Superior Sue turned towards the Third Wall. "End this. Now."


The End


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