CJ and Bosco paced, once again, in front of the ER's main desk as Rose sat with Mikey. Sully walked in and moved to Rose, patting her shoulder. Bosco looked into the room, seeing Morgan's psychiatrist walk into the room, then after a moment, come back out with the ER doctor. Everyone met in a group to discuss what was going on.

"She can go home. CT cleared any concussion or fractures. For some reason she is also back to her old self. She is a bit fuzzy on the details of anything up to the shoot out, but other than that, she is good. We are going to sign her paperwork and needed follow ups now, then you can take her home." The ER doctor said, leaning against the desk, filling out paperwork while he spoke. Bosco raised an eyebrow and then looked at CJ.

"Really, that's it? What about work, and psychiatrists, and her urine?" Bosco asked, looking flabbergasted.

"Urine was normal for 5 days, she was going to be cleared today, regardless of what happened. She got her memory back, but should still see the psychiatrist if there is an issue. She will need physical therapy from the fire department to get back to work, follow up with her primary care, and clearance from her primary to go back officially, but I don't see a problem with her going back within the month." The ER doctor stated, making everyone look both shocked and happy. Rose sobbed and buried her face on Sully, who hugged her. CJ moved for Trauma 1, but stopped, seeing Morgan come out, gear in hand. Everyone paused, staring at her, waiting to see what would come out of her mouth.

"Really, it was a bump on the head. You called Ma?!" Morgan looked right at Bosco, then Rose, then to CJ. Her face looked a bit upset and shocked. She let out a sigh and started walking for the door. Rose, Mikey, Sully, and Bosco all watched her as CJ followed her.

"Morgan, what do you remember?" CJ asked and Morgan pulled her bunker gear back on, suspenders over shoulder, coat over shoulders, and turned to CJ. Everyone behind him stared, wide eyed, to see what she thought happened.

"Wall collapsed, I hit my head, lost my helmet, and that is why I am here and can't go back to work without clearance. Why? Did no one tell you?" Morgan stated her attitude a bit snippy. Everyone behind CJ straightened a bit at her attitude. Morgan then turned around and headed out the doors, slamming into Walsh.

"Whoa. Careful-" Morgan said, then looked up at Walsh, who stared at her like she was going to bolt. The Squad soon came up behind Walsh and looked at Morgan. They watched her carefully, ready for her to run again.

"Hey Walsh, didn't need to come all the way here from the fire. Moe and Caster were about to bring me back. Got hit on the head good, but as soon as I am cleared for duty, you are damn right I am back. No wall will stop me." Morgan said and smiled her usual charming smile. Walsh's eyebrows went up and he nodded slowly, looking at CJ and Bosco for help.

"You know, when the wall fell. It knocked her down and she hit her head." CJ said, moving his finger as if telling Walsh to go with it. Walsh looked lost for a moment, then remembered what he was talking about. He paused a moment, then nodded.

"Oh yeah, that. Umm, I wasn't worried about you not being able to work, I was more worried about the paperwork that would have to filled out. So you feel ok, feeling good?" Walsh said and let out a sign as the Squad blinked in shock. Morgan nodded and smiled.

"Just a headache. But this will not stop me from competing to keep the Camelot Cup in the house. Don't worry about paperwork, it is simple, I will fill out most of it for you." Morgan said. Walsh just nodded as Morgan patted him on the arm and walked away towards 55-David.

1 Week Later

"Her PCP said that she can go back to work as soon as the department says she is good. That is not the issue. The issue is the fact she has a lapse of memory that big. That could pose a problem. The injury she thinks happened was over a year ago. What do we do about that?" Walsh sat talking to Bosco and Rose. CJ had Morgan downstairs, keeping her busy with having her explain, all over again, what the equipment she uses does. Bosco nodded, understanding, but also very frustrated with the FDNY's rules on work duty. He sighed, biting his lip.

"As long as she passes the physical exam she is fine, right? I am sure she can do that. Her shrink already talked to the FDNY and cleared her. Once the physical is complete, will you let her come back to work?" Bosco asked Walsh, who looked at him for a moment, then sighed.

"Yeah, of course, but she will have to take it slow for a while, hydrant, no interior jobs. I need to make sure my men can work with her again and she is safe. If there anyone else, this might not be happening, but for some reason you Boscorellis seem to be just that damned special." Walsh looked over the paperwork and sighed again, shaking his head.

"Damn right we are. Thanks Walsh." Bosco ran downstairs and looked at Morgan who looked back at him, as she held her gear. She looked tired and put the gear down, rolling her shoulders because of the aching it caused. CJ watched her and bit his lip.

"Ok, Walsh signed off. Let's go back downtown." Bosco said and watched Morgan put her gear away and walk towards the car. He watched her and sighed deeply shaking his head as he followed.

6 Weeks Later

"Ok, she seems to not have noticed the calendar went ahead a year, so everyone just act normal. No major hits, nothing that will cause any damage. She is back to normal and we want to keep her that way. Get me?" Bosco was huddled with the PD for the annual Camelot Cup. They had lost to FD the past 3 years since Davis stopped playing, but now he was back to playing and they knew they would win. Everyone on the PD agreed to be gentle on Morgan and the FD had already discussed benching Morgan for half of the game at least. Bosco nodded to the group and then they broke up. CJ moved with Finney, Bosco, Davis, Monroe, and a few other cops against Walsh, DK, Logan, McNamara, Morgan, and a few other firefighters from other shifts. The ball was passed back and forth, then the whistle was blown.

"I hope they are gentle with her." Rose watched from the sidelines as Sully nodded and wrapped his arm around her.

"Bosco will make sure they are. If there is one thing I have noticed in your family, it is Bosco being way to overprotective of Morgan." He nodded to Rose, who nodded back. They watched Morgan run up the court, dribbling the ball as she did. Davis came up fast and slid the ball from her, running around her and then heading back down the court. Morgan turned fast and ran after him, but Walsh got to him first. He hit the ball away from Davis and DK caught it, then threw it at Morgan, who jumped up and caught it, running down the court again, CJ and Finney fast on her. Bosco ran too, and watched as Morgan jumped and dropped the ball into the net, getting the two points. Morgan smiled and danced a little, dancing by the PD. Bosco looked at the PD and nodded.

"I love her, but this is war. No one showboats like that and gets away with it!" Bosco let out a roar, then the PD did too and the real game started. The ball was thrown and Bosco covered Morgan who was trying to dodge around him, she slid under his arm and the ball came at them, and elbowed him in the side. Bosco's eyes went wide and he let out a roar of pain as he doubled over. Morgan grabbed the ball and ran down the court, followed by the FD and most of the PD. CJ ran in front of her and Morgan threw the ball to the side, so Walsh caught it and jumped up, getting two more points. Morgan looked at CJ and smiled.

"You are one feisty.." CJ grabbed her to him and kissed her deeply. Davis and Finney shook their heads.

"Playing for the enemy.." Davis said and smiled as Monroe walked over.

"How come you never kiss me like that." Monroe said, more than asked.

"Because I am not known for vulgar PDA." Davis said and Monroe nodded a little in agreement.

Morgan managed to stay in the game throughout the game, her stamina, muscle strength, and agility all back to how she was before the shooting. She managed to end the tie and with only 10 seconds left, she and Bosco were in a heating confrontation.

"John, stop them." Rose watched as Bosco and Morgan glared at each other, Bosco had the ball and Morgan was not letting him pass. No one got in the way either. They had learned not to get between the two Boscorellis when it came to competitions. Morgan made a move, but Bosco shifted and Morgan stumbled. Bosco jumped over her and ran down the court and Morgan turned fast and ran after him. Bosco stopped to do a lay-up, but as he threw the ball, he felt a hand on his shoulder and weight as Morgan jumped up, using her right hand to hold onto his shoulder, she reached out her left hand, slamming the ball down. Everyone watched as if it were slow motion as Bosco's eyes widened in shock as the ball went from a lovely curve of perfection to a heavy sack. Morgan spun slightly and landed on her feet, grabbing the ball as Bosco watched in horror. He saw a chance as she grabbed the ball and went to nudge her slightly, but she had already let go of the ball. The ball flew through the air and everyone watched as the ball went into the net as the buzzer rang. The score was 45-38, FD. Bosco fell to his knees as Morgan looked down at him and smiled.

"NO!" Bosco let out a cry and hit the floor on his knees. Rose watched and smiled slightly, almost embarrassed yet also very pleased. CJ walked over to Bosco and got him back up.

"Calm down man, it's just a game." CJ said and smiled down at him. Bosco shook his head and got up as Morgan ran at the Camelot Cup and yanked it from the PD side. She held it up and danced as the FD gathered around Morgan.

"I know. I let her win." Bosco stated, panting slightly. CJ looked down at him and tilted his head, then looked over at Morgan who was both excited and happy. He looked back down to Bosco and smiled a cheshire grin.

"Shut up…" Bosco said and walked towards the locker room.

The Next Night

Morgan sat at the table, surrounded by the squad. They all stared at the Camelot Cup, patting her shoulders and thinking what she did was amazing. The shift had started about two hours ago and the evening had been quiet with no calls. Morgan was enjoying getting back into the swing of things and relaxing with the guys. Walsh was watching her like a hawk, but after 2 weeks on the can, he had decided to let Morgan go back to the search crew.


Everyone jumped up and ran down the stairs to the truck. After a few moments they had arrived on the scene where six cars were all mangled together in a big pile. PD had already blocked the roads with Sully and Monroe covering Lexington, Bosco and CJ covering King, and Finney and Davis directing traffic around the wreck. Morgan jumped down with DK and looked at Carlos, who was motioning her over.

"We got a little girl who is stable, but her mother is pinned by the dashboard. I need her out, now." Carlos stated firmly and Morgan nodded with DK as Logan came over with the jaws of life. Morgan covered the little girl with her jacket and slowly walked away towards the ambulance.

"LOOK OUT!" Davis yelled in their direction as a car sped around him and up on the sidewalk. Bosco and CJ watched as the car sped towards the wreck and the working fire department. The sound of the machinery drowned out Davis as Morgan walked to the ambulance putting the little girl into it. She then moved away from the ambulance and heard yelling. Looking over she saw the car and her eyes went wide. She started to run away from the car, but it followed her and she screamed at the guys to run. Walsh and DK looked over, as did Logan and all of them jumped over the wreck. The loud sound of car on car was heard as the rogue car slammed into the already mangled mess at 50mph.

"Everyone ok!?" Walsh yelled out and looked around. Everyone nodded, and Bosco, CJ, Finney, David, Sully, and Monroe all ran over.

"Where is Morgan?" CJ asked and they saw her jacket laying on the ground under the rear tire of the rogue car.