Blossom stuck between love

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Summary: Sakura thought she would be safe around her village, patiently waiting for his return. What she didn't know was that someone was watching her.. And that someone would try to get her heart.

This came yesterday in my mind, and I was like,sure why not..

Sakura was nineteen now and there was still no sign from Sasuke. Sighing, she looked around at the trees that surrounded her and heard birds chirping merrily. What she didn't know was that a pair of eyes were set upon her frame. She wasn't really aware at the fact that she was in danger.

Why would she? She was still near the village where everything was calm and peaceful. Sakura just needed to be alone. When Sakura was in Tsunade's office this morning, she had heard that Sasuke had been spotted. Immediately, she wanted to go look for him and bring him back.

Hoping that he would come back… Bringing him back.

Sakura blamed it all on herself, She kept saying that it was her fault. She could have done something back then, but did she? No. She was just a weak person. Like he said…

"You are annoying."

The memory flashed through her mind and she bit her lip, trying her hardest to ignore it. She had to be strong; she had to do it for him to prove that she was indeed a strong woman. Strong enough to be on level with him.

More then friends…

But she knew that he wouldn't be the same person if they should meet again. Orochimaru had turned him into a monster. She had heard many rumours about Sasuke. A lot of warnings had been sent everywhere about a nin from the Sound. Black raven hair, onyx eyes. And if you were lucky, you could see his sharingan eyes, the Uchiha bloodline.

Sakura sighed and stopped in her tracks, feeling the wind blow her long hair.

Sakura had changed a lot. She was no longer the weak girl compared to the days when she was still a genin. She was now worthy to be called a kunoichi. Worthy enough to be by his side.

She had made her way to ANBU and was proud to be one. She also worked in the hospital, as she loved to help people. "At least I can help these people..." That thought went through her mind constantly every day and her features saddened every time.

The moment Sasuke had left, her heart throbbed with pain and anguish. She was nineteen now but she was still considered pure. She had saved herself up for Sasuke. Nineteen and not even been kissed. Even Hyuuga Neji had shown interest in her but she turned it down and said they only could be friends.


Sakura noticed one small thing. Why was the forest so quiet? Slowly, her hand drifted down her leg to her kunai holster but it was too late. A dire blow at her back had made her fly and crashed against a tree, causing her to a scream.

Sakura let her chakra flow quickly in her body, checking whether she had sustained any other injury. Yet, she was caught off guard when someone roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and banged her head against the tree.

Her vision started to blur and Sakura fought hard, trying desperately to stay conscious. After another slam against the tree, she closed her eyes and involuntarily welcomed the darkness. Falling into the arms from a devil.


"Where's Sakura-Chan?" a loud voice boomed as he narrowed his eyes at the woman in front of him.

Tsunade leaned backwards against the chair. She closed her eyes and sighed. "She's out, she needed some air she said."

"It's been fifteen minutes now! Shouldn't she come back already?" Again his voice was loud and Tsunade started to get tired from his thunderous voice. "Stop overreacting, Naruto! She can take care of herself. She does not always need protection!" Tsunade slammed her fist onto the table.

Seriously, the kid was nice but she couldn't take it to hear that voice everyday, hour after hour. It drove you insane, you know?

He became quiet and his clear blue eyes watched the hokage in front of him. One day, he would be sitting there. One day, he would worry about his students. One day, he would gain the respect from all the villagers.

"Ano... Sorry," he said as he scratched the back of his head. "I just thought...that she needed help." A smile found its way to Tsunade's face. "There's no need to be sorry, Naruto. But you have to understand that Sakura is a woman now who can take care of herself."

He nodded at her and looked outside, seeing the birds fly past the window.


"Urgh..." Slowly the pink haired kunoichi opened her eyes and looked around. Where am I?

As if someone had heard her thoughts, an unfamiliar voice spoke up "I see that you have awaken."

Sakura shrieked in shock and looked bewilderedly around her, trying to see the person who had said that. The first thing that Sakura noticed was that her chakra was 'gone'.

She reached for her kunai holster and noticed yet again that something was missing. "Looking for something?" the deep smooth voice resurfaced. Sakura backed away against the wall, looking in shock around her. Suddenly, out of the blue, a shadow appeared in front of her.

He was extremely tall. Through the darkness, she could faintly make out some red colour on the person's clothes. As she looked upwards, she could see a flash of red in the darkness, and knew that whoever the person was, he was watching her.

"W-who are you?" she asked, quietly. Sakura patiently waited for an answer. After a while, she felt annoyed by his unresponsive attitude so she asked him again. "Who are you?" This time, her voice sounded stronger and slightly cold. He chuckled, clearly hearing her fierce voice.

To make her scared again, he told her his name. "Uchiha Itachi." He told her calmly and heard her gasp. Sakura tried to back farther away from him but it wasn't working. "Going already?" came his voice.

"What do you want from me?" She wasn't the weak kunoichi than she was when she was 13 and she would let him know that. She didn't care about what would happen if she did. "You will find out in time. Now, follow me." Itachi didn't move and Sakura wasn't planning on budging from where she stood either until he was at least a mile away from her.

"Kunoichi," came his cold voice as he watched her with dark amusement. "Would you prefer if I ask Kisame to come?" A flashback from the moment Sakura had lost consciousness flashed through her mind and she shook her head slightly.

As she stood up, a wave of dizziness took over her and she was about to fall back.


His hands encircled her waist and pulled her flushed face to him. Sakura's eyes widened at their close distance, chest against chest. While her chest was soft, his was hard. 'Must be training...' went through her mind as she struggled to stay awake.

Itachi watched her with his red orbs and saw that she was having a hard time to stay awake. He cupped her chin and made her look up at him. As she did so, her eyes widened at the look from his red orbs, wanting to avert her eyes but it was too late.

His sharingan had pulled her into a dream. He smirked as he felt her head landed on his shoulder. Gathering her in his arms, he walked outside the 'room' into the bright sun. Ignoring the look that his partner gave him, Itachi walked into the house that they were staying temporarily.

Soon they had to move again. Itachi never stayed too long in one place; chances were that people from the villages could betray you.

As he walked upstairs, he heard a name fall from the girl's numb lips, a name that earned a smirk on his face. 'Sasuke-kun...' So this little flower was from his brother? He stopped in his tracks and looked down at the sleeping girl.

His little brother really was foolish to walk to Orochimaru. Itachi's features turned cold again and he started to walk to the girl's room, for now.

As he entered the room, he walked over to the bed and laid her down. Glancing at the window in the room, he cast a spell on it so that she wouldn't start to get crazy ideas.

He turned around and left the room, quietly closing the door.


Naruto sighed and looked outside, seeing the sky welcome the night. His eyes were full of sadness and confusion. Why hadn't Sakura return? Was she…going to find Sasuke on her own? He gritted his teeth in anger. 'Sakura, why didn't you ask me to come with you!' went through his mind.

He could never forgive himself if,, I can't think of that! He closed his eyes, trying to fight back the tears.


Tsunade had told him that when Sakura was still around, she didn't act normal after she left her office. Upon hearing the news about Sasuke was a bad thing if Haruno Sakura was around.

She was a ghost. 'Because you Sasuke, because of you...' Naruto looked up at the sky as his mind drifted off to Sasuke, his best friend, his brother

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