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Walking into their new bedroom he let his gaze roam over the room before walking to the bed. Letting her drop down he didn't care if it was rude, or if it hurt. Turning around he slowly unzipped his cloak, throwing it over a chair before leaving the room.

"What will we do now"

Turning around Itachi met Kisame. Glaring he spoke, "You will find out… In time" he turned around and quietly walked outside for some training. Kisame grunted and glared at the door before turning around as well.

Meanwhile Sakura had woken up and looked around in the small room. Sitting up she hissed, a wave of nausea washed through her. Quickly standing up she stumbled forwards, leaning against the wall she looked at the window in the room.

Fresh air.

Seeing it wasn't locked she opened and put her head outside for some fresh air to inhale. A breathy sigh left her lips as she felt her nausea washed away. Standing up straightly she noticed Itachi training.

Small sweat beads trickled down his face as he continued to throw kunai's around, hitting everything he could. His ponytail clung to his soaked shirt for if it wasn't Itachi, he would look hot! But even so .. She had to admit he already was.

Sakura didn't notice that a person had entered the room as she continued staring at Itachi. "Enjoying the view?" a smooth voice chuckled. Shrieking she turned around as fast as she could. Meeting those cold eyes void of emotions. Looking over her shoulder she saw the Itachi who stood outside training looking at her, smirking. Turning back to the Itachi standing before her she saw his smirk became wider which made her stare angrily. "Why am I here!" she shouted noticing his perfect eyebrow rose.

"That, are questions for later, Sakura-san. Eat"

He tilted his head slightly as his eyes fled from her to the food tray on top of the table before fixing his eyes again on her silhouette. "We will talk after you have finished your meal." He turned around and walked all the way through the door, yet before closening it, he spoke, "If you value your life kunoichi, do as you are told." after which he closed the door.

Sakura felt down on her knees as she looked the dangerous S-Class Criminal walking throughout the door. "If you value your life kunoichi, do as you are told." His words repeated themselves over and over.

What was going to happen to her?


"Old woman let me go after Sakura-Chan!" Naruto's fist met the table. Tsunade was just about to speak before Naruto interrupted her, "We waited long enough! If you don't set me on this mission I will go on my own!" Smiling within she conceded, nodding at him. "Alright Naruto, I will dispatch two teams." Naruto blinked in surprise – he had already won this battle?

"You will join forces with Neji, Shino, and Kakashi. The second team will be Kiba, Rock Lee, Shino and Gai. You will leave tonight. Be prepared. Come back in an hour. You are dismissed." Naruto stood full length again. His wide sky blue eyes stared upon the Hokage in front of him.

The dream in front of him.

Without pronouncing a single word he turned around and slowly walked out of the Hokage's office. A bright smile appeared on his lips. Soon he would save Sakura from the one who had captured her.

Meanwhile Tsunade was thinking over some plans.

Sakura was captured so she was unable to leave the village on her own, right? Then the question was; Who, why, and where? Sighing she stared at the closed door. She had promised Naruto to go look for Sakura, but.. Where to start?


Sakura sat alongside the table, eating slowly her meal. She had checked it or there was poison in, she hadn't find any. Though she didn't trust him. Only a fool would trust a man like Uchiha Itachi.

Seeing the door open she stopped with eating and looked up to see Kisame walk in. "Itachi asks for you." He spoke roughly. Nodding she watched him turn around and walk away, pass some other rooms. "He's outside training." She immediately knew which place he meant. Turning around on her heels she walked in a fast space out the building. Not liking being close to Kisame.

When Sakura stood outside she didn't saw him, probably at the other side of the building. This gave Sakura the thought, should she dare to escape? Hesitantly looking around she heard and saw no one, only the birds chirp.

'Do it!'

Sakura sprinted away from the place as fast as she could, not taking any risks by looking around. She didn't care where she landed, as long as it was away from Akatsuki, Kisame and Itachi.

Sensing a chakra running at a fast speed away he immediately knew who it was and turned around, disappearing. He would get Kisame later for this, for now, he would enjoy her little game.

Sakura ran, ran and ran. Her lungs burned yet she gave no signs of giving up, this was her chance to go back to her freedom. Though, a little voice said that someone would find her, yet she ignored it, a spark of hope shot through her body at the opportunity.

Suddenly she couldn't breath anymore, there, in front of her, the smirking bastard she tried to run away from. "Going somewhere?" Gritting her teeth together she looked to the right and turned her whole body towards and started to run again.

Itachi disappeared again, appearing on a branch and jumping through the trees . Sakura could feel his chakra following her and knew it was futile yet her stubbornness wouldn't allow her to stop.

Having enough of this little game he jumped on the ground, disappearing and re-appearing next to Sakura. Shrieking in shock she stopped and almost fell backwards but Itachi prevented her as he pushed her down on the ground with him on top.

Her breath was caught as she looked with wide eyes in his scarlet red eyes. Her chest was aching for air but she was too scared to breath – she forgot how to breath. Itachi's eyes roamed over her face, smirking lightly he leaned closer and saw her already wide eyes widened. Chuckling he rose and looked down at Sakura. Sakura refused to get up and get back to her prison.

She didn't deserve this.

Tears formed in her orbs but she would be damned to spill them! Itachi continued to stare down at her, not moving an inch, his eyes softly blinked, she was hypnotized by them. So much she didn't notice his eyes turning Mangekyou Sharingan and that the wheels were spinning faster and faster.

Sakura started to feel sleepy and a few more moments of looking in his eyes, she closed her eyes not opening them again.

Itachi sat down on his knee and took her in his arms. Standing back up he disappeared again.


"Obaa-san!" Tsunade glared at Naruto but ignored and continued to speak, "The last time Sakura was seen, was near the gates, so the teams will be split up and look all over. Kazekage also has sent a team to help us, so we will treat them with respect." Looking around at the group, "Any questions?"

"Do we have any idea why Sakura-san is kidnapped?" Neji spoke. Tsunade shook her head, "No we have not. Sakura has been missed for two days. Any more?" Everyone remained silent. "Dismissed. Good luck." Nodding the teams went on their paths.


Sakura sat on her bed, her cheeks red from anger of what that stupid bastard did. She would make him pay for it!

Seeing her door open she just ignored it, knowing it was Itachi – that she thought – "Tried to escape, eh?" looking up she saw mister sharky smile sadistic at her. Rising an eyebrow she removed her eyes upon something else. Something less..creepy.

Kisame walked with big steps towards the bed, in fact, he was there in three large steps. Sakura gulped slightly at being so close to him. She hoped he wouldn't do..anything painful. "Eh, ignoring me you little bitch?" Now she was shaking as she saw his hand rise, closing her eyes tightly. After a few moments she opened one eye, only to see Itachi holding Kisame's wrist in a firmly grip. Kisame's gritted his teeth together in frustration, not wanting to show any signs, yet failing miserable.

"I told you to leave the kunoichi unharmed." He said quietly. Time passed and neither of them made a move. Sakura started to get nervous why weren't they moving? Why weren't they doing something? Why weren't they doing anything!

Kisame snorted and disappeared in a second. She watched his hand slowly fall back next to his side, Itachi slowly turned around and looked with piercing eyes at the kunoichi who sat in front of him.She caught a curious glint in his eyes as he studied her.

Finally he made a move and walked towards the chairs next to the table, sitting on one of the chairs. "You are here, because of a deal."

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