Title: Not So Different After All
Disclaimer: None of it's mine. I do not own Doctor Who or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sadly.
Pairings: B/A, 10/Rose
Summary: A collection of drabbles and one-shots. The Doctor and Rose land in Sunnydale – only to find out they have a lot more in common with this strange place then they could have imagined.

"Doctor! We thought you'd left."

"More importantly," interrupted Buffy, "why are you still wearing the coat? It's been a week- how long does it take you to change?" She crossed her arms at the look Giles sent her. "What? So now I'm a vampire I'm not allowed to pick up on fashion anymore?"

"She's crankier than I remembered," the Doctor stage whispered to Rose.

His companion frowned at him before motioning to the cemetery around them. "What's going on?"

"Reality is folding into the world of nightmares." Giles explained about Billy. "If we find him this will all go away and reality will be restored. But you need to leave now, Doctor," the librarian urged. "You shouldn't be here."

"What's up G man? Why are you so freaked out?"

"I am 'freaking out' Alexander, because if the Doctor's nightmares become reality-"

He was cut off as the sky above them rippled suddenly like a pebble in a pond and flashed thunder and lightening. Except there were no clouds above them. Instead the sky became clear as glass; images of gravestones, mangled bodies, a string of faces and the TARDIS exploding began to whir past in the expanse of sky above them like a cinema movie reel.

And then there was the sound of something groaning and breaking as the sky rippled once more. Above them the stars began to burn even brighter, scalding the sky as the universe began to collapse in on itself, planets and galaxies on fire and heading straight for Earth.

"What is that?" shouted Buffy over the crack of the lightening.

Giles could barely make himself heard above the noise. "The nightmare of a Time Lord!" He turned to the man beside him and shook his shoulders but the Doctor's eyes were wide open and fixed unblinking at the sky and nothing Giles could do would snap him out of it.

"How do we stop it?" yelled Willow.

"I'm not sure that we can!" Giles roared as he slapped the Doctor's face. There was no response. He glanced at the sky again where the dying planets were growing closer and closer to the Earth. "He's trapped in his nightmares."

Rose took a breath and very calmly slipped her hand into the Doctor's. She squeezed gently and then leant up on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear.


For one brilliant moment the air around them seemed to vibrate with energy. The Doctor closed his eyes.

Then he opened them and everything vanished.

"Rose." He smiled softly at her and squeezed her hand back. "Hello."

"What the hell just happened?" said Xander, glancing back up at the atmosphere, which had now folded back into its previous vista of a calm night sky. "Not that I'm not grateful we're not smooshed under piles of burning universe but… where did everything just go?"

"Back into the Doctor's mind," said Giles in relief, sitting down on the nearest tombstone. "It appears he has regained control of his thoughts."

"And apart from a mild headache in the morning…" said the Doctor. He stopped mid sentence and rubbed his suddenly stinging cheek. "Did somebody slap me?"

Giles coughed. "Yes, well, now the world is not ending sooner than expected can we please get back to the problem with Billy? I take it that an episode of this nature will not be reoccurring again Doctor?"

The other man shook his head. "The nightmare energy took me slightly off guard, amplified as it was by the proximity of the Hellmouth." He shrugged. "But now I'm aware of it, it won't be able to get back into my mind again. For now I can keep it busy by letting it feed off my harmless peripheral thoughts."

Which is when the twenty six ft high jelly monster appeared.

"That's what you consider harmless?" Buffy crossed her arms. "Has anyone ever told you that your mind is a very scary place?"

"Well… I certainly wasn't expecting that."

Rose raised an eyebrow at the Doctor as she poured yellow jelly out of her shoe. "And what exactly were you expecting when you decided to point your sonic screwdriver at a monster made from jelly?"

"Oh come on, Rose. It was only a small explosion." He reached out with one of his long clever fingers and wiped at the quivering sludge that now covered his companion. "Plus it tastes excellent." He closed his eyes in pleasure as he slid one finger after another into his mouth. "Mmm, banana."

He reached out again but Rose batted his fingers away. "Doctor. What have I told you about licking me in public?"

The Doctor pouted. "But you taste really good."

"Hey I have a question," interrupted Xander, before the sexual tension ratcheted up another level. "Why is the Doctor not covered in kid's dessert?"

"He ducked," pointed out Willow.

"I just assumed you'd all," the Doctor made evading motions, "you know, come with me when I dodged. That your flight or fight instinct would kick in quicker than this."

"Well it didn't," interrupted Buffy, trying to wring yellow goo out of her hair. "And now I have Jell-O in places I didn't even know existed and all because you got the wrong setting on your sonic doohickey."

"It wasn't the wrong setting," the Doctor objected, "it was just unfortunate that no-one knew that anthropomorphic gelatine reacts badly to setting 7's frequency register."

"'Reacted badly'? It looks like Big Bird threw up everywhere."

"Come on Buffy, lighten up. It tastes great," Xander grinned and scooped a handful of warm mush out of his pocket. "Why are my nightmares never this delicious?"

"I'm sorry, but my sense of humour seemed to die when I did. Or maybe you've forgotten that one of us is now on a liquid diet?" Buffy turned her ire back to the Doctor. "This is all your fault. You and your stupid edible monster."

"Bob," the Doctor corrected. A small sad smile crossed his face. "The first and last of his kind."

"You named it?" said Buffy through gritted teeth.

"Everything should have a name. Even jelly monsters from my mind."

"Before we get too depressed about the dead dessert," intervened Giles before Buffy throttled the alien, "this argument is not helping matters. We need to find Billy and fast."

"We were already doing that before," pointed out Willow.

"Then we need to find him faster. Before the Doctor makes any more food based monsters appear," Giles added, sending him a meaningful look. "I suggest we split up. The children and I shall go and visit the hospital-"


Everybody looked towards the scream of outrage. In the distance of the cemetery was the figure of a very angry, naked British woman, covered only in a bathrobe, suds still clinging to her hair.

The Doctor blanched and edged backwards slowly. "What is she doing here? How is she here?"

"Nightmares becoming reality." Buffy flung a bit of jelly vindictively at him. "Remember?"

"You think my mother is a nightmare?"

"Rose, now is not the time to debate this." He tugged at her sleeve. "We need to leave before she slaps me."

"I'll slap you in a minute," Rose crossed her arms. "Why is she naked?"

"It's a horrible, horrible dream," the Doctor winced as Jackie began to advance.

"You dream about my mother in the bath?"

"Sorry," butted Buffy incredulously. "But you're more scared of Rose's Mom than the walking dessert?"

"Clearly you've never met her."

Jackie screeched loudly as she came ever closer. "Doctor, I am going to kill you!"

"She seems lovely," said Giles pleasantly, trying to suppress a smile.

The Doctor didn't reply. He was already off and running.

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