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"Poor William"

William gets sick so he needs someone to take care of him. Joann volunteers and offers William to stay with her for the amount of time it would take him to get better. William agrees to stay with Joann, but he insist on only staying until he gets better and well enough to take care of himself and get back on his feet. William brings all his things he needs to stay at Joann's house, including clothes and etc.

The next day William is on Joann's couch ringing a bell very loudly. Joann awakes out of her sleep. She goes to see what's wrong with William. He asks her when she is going to cook breakfast for the poor and homeless person, which he was talking about himself. Joann looked at him in a crazy kind of way and asks him is he serious. William shakes his head yeah and tells her just don't stand there. Since William is sick Joann cooks breakfast for him. William acts very picky and tells Joann that's not how he likes his eggs. Joann gets upset and tells William to order his breakfast because she has to get dress and ready for work. Before Joann leaves for work she tells William if he needs anything to let her know. William tells her he'll call if he needs anything. Joann told him to only call for an emergency, and William agrees.

Meanwhile Lynn gets fired from her job for expressing herself too much and getting drunk at her boss party. She's all depressed so she decides to join William at Joann's house

When Joann gets home Lynn tells Joann and William what happened, as she starts to tell her story, before she can start she is interrupted by the entrance of Mya and Tony, who come in the door and got a drink outside the fridge and went to sit down. Lynn restarted over to tell her story on what happened, as she tells her story the scene flashes back on what really happened at the party, which was Lynn had arrived at her boss party upset because shoe could find the shoes that she really wanted to wear with her outfit. So she went to the bar and ordered drink after drink, and then stands on the bar and lifts up her shirt. After Lynn tells her story she just sits there with her glass in her hand on Joann's couch drinking. Mya remembers that she borrowed Lynn's shoes.

As usual Joann is real tired because William is making her do all his work for him. Joann gets tired of all William's mess, but takes care of him anyway. Joann needs to run to the store for thing around the house, so she leaves her house but has to go back in the house because she forgot her keys.

So when William thinks Joann is gone he gets up and starts stretching and he runs to the kitchen for some food and opened the door to the refrigerator and just starts eating.

Joann walks back in the house and sees him eating. She calls Williams name and he jumps.

It turned out William had gotten better but he was still faking sick, so Joann made him go to the store and run all the rest of the errands for that day.